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What influence does TELI have on government, public services and charities policies? Co-founders include Jess Bradley, Tara Hewitt and Michelle Hudson.

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R0wantrees Mon 24-Sep-18 15:20:50

TELI was formed in 2016, from their 'Vision':

"The Trans Equality Legal Initiative works to build a collective and strategic response to the widespread and entrenched discrimination and inequality experienced by members of the trans community. The founders came together with this aim after the Government released the 'Transgender Equality Inquiry'. This was the first Government Inquiry into the discrimination and abuse suffered by members of the trans community in the UK. The report outlined the systemic discrimination faced by this community in almost every aspect of their private and public lives.

Through TELI, we hope to bring together human rights lawyers, third sector trans activist organisations, academics, equality and diversity experts and members of the trans, non-binary and queer community to pool our knowledge, expertise and skill base to inform both strategic litigation and to assist in lobbying for clear and concrete measures to secure equality and safety for members of the trans community. We also hope to consolidate expertise in this area of law to help inform practitioners and activists."

Expert speakers and facilitors at the inaugural conference:
Ashleigh Talbot (TV Presenter & Journalist)
Bernard Reed OBE (GIRES)
Helen Belcher (Co-founder of Trans Media Watch)
Dr Jay Stewart MBE (CEO - Gendered Intelligence)
Prof. Alex Sharpe (Keele University)
Michelle Brewer (Garden Court Chambers)
Kate Hutchinson (WipeOut Transphobia)
Jane Fae (Independent Journalist)
Jess Bradley (Action for Trans Health)
Susie Green (Managing Director of Mermaids)
Tara Hewitt (Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Lead UHSM NHS Foundation Trust)
Sophie Anhoury (Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist, Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust)
David Bufton (Linklaters LLP)
Stephanie Harrison QC (Garden Court Chambers)
Jane Ryan (Bhatt Murphy Solicitors)
Allan Briddock (One Pump Court)
Becky Kaufmann (Scottish Transgender Alliance)
Peter Kelley (GALOP)
Kate Hutchinson (Director at Wipe Out Transphobia)
Dr Jay Stewart MBE (CEO, Gendered Intelligence)
Susie Green (Managing Director of Mermaids)
Terry Reed OBE (GIRES)
Ashley Reed
Louise Hooper (Garden Court Chambers)
Paul Dillane (Executive Director, UK Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group)
Nina Nasim (UK Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group)
Cathy Jaquiss (10 KBW)


TELI has been discussed on a couple of recent few threads:

given some ofthe recent tweets from the account, and issues with Jess Bradley's suspension from NUS (pending investigation) I'm curious about the organisation's structure, extent of the collective representation and accountability etc.

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Melamin Mon 24-Sep-18 15:26:48

They have sponsors and supporters. Do they have accounts?

R0wantrees Mon 24-Sep-18 15:29:05

WATO featured Susie Green from Mermaids
Radio 5Live featured Dr Helen Webberley

Is Stephen Whittle part of TELI too?

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Floisme Mon 24-Sep-18 15:41:24

Good idea for a thread. Any links with political parties?

R0wantrees Mon 24-Sep-18 15:45:33

It seems very cross-party, united by shared focus on promotion of trans-rights. Tara Hewitt was intending to stand as a Conservative candidate and Jess Bradley is left-wing 'champagne communist' prison abolisionist.

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heresyandwitchcraft Mon 24-Sep-18 15:47:48

I think Stephen Whittle started his own group called Press for Change (PFC), which is also looking at legal issues, and has been greatly influential with other groups, it appears... PFC is also acknowledged as one of the major groups in the rights of Trans people. We work closely with the Scottish Transgender Alliance, the Equality and Human Rights Commission, and Transgender Europe, who we are a member group of,as well as many government departments and agencies including the Gender Recognition Panel, and numerous support organisations for Trans and Gender Variant people around the UK.

In late 2009, Press For Change was awarded funding by the Equality and Human Rights Commission to develop the TransEquality project, which provided professional legal support to Trans people in key areas of the law, as well as advice to businesses and other non-profit organisations, the Transequality project ended at the end of March 2012.

Floisme Mon 24-Sep-18 15:49:59

Didn't one of them ( Michelle Brewer?) speak at the WEP conference? Or did they pull out? Does anyone know if any of them are the Labour Party Conference?

R0wantrees Mon 24-Sep-18 15:50:11

Tara Hewitt's interview 2016: 'What it's like to be Transgender and Catholic: Tara Hewitt, NHS equality and diversity advisor, doesn't believe in abortion or IVF but says it doesn't affect her job' (extract) "Tara, who lives in New Brighton, is also a pansexual, which means she is attracted to any gender.

But, although she supports gay marriage and same-sex adoption, she doesn’t believe in IVF.

“None of my views are based on sexual orientation I support love.

