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Gender stereotyping in the Guardian.

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Elsie2791 Sat 10-Feb-18 10:32:40

Just noticed this in a piece on raising a non binary child in the Guardian (no comments allowed).

"Ally noticed that Caleb was not going to be a typical little girl at a young age: Caleb was very androgynous and a big, muscly child – “not feminine at all. It was then I thought perhaps I was going to have a gay daughter – which would have been fine.”

So now the Guardian is telling us that if your child is not gender conforming at an early age you draw conclusions about their future sexual orientation? Because you can't be a big muscly 'non feminine' woman and be straight? I can't work out which is worse about that, the misogyny or the homophobia.

The woman in the piece also took her child to Helen Webberley, currently suspended by the GMC - which they do actually manage to mention, surprisingly for the Guardian.

This piece demonstrates amply how anyone gender non conforming is being labelled as trans. The child in the piece seemed to simply not want to wear makeup, dresses and high heels and ended up on testosterone, which they didn't like, and is now on puberty blockers and has serious mental health problems. And the Guardian seems unable to consider that this may be because of the way they've been treated and medicalised simply for not conforming to stereotypes.

Elsie2791 Sat 10-Feb-18 10:33:30

Sorry, forgot the link to the piece

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