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Southfields Mon 18-Jun-18 00:07:50

On loads and loads of threads I see this board referred to as FWR. I am driving myself half insane trying to work out what this means. Nobody ever writes out the actual words, just this very infuriating acronym, FWR.

I would have called this FC (feminism chat) or MFC (Mumsnet feminism chat) or Mumsnet Talk Feminist Boards. These letters don't fit FWR.

What can it possibly mean?

Females with rights?
Forum on Women's Rights?
Feminists with reverence?
Females Writing Rightly?
Feminists will rant?

PLEASE will someone put me out of my misery!

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spontaneousgiventime Mon 18-Jun-18 00:09:18

Feminism and women's rights.

Yambabe Mon 18-Jun-18 00:09:53

Feminism and Women's Rights (I think)

CircleSquareCircleSquare Mon 18-Jun-18 00:10:11

I think it is Feminism/Women’s Rights?

In my head I always think of it as Feminist With Reason.

thebewilderness Mon 18-Jun-18 00:18:33

Feminism and Women's Rights was the first name.
Here are the boards listed under Feminism, Feminism chat Feminist activism Feminist theory Feminist support.

Southfields Mon 18-Jun-18 00:24:27

Thanks gals!

But nowhere on here is it actually called feminism and women's rights. So how come you all call it that? How did you all know that you should call it that? Telepathy?

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blackdoggotmytongueagain Mon 18-Jun-18 00:25:45

It used to be called that. No idea when it changed. Didn’t know it had.


spontaneousgiventime Mon 18-Jun-18 00:26:51

I've always called it FWR. No idea where I learned it was called that though.

blackdoggotmytongueagain Mon 18-Jun-18 00:28:14

So people who have been using it for a long time probably just refer to it by that name. There have been a lot of... discussions over time as to what it should be called/ whether it should be hidden or on the main boards etc. Sometimes things have had to change because of MRA attacks etc.

NotTerfNorCis Mon 18-Jun-18 00:30:16

Oo I always read it as For Women's Rights. blush

SexMatters Mon 18-Jun-18 00:46:36

It was called Feminism and Women's Rights until the huge number of MRA & TRA & other antifeminists relentlessly trolled it complaining that the radical feminists were too 'theoretical' and they wanted them to be penned into a board called 'radical feminism' and separate out the 'feminist chat' for funfems, antifeminists, the 101 ignorant, etc.

Of course the radical feminists didn't leave the main chat (or hand it to the MRA trolls) so the unnecessary radical feminism board became redundant and here we are today in feminist chat - still un-purged of informed radical feminists, in spite of so many different approaches to banish them from FWR.

Southfields Tue 19-Jun-18 13:21:28

thanks for all the replies, my dear lovely ladies xxx

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Cascade220 Tue 19-Jun-18 13:25:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SpareRibFem Tue 19-Jun-18 13:38:37

Thanks for asking Southfields I'd also wondered but kept forgetting to ask

DisturblinglyOrangeScrambleEgg Tue 19-Jun-18 13:59:23

Of course the radical feminists didn't leave the main chat (or hand it to the MRA trolls)

I've seen this before - some group campaigns for something to change, because they want to use it. After much hassle and mucking about, it gets changed, and now all the excitements gone, the group campaigning for change wanders off and whichever of the original users remain just get on with the slightly more awkward way of doing things that's now been forced on them..

BettyDuMonde Tue 19-Jun-18 14:20:09

The board URL still reads:


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