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What do we do about women with a penis

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Nightwitch Thu 04-Oct-18 22:28:54*@cassiebrighter*/what-do-we-do-about-women-with-a-penis-70e783fb952e

Umm hi! First time poster here, though been an avid lurker for a while now.

Wondered if any of you had read the above article because for me this encapsulates everything wrong with trans ideology. There's just so much wrong here I don't know where to begin!
Am definitely seeing naked empires everywhere. This whole article comes across like a teenage boy trying to wheedle his reluctant girlfriend into sex, "if you loved me you'd let me", "if you weren't such a prude..."
anyway, just wanted to share.

Nightwitch Thu 04-Oct-18 22:48:49

Emporers! I meant EMPORERS! sorry, am on train and new phone.
Also, apparently I'm a T**F. Despite not ever really having anything much to do with feminism before and not having any power to exclude trans women from anything that their daddy's Y chromosome didn't do!

Doobigetta Thu 04-Oct-18 22:53:18

Jesus, I managed about half of that and I think that’s pretty superhuman. What a steaming pile of barely legible, patronising, gaslighting smug bullshit.

FloralBunting Thu 04-Oct-18 22:58:02

It's been posted before. The fragrant Cassie Brighter even joined us on a couple of threads. Eventually I think it was removed because it 'becane a pile on' and 'wasn't in the spirit's because every woman who read it became incensed at it and didn't hold back the scorn it deserved.

That may happen today, I don't know.

Anyway, I shall just answer the question in the title.

Nothing. No woman has ever had a penis.

littlbrowndog Thu 04-Oct-18 23:00:34

Lols floral. Not even notheren women have dicks
But sometimes we hav3 more balls than many

R0wantrees Thu 04-Oct-18 23:02:24

from the OP article:

" The Definition of Womanhood
One response I recently got to my article on misgendering says angrily that they won’t accept that trans women are biologically the same as cis women.

I completely agree my body is not biologically the same as that of a natal woman! I don’t menstruate. I can’t conceive children. I have no uterus.

Some would say that makes me less of a woman. Emotionally, I sadly agree. If we take all of the things that make a woman, the ability to birth children is a big part of it. I feel a deep sadness over my barren body. But principially, I bristle at the entitled, cruel and outdated notion that a sterile woman is "less than" anyone else.

Some would simply argue that I’m no woman at all. I’ve done my best to disinvite such people from reading my article.

As a society, we’ve been debating the notion of full personhood for some time. The Founding Fathers proudly spoke of equality, while writing a document that speaks only of MEN, and while owning slaves. Members of minorities have had to argue their humanity for centuries.

Now, we are arguing about 'genderhood' - for the right to live our lives according to our gender. You wouldn’t think this would need arguing, you wouldn’t think people would need convincing. You get to live life in the gender identity that rings true to you - you get to live life with a gender expression that doesn’t suffocate you. Don’t you wish the same for others?"

Its a sadly common argument made by some trans activists that as some women have hysterectomies and are clearly still women, therefore males who identify as women and dont have uteruses are similarly women.

It was claimed by Rebecca Root on Victoria Derbyshire Show and Munroe Bergdorf on GenderQuake Debate. Neither were challenged on this by the interviewers.

Its also happened on these boards by transwomen.

The experience of having a hysterectomy for medical neccessity and / or infertility is appropriated with a clear absence of respect or empathy.

Its also incredibly illogical!

UpstartCrow Thu 04-Oct-18 23:03:34

If you think lesbians need conversion therapy so they can take dick, your problem is much much worser than spinach in your teeth.

ChilliJamandAvocado Thu 04-Oct-18 23:04:15

Exactly the same thing we do about cows with wings, or dogs with fins, badgers with horns or jellyfish with toenails.

HerRoyalFattyness Thu 04-Oct-18 23:07:14

In answer to your title... Women don't have, and never will have a penis.

