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John CARPAY: "16 Vancouver women facing human rights complaints for refusing to wax transgender woman’s male genitalia"

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R0wantrees Tue 06-Nov-18 19:24:40

"The anonymous individual "JY" has filed 16 separate complaints with the Human Rights Tribunal after being refused a Brazilian wax from businesses that only service women
“JY” publicly identifies as a woman, but still has all the male parts. In recent months, JY approached 16 Vancouver-area female estheticians who only serve women, requesting a “Brazilian” bikini wax on his groin area.

If paying homage to political correctness, one would say that these 16 estheticians will only remove pubic hair from “a woman without a penis.”

Apart from the legitimate choice of a female esthetician to serve only women, there are practical considerations that lead estheticians to provide some services and not all services.

The procedure for providing a man with a “Manzilian” is quite different, using a different kind of wax and a different technique.

Claimant could make $35,000 off the human rights complaints
In spite of the fact that JY is able to obtain a Manzilian in Vancouver, JY has filed 16 complaints against these women at the BC Human Rights Tribunal, claiming discrimination on the basis of “gender identity.”

The Justice Centre has been connected with only two of the 16 women, and has provided legal representation to both, without charge.

One of them, Shelah Poyer, is a single mom who works out of her home. JY was willing to withdraw his complaint in exchange for $2,500.

If JY is demanding similar sums from the other 14 women, he stands to receive as much as $35,000 for dropping his human rights complaints.

Lawyers afraid to represent those facing transgender identity discrimination complaints
For the women without legal representation, the temptation to settle is very strong.

Fighting JY’s discrimination complaint all the way through to a hearing would cost each esthetician $20,000 or $30,000 or more.

Further, those facing a complaint of “gender identity” discrimination may find it extremely difficult to obtain legal representation.

One of the women represented by the Justice Centre had approached, and had been turned down by 26 different lawyers and law firms. All of which cited lack of expertise in human rights proceedings, or fear of offending the transgender lobby, or both." (continues)

VickyEadie Tue 06-Nov-18 19:29:52

Is this the same complainant who was found to have posted some extremely scary stuff about tampons and 10 year old girls? If so, I thought they'd withdrawn the suits after this was discovered.

pombear Tue 06-Nov-18 19:38:24

Just saw this too ROwan

For any wobblers on the fence of 'be kind, be nice'.

Do you, or do you have friends who work in the beauty industry?

Do you, or they, choose to provide services to women only, for whatever reason you or they choose to?

If the UK moves closer towards the Canadian model, any person with a penis who declares they are a woman can demand they should be treated as a woman.

So you, or your friends, who may choose not to deal with penises in their waxing room, or any other treatment, could risk being seen as 'transphobic' and a court case brought against them for not waxing the scrotum of these 'women'.

I sat in my hairdresser's salon the other day, and another client asked her whether she took bookings in her spa for massages etc for men.

My hairdresser friend said 'only from client's partners and husbands who I know, because, you know, I have to be careful'.

Trans rights activists trample over my friend's rights to safeguard herself, protect herself in her place of business.

Just because a person with a penis identifies themselves as 'woman' doesn't reduce that risk that she's trying to protect herself from.

This is the world we're at risk from sleep walking into, for the sake of being nice, and being kind.

TwistedStitch Tue 06-Nov-18 19:47:09

Trying to extort money from a single mother for refusing to touch his genitals. No different from any other abusive man but sickeningly the law is pandering to this one.

heresyandwitchcraft Tue 06-Nov-18 19:55:26

That article just continues with nightmarishness. Because the Tribunal won't release the name of this vexatious complainant or communicate that there is free legal representation on offer, most of these women aren't even given the opportunity to get help!

As many as 14 women are each facing a human rights complaint, isolated and alone, not able to follow what should be public legal proceedings filed by the same individual, JY.

Further, the Tribunal has thus far refused to inform these 14 women that they can obtain legal representation from the Justice Centre without charge.

Without legal representation, it is likely that most or all of these 14 women are going to pay settlement money to JY, to escape the very stressful tribunal process.

FekkoThePenguin Tue 06-Nov-18 19:57:41

I'd wax it. 😈

KatVonGulag Tue 06-Nov-18 20:11:08

fekko grin

Knicknackpaddyflak Tue 06-Nov-18 21:30:47

And if any of them had buckled and tried it, he then would have sued them for doing a wrong procedure with the wrong kit.

