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Look what happened when Alison Moyet refused to be called a cis woman **title amended at request of OP**

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LaSqrrl Wed 11-Jul-18 09:48:55

"You can identify as anything you want these days, except as a woman. Consider what happened to British singer Alison Moyet. Last week, on Twitter, she said she didn’t want to be known as a c*s-woman, just as a woman. ‘I defend everyone’s right to have the pronoun that they choose and will honour it’, she diplomatically said. And ‘I do not choose C*s for mine’, she continued. ‘It took women like me long enough to own the title “woman” in the first place. It’s a long enough word for me.’ The response to this calm, clear, polite act of self-definition? Fury. And insult. And abuse. On such a voluble level that Moyet eventually recanted her linguistic heresy, deleted her tweet, and left Twitter."
Read rest of the article here.

Moyet's response to being 'forcibly assigned' the c*s label was quite polite and restrained (far more so than I can ever muster). Yet she was relentlessly told by the twitterverse to 'stfu woman' with a pile of 'hate tweets' - that she should accept it, like it or not.

Moyet has several follow up tweets, including this one where she says:
"I will name you as you identify. Must you afford me less?"

Apparently the answer is "no". And more reasons to stfu and accept it. hmm

'Woman' is not terra nullius, we are 52%. We will not be hoodwinked into giving up our names, only for males to claim them (that is what the c-prefix is all about). Our answer is "no" and is not the start of a 'negotiation'.

AnotherQuoll Fri 27-Jul-18 20:49:38

Link took me to a "This page doesn't exist!" message, and in a later Tweet Alison mentions she deleted because the thread was upsetting someone but didn't clarify who or why.

I imagine it's also the only way to ensure a raging mass of gender zealots won't keep replying to it and quote-tweeting, just to set up camp in her Mentions for the next two months.

Theswaggyotter Fri 27-Jul-18 20:01:30

Link is not working for me - is it still up? I’m glad she’s back and standing her ground

MangoSplit Fri 27-Jul-18 12:29:19

Go Alison

Datun Thu 26-Jul-18 14:02:43

I completely agree. It's poetry to watch.

Ereshkigal Thu 26-Jul-18 13:59:30

The way she is handling the opposition is first class.

It's wonderful. I want to send her a big bunch of flowers for doing it in a way which makes her look entirely reasonable to outsiders and them look like whiny troll brats who like controlling and verbally abusing women.

Freespeecher Thu 26-Jul-18 13:47:14

I hope Tracey Ullman can lend her the "Fuck off, Jamie" meme. Should come in handy.

FloralBunting Thu 26-Jul-18 12:52:51

Absolutely fascinating. All these people saying "This isn't the erasure of women, this is not taking anything away from you", and here they are in their droves telling a woman she is not allowed to call herself a woman.

And she's a straight down the line ally, too, not even a nasty T***.

Could there be a clearer illustration of nothing but total capitulation being enough?

Datun Thu 26-Jul-18 12:43:40

Wow, Alison Moyet is very adroit on that thread.

The way she is handling the opposition is first class.

And every time someone says you are cis, get over it, she will mentally be taking out another crampon to scale that peak.

Juells Thu 26-Jul-18 11:21:19

Don't you love all those men explaining things to her? One wearing a huge fucking bushy beard to underline his masculinity.

Freespeecher Thu 26-Jul-18 11:17:06

(Should finish 'to her position', doh).

I'll add Moyet to my list of 'celebs who are unexpectedly good value on the issues of the day'. She joins Shappi Khorsandi who, while I can take or leave her comedy, is very good on Iran and free speech due to her upbringing as the daughter of an Iranian dissident.

nauticant Thu 26-Jul-18 11:08:38

AM is doing fine work there Bowlofbabelfish:

Freespeecher Thu 26-Jul-18 11:01:15

To go back to the OP, I've heard Julia Hartley-Brewer say to the likes of India Willoughby "You use the words you want to use and I'll use the words I want to use".

Seems to be working for her so far (but perhaps not everyone is as strong-minded as her when it comes to dealing with those who take exception to get position).

Bowlofbabelfish Thu 26-Jul-18 10:35:25

She’s holding her own on that thread with some serious grace. Well done smile a lot of people on there wanting to up the emotional tone and she’s just calmly bringing it down every time.

Masterful (mistressful?)... massive respect, Alison 👍

Anlaf Thu 26-Jul-18 10:19:36

Alison is undaunted

Nah. Let’s be clear. ‘Cis’ doesn’t work for me. You, I will name as you prefer. Me. I’m old school vagina born.
#Woman is not a slur, neither is it an assault, nor is it complicated.

Yambabe Tue 17-Jul-18 12:52:58

I too have added a couple of (mild) tweets of support.

This has resulted in me being blocked by terfblocker hmm

At least I assume it's this. My only other GC activity in the twittersphere is to follow Sandy Draws Badly. Ho hum.

Bowlofbabelfish Tue 17-Jul-18 10:26:23

So, Graham should tackle the bigger issues, like Russia, etc...coz that's more important hmm

Oh that’s a classic silencing technique. You can’t talk about issue x because people in x country have it so much worse/there’s a war on in x/starving children in x/ what about the men?

It’s best responded to by asking the person to rank the world’s woes in order and start from the top...

It’s basically ‘shut up, I dont want to hear you talk about this.’

Go Alison! Do not let them silence you. You are a WOMAN. Not an isomer, not a genetic promoter in close proximity to the gene it acts upon. A woman.

Beamur Mon 16-Jul-18 23:28:01

So, Graham should tackle the bigger issues, like Russia, etc...coz that's more important hmm

LaSquirrel Mon 16-Jul-18 23:16:31

I think those who showed AM support on Twitter (links to supportive places) helped her. That she was not "being unreasonable" and her position is an entirely reasonable one.

I did do a couple of supportive tweets. It is important when someone is under attack like that.

boatyardblues Mon 16-Jul-18 23:08:15

I am so glad Alison is back, not cowed by the Twitter bullies. Go Alison! ❤️ flowers

TheBiologicalWoman Mon 16-Jul-18 21:34:44

And...they're off again but Alison's taking no prisoners

thebewilderness Mon 16-Jul-18 19:25:09

Lottie35 Mon 16-Jul-18 19:13:15

We're now called 'Cis' (ridiculous) but can't call a guy a 'trans'. I don;t get it?!

ScrubTheDecks Mon 16-Jul-18 14:08:03

Deathgrip Spiked Online and Brendan O'Neill will not be found to be the friend of the feminist, and O'Neill's article will be part of Spiked's position against Identity Politics rather than in favour of feminism.

But that does not undermine the points made in the article in question.

Rufustheyawningreindeer Mon 16-Jul-18 13:51:44

No problem garden

because I was never saying anything vexatious or offensive in the first place

Same here...though I haven't checked my emails today so i could have that wrong grin

GardenGeek Mon 16-Jul-18 13:49:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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