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Canadian woman denied legal rights support because of 'misgendering' a male presenting transwoman

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JoanSummers Sat 04-Aug-18 11:10:29

I just listened to this and it is grim. A woman living in a shelter in Canada has been refused advice and representation by Ontario Human Rights Legal Support Centre because she 'misgendered' (what sounds to be) a male presenting 'transwoman' when making her initial enquiries to them about her own rights when that person was moved into her room by the shelter causing Kristi and other residents to feel vulnerable, scared, and traumatised.

Here is the audio:

Here is the article:

My take on the call is that the org isn't refusing to advise or represent Kristi because of the misgendering alone (although that is part of it) - I read their response as saying that a woman who refuses to share a room with a male bodied male presenting self identified 'transwoman' (or makes a complaint to the shelter about the situation) is potentially committing a crime because the male person has legal protection under Canada's 'gender' legislation. In this situation the Legal Support Centre cannot support the woman now because in the future the male person may decide to take legal action against that woman for discriminating against them.

Which means that in Canada women no longer have any usable rights as a group defined by sex, right?

And I'm thinking about how in The Handmaid's Tale the women escape to Canada to have human rights, and thinking of the irony in that fiction when in reality women are being deprived of human rights in Canada

Is that our future too if our home grown self identifying transwomen activists get their way with the GRA and EA?

JoanSummers Sat 04-Aug-18 11:10:44

Here is the audio:

Here is the article:

sociopathsunited Sat 04-Aug-18 11:13:57

Yes, this is potentially the future. Only ladypenises will be entitled to support.

R0wantrees Sat 04-Aug-18 11:25:25

See Stonewall's recently published report on Domestic and Sexual Violence Services.

Threads discussing the report:

Important thread with details of current case in California where women were sexually harassed in a women's Homeless shelter by a trans woman; going to trial this month. Also within thread details of a murder of a woman by a transwoman in US and the concerns of the Homeless worker who had been supporting her:

ijustwannadance Sat 04-Aug-18 11:51:55

The world has truely gone to shit when not calling a male person a man comes before a biological woman's safety.

LeiaTheSlaya Sat 04-Aug-18 11:55:03

It's outrageous and should be a warning for politicians as to what they're spinelessly allowing to happen here if they don't start speaking up about this.

BettyDuMonde Sat 04-Aug-18 12:02:30

Is anyone crowdfunding for her? I’d consider it a worthy cause to contribute to, if so.

IAmInsignificunt Sat 04-Aug-18 12:57:31

This is disgraceful.
I’ve spoken about this before, under a different user name but, as a child I ended up in a domestic violence refuge with my mother. This kind of treatment would have left me so much more damaged than I already am - not to mention how my poor mother would feel being forced to share a room with a male bodied person after being beaten and raped by her husband.

I’d be happy to contribute to a crowdfund.
Is she contactable?

Shampooeeee Sat 04-Aug-18 15:39:45

Canada and their useless brocialist pm really make me cross.

UpstartCrow Sat 04-Aug-18 15:53:20

Canada is the test case for how self ID will affect women and women's rights.
Its not going well for women so far. A lot worse than 'a small administrative change that will have no effect'.

happydappy2 Sat 04-Aug-18 16:07:57

Where are all the feminists in Canada? How can we support this woman?

womanformallyknownaswoman Sat 04-Aug-18 16:12:56

1984 in 2018

or 1498 in 2018?

JoanSummers Sat 04-Aug-18 19:10:12

I don't know how to get support to her. Meghan Murphy @meghanemurphy on twitter is in Canada (she runs Feminist Current) - someone on twitter could ask her if she knows about this story and knows of any way to support the woman involved?

BlytheByName Sat 04-Aug-18 21:26:28

I read an article on twitter last night but can't find it now to link.
It was about an ex social worker called Sarina Singh who is fighting back against the trans narrative ib3 there.
She organised a free speech debate last year and sold more than 1500 tickets. Obviously her venue was targeted but she managed to relocate and the event went ahead.
She seems to be causing ripples ov3 there, let's hope she gets behind this poor woman's case.

R0wantrees Sat 04-Aug-18 21:37:59

Blythe Is it this article?

The author Barbara Kay was targetted by Morgane Oger recently, link here:

R0wantrees Sat 04-Aug-18 21:52:33

JoanSummers , follow Dr Peta Nankivell:

JoanSummers Sat 04-Aug-18 23:13:13

Thank you R0wantrees smile

BlytheByName Sun 05-Aug-18 10:34:12

Thanks Rowantrees, that's the article.
She's a very inspiring character.

R0wantrees Sun 05-Aug-18 10:39:21

Blythe Its worth also following Barbara Kay the journalist who wrote the article:

SturdyEarmuffs Sun 19-Aug-18 22:07:56

Latest update on this - the woman has been kicked out of the facility, other women also affected have been told not to speak up & are complying as they don't want to be thrown out too (one is apparently wetting the bed) & the pre-op TW remains housed in with these vulnerable women.

Outrageous. Absolutely fucking outrageous.

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