Game set and match to the person with the penis.

A friend is a holistic therapist and says she and many other therapists are watching this all unfold with dread because they work out of their homes and only accept women clients. They're looking potentially at losing the right to do so.

ThePrincipal Tue 06-Nov-18 21:35:35

So no one listens when a woman says ‘no’?

Women not legally allowed to set their own personal boundaries anymore?

How has Canada come to this?

Does Justin Trudeau care?

GCAcademic Tue 06-Nov-18 21:55:56

How is it a human right to have your balls waxed, ffs? What a disgusting bastard, extorting money from struggling women. And Justin Trudeau is no better. He is the reason why I regard with suspicion any man who claims to be a feminist. Male "feminists" are invariably wolves in sheep's clothing.

ThePrincipal Tue 06-Nov-18 22:00:18

Shame on you Justin Trudeau.

R0wantrees Thu 08-Nov-18 12:15:57


happydappy2 Thu 08-Nov-18 16:01:09

This will be interesting-bearing in mind this person can go to other establishments that offer 'back sack & crack' waxing, these women SHOULD be well within their rights to turn down business they don't feel comfortable doing. It is not because the individual in trans that they are rejecting the job, it is what they are being asked to do. I hope any judge can appreciate that its a different skill set involved. Sadly we need more cases like this (to be ruled in womens favour) so we know how the law stands.

MrsTerryPratcett Thu 08-Nov-18 18:21:05

I just looked for articles. It may be my Googling but only right wing publications in Canada, and some international media, are covering this. Isn't it news to centre and left publications? Isn't it worth looking at?

Melanippe Thu 08-Nov-18 18:23:30

MrsTP, no I don't think they would be interested, sadly.

R0wantrees Thu 08-Nov-18 18:33:07

It may be my Googling but only right wing publications in Canada, and some international media, are covering this. Isn't it news to centre and left publications? Isn't it worth looking at?

There was an interesting discussion here in recent months about a close friend or relative who struggled to accept what she had been told about the threats to women's rights by transactivists because of the lack of coverage on the BBC and Guardian.
I'm sorry that I can't remember the thread as it was an important one.

In the US, radical lesbian groups have found that they can only have coverage in right wing media sources.

Its the same issue in all three countries

Verify2Terrify Thu 08-Nov-18 22:29:44

Anyone read this?

This is just appalling.

SlowlyShrinking Thu 08-Nov-18 23:48:29

Just read it Verify another one who definitely doesn’t “just want to pee”

SlowlyShrinking Thu 08-Nov-18 23:50:52

I keep thinking nothing else can shock me, but it just gets worse and worse

Loouise Thu 15-Nov-18 00:12:24

I would like to emphasise that JY HAS BEEN A CREEP SINCE 2012/2013 targeting young girls and women online. I made a thread about it on Twitter if you're interested
And I should be in touch with the lawyers of the woman who's talked about in this article tomorrow.

everybodypuuuuulllll Thu 15-Nov-18 00:32:17

Previous thread naming this individual taken down by MN. Looks like we have to call him JY to discuss him here.

This is the deleted thread message from MN:

Thanks to all who contributed, but we've had a number of reports about this thread and the legal issues that it raises

As far as we can see, other online publications (including the Spectator in the UK) are respecting the Canadian court's request to refer to the person concerned as JY. As it's not feasible to edit so much of the thread, we've taken it down.

Damn, I was meaning to save a copy of that thread, I didn't get round to it.

FloralBunting Thu 15-Nov-18 00:40:43

Yes, let's hope that when this person is allowed to be fully revealed in all their abhorrence, MN will be first in the queue to showcase this person's base and appalling behaviour towards women and girls.

AngryAttackKittens Thu 15-Nov-18 00:42:11

Hi Louise, thank you so much for that thread, and for trying to get in touch with the woman who's being sued by this piss-taking predator. Is there any way anyone can think of to get in touch with the rest of the women's he gone after too? Because they need help, and the case against him would be much stronger with multiple women countersuing or otherwise pushing back.

PositivelyPERF Thu 15-Nov-18 00:45:32

I’m sure there’s nothing in Mumsnet rules to state that we can’t name this creep in private messages.

DancelikeEmmaGoldman Thu 15-Nov-18 00:45:49

Were I “JY”, I’d be concerned about presenting my naked genitals to a pissed-off woman with a bowl of hot wax.

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