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Please let terfblocker have been hacked by Anonymous

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Mamaryllis Mon 19-Mar-18 03:03:58

Terfblocker went rogue and blocked Lily Madigan and Shon Faye after accusing LM of homophobia. The account has disappeared and even though I can barely see my phone screen for laughing at the flapping going on, I REALLY want this to have been a deliberate hack after all the ‘I’m trans in IT and rule the world - be afraid’ posts. Please?

thebewilderness Mon 19-Mar-18 03:41:32

It does seem to be true that the only people more homophobic than the religious right are the transgender advocates.

TheEmperorHasNoClothesOn Mon 19-Mar-18 06:02:58

It's bloody hilarious isn't it! I really want it to be true that TERFblocker simply hit #PeakTrans and is now sitting at home feeling massive regret for his support of the TRAs. Hopefully he'll become a really proactive TERF to make amends.😂

jeaux90 Mon 19-Mar-18 06:46:11

Yeah I was poking around last night trying to work out what happened, it would be delicious if they'd been hacked. Madigan is claiming they deleted themselves for being transphobic. hmm

Patodp Mon 19-Mar-18 08:20:32

What is Terfblocker exactly? Sorry new to twitter. Do they take your account down if you're anti trans? Is it run by someone at Twitter HQ?

drspouse Mon 19-Mar-18 08:23:17

No they just block you. I'm very miffed I haven't been blocked yet.

GabeIsShocking Mon 19-Mar-18 08:24:28

What is the response from Stonewall and Lord Cashman? They have changed who is under the umbrella, trained service providers, combed the HOC for witches/c***s/TERFs last week for LM and that's the thanks they get.

SonicVersusGynaephobia Mon 19-Mar-18 08:24:34

Didn't see this thread before I posted mine.

I am so confused about what has happened - I'm on TERF blocker, but I don't really understand how it works (beyond the basics of it let's people mass-blocked you) or why Madigan's pissed it off.

GabeIsShocking Mon 19-Mar-18 08:26:06

LM posted about white Cisco white gay men in LGBT positions. Seemed a top trumps dig at MC to me.

Patodp Mon 19-Mar-18 08:27:23

So if you're blocked you can't tweet at all?

KateAdiesEarrings Mon 19-Mar-18 08:29:47

So has Terfblocker suddenly realised lots of TAs are homophobic, had a road to Damascus moment and deleted their own account?

drspouse Mon 19-Mar-18 08:52:51

No Pat you just can't see people who've blocked you, which some might say was a blessing.

GoodyMog Mon 19-Mar-18 09:02:49

Kate That's what it looked like before their account vanished

stitchglitched Mon 19-Mar-18 09:02:55

Just looked at LM's twitter feed. Even Tris Osborne, their biggest cheerleader, seems to be questioning them a bit. The misogyny of TRAs doesn't seem to bother their supporters but maybe the homophobia will.

GabeIsShocking Mon 19-Mar-18 09:35:17

Osborne women you lost who made an appearance in the Dr Radfem labour interrogation? He is everywhere.hmm

VaguelyAware Mon 19-Mar-18 09:36:37

LM has published own block list on their header. 2020 individual Twitter users... quite a lot considering that LM is using that account in an official capacity.

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