FloralBunting Thu 04-Oct-18 23:09:10

Hmmm. "Women don't have penises"

It's short, it's catchy, it's true.

Someone should use it somewhere. Maybe on stickers or something.

tinytemper66 Thu 04-Oct-18 23:10:47

Women don't have penises! Men who think they are women or want to be women have penises but the female of the species don't!

Rebecca36 Thu 04-Oct-18 23:16:04

If some women have a penis we could form a charity to raise fees to have the penises surgically removed. That would sort out the men from the girls.

donquixotedelamancha Thu 04-Oct-18 23:20:02

while there is an obvious similarity between a trans woman's genitals and those of a man.....They respond differently, they carry a different energy.

A man's penis swaggers and struts, conquers and acquires, penetrates. A trans gal's genitals generally carry none of this energy.

a man's sexuality is urgent and assertive, and can be invasive. A trans gal's sexuality is docile, patient, hesitant, fragile.

I invite you, the reader, to consider things you might encounter in the gym locker room that might be startling. A naked trans woman? A naked old woman? A naked handicapped woman? An amputee? A little person? An obese lady? A person of a different race?

Some would simply argue that I’m no woman at all. I’ve done my best to disinvite such people from reading my article.

Surely this is a spoof?

whiteroseredrose Thu 04-Oct-18 23:23:22

Actually I'm most pissed off with the comment that they have a 'female' brain. WTF! Ah. So that's why women are better and washing up and men are better at high powered jobs. They have different brains. What crap.

Nightwitch Thu 04-Oct-18 23:24:21

Sorry! Genuinely didn't realise this had been posted before. Have also just thought that cos I'm new, this could appear to be bait for twitter screen grabs so maybe I'll ask for it to be removed.

FloralBunting Thu 04-Oct-18 23:30:07

NightWitch, nah, it's ok, I'm just reminding people that it was posted before.

As if anyone could forget the docile, patient, hesitant and fragile sexual energy the 'female' penis carries.

Barbara Cartland called and wants her tremulous female sexual stereotypes back.

ErrolTheDragon Thu 04-Oct-18 23:31:43

* A trans gal's sexuality is docile, patient, hesitant, fragile.*

Nowt like a woman then? grin

Nightwitch Thu 04-Oct-18 23:38:12

But if they're docile, hesitant and patient why are they trying to conquer, aquire and penetrate our spaces?

UpstartCrow Fri 05-Oct-18 00:30:13

For the womens cake things apparently. If you missed that thread you have to find it, its hilarious.

deepwatersolo Fri 05-Oct-18 05:03:56

Well, why is the person sad about their ‚barren body‘? Is the sperm count down due to hormone therapy? Surely, for males freezing their gamete before starting hormones is easily doable, so...?

SophoclesTheFox Fri 05-Oct-18 05:31:27

Exactly the same thing we do about cows with wings, or dogs with fins, badgers with horns or jellyfish with toenails

I want a badger with a horn!

I also want males to stop trying to make equivalencies with their not having a uterus due to BEING MALE and my not having a uterus due to a crippling health condition, years of illness and a hysterectomy that has left me with life long health issues. THANK YOU.

Docile, fragile sexuality for actual fucks sake. The victorian era called, and it wants its views on women back!

AngryAttackKittens Fri 05-Oct-18 07:22:04

I wonder if Cassie will turn up again, and again get the thread shut down when nobody agrees with Cassie's, um, original and fascinating perspective on the world.

AngryAttackKittens Fri 05-Oct-18 07:23:12

I suppose you could say that my sexuality is patient, but the rest of that stuff?

Must be because I'm trans-Northern.

DisrespectfulAdultFemale Fri 05-Oct-18 07:50:52

Women have never had and never will penises. The article starts from a false premise.

DisrespectfulAdultFemale Fri 05-Oct-18 07:52:47

ChilliJamandAvocado, I loved your post. Jellyfish with toenails! Dogs with fins!

(God help us, though, if cats ever grow opposable thumbs...)

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