“Millions of people share my view but, because they aren’t trans, they aren’t targetted.

“It’s hard being right wing and trans, I get attacked from both sides.”

Tara was on the Conservative Party candidate list in the last election and came under fire when a Sun report ‘revealed’ her sexual fetishes.

Hewitt reportedly described herself as an “advocate of the BDSM (bondage, discipline and sadomasochism) community”, and into “swinging” and “pet play”, which is dressing up as an animal for sex.

She says the relationship between the individual and the church is private, so her understanding of her faith shouldn’t impact anybody else.

“The church is only focussed on you and God, we are there to talk about love mercy and forgiveness not my image " (continues)

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beenandgoneandbackagain Mon 24-Sep-18 16:15:06

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

R0wantrees Mon 24-Sep-18 16:15:25

I think Stephen Whittle started his own group called Press for Change (PFC) Very influential group who have successfuly lobbied for trans-rights. History and background in the 2013 Guardian article, (extract)
"Much of their campaigning remained on the quiet. The passage of the 2004 law to give trans people legal status was "remarkable," says Burns, because "the government was able to pass an entire act in parliament without anyone throwing a fit in the press" (cont) apologies for the rather erratic spacing, I seem to be having 'glitches' on this thread hmm

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R0wantrees Mon 24-Sep-18 16:16:29

beenandgoneandbackagain & lots of lawyers!

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TurfClub Mon 24-Sep-18 16:36:28

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

R0wantrees Mon 24-Sep-18 17:23:14

Tara Hewitt was the 'expert' adviser for materials for children and young people in care and the foster carers and professionals supoorting them: Tara has also provided training for HCPs 'Trans people & Cancer'

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Ereshkigal Tue 25-Sep-18 00:08:35

Didn't one of them ( Michelle Brewer?) speak at the WEP conference? Or did they pull out?

I think Michelle pulled out. But TRA Cheryl Morgan referred to it repeatedly as the "UKTELI Panel"

BlardyBlar Tue 25-Sep-18 02:17:58

Helen Belcher is a Lib Dem

R0wantrees Tue 25-Sep-18 12:36:49

Discussing recent exchange with TELI barrister:
"Allan Briddock is a white male barrister with Trans Equality Legal Initiative.

Allan believes that men are women if that's what they say.
Allan believes that whites are black if that's what they say."

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BettyDuMonde Tue 25-Sep-18 12:52:54

Surely Allan is too impressionable to be an effective barrister?

Unquestionably accepting unevidenced claims must make him rather rubbish at his job.

R0wantrees Thu 27-Sep-18 18:20:01

Tara Hewitt (co founder of TELI) & Three Circles Fostering were key to producing the resources linked in thread:

"Excited to be going on road trip to Scotland tomorrow with ThreeCirclesLAC colleagues before we deliver a key note on trans young people in care at national adoption & fostering conference. Long journey but important cause. TRANS & NON BINARY CHILDREN & YOUNG PEOPLE MATTER"

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R0wantrees Thu 11-Apr-19 14:51:12

Peter Dunne is a key member of TELI currently hosting Johannah Olsen Kennedy who has been been gifted a Professorship from Bristol University:

"During her Benjamin Meaker (BM) Professorship, Professor Olson-Kennedy – drawing upon her extensive clinical research – will explore the medico-legal dimensions of withholding legal gender recognition from children in the United Kingdom and the United States. In partnership with Dr Peter Dunne (School of Law), and approaching the topic through a highly inter-disciplinary lens, Professor Olson-Kennedy will share insights on how policies of disaffirmation impact mental and physical health. In particular, Professor Olson-Kennedy and Dr Dunne will ask two core questions: (a) Would inclusion of individuals under the age of 18 years within gender recognition laws enhance the mental and physical health of transgender children? (b) What are the medico-legal risks of including individuals under the age of 18 years within gender recognition laws?

Combining their respective expertise, Professor Olson-Kennedy and Dr Dunne will consider whether UK and American law is consistent with the ‘best interests’ of transgender children, and they will develop a ‘model law’ for acknowledging transgender youth. The primary purpose of the research project is to draw upon Professor Olson-Kennedy’s field-leading medical research, and her expertise in gender-confirming interventions for young people, to enhance academic and policy understanding (particularly in the United Kingdom) on the possible consequences of extending legal gender recognition laws to include transgender people under the age of 18 years.

During her stay Professor Olson-Kennedy will be hosted by Dr Peter Robert Dunne (School of Law) " (continues)

Olsen-Kennedy is closely aligned with Dr Webberley's, Gender GP, Mermaids & Susie Green's preferred affirmative medical approach to treating children


Peter Dunne was involved in the Maria Miller Inquiry as an 'international expert' prior to his taking up roles at both Bristol University & TELI.
He was however previously involved in a key (&ongoing) role with TENI (Ireland)

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