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New batshit NAHT guidelines on trans in schools

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pisacake Wed 13-Dec-17 02:04:07


Don't tolerate complaints about trans people: "Forbidding complaints (or fear of complaints) from parents, governors or staff members "

But complaints about transphobia should be encouraged, low numbers means you are secretly transphobic

"Careful records should be kept of the number of complaints made by any staff member (and pupils) that relate to transphobia and the outcomes of these complaints
• Low levels of complaints may suggest individuals have little faith that their complaints will be taken seriously or addressed satisfactorily. An increase in complaints can suggest workers trust the complaints process and trust that the school’s leadership team will take steps to improve conditions"

It's important to teach people about transgender from the earliest age, so that more kids can learn it's totally normal and Stonewall can earn shedloads of money

"Stating clearly to all staff members that it is appropriate and encouraged to cover trans issues in an accessible and appropriate way as part of their curriculum"

" ensure trans students and children with trans parents feel included in their learning, and trans staff members feel positively represented in lesson content and welcomed in the school environment. Primary
school leaders may want to ensure books featuring trans parents or celebrating gender identity and difference are included in the curriculum"

"Ensuring relationships and sex education (RSE) is inclusive of trans people and their experiences"

"ensure the school celebrates diversity by inviting external speakers"

"mark events that celebrate diversity, for instance, Trans Day of Visibility on 31 March "

Trans people can go where they like, if anyone doesn't like it they can fuck off:

"Trans individuals should be able to use the gendered facilities that align with their gender identity
• "it is never appropriate to require trans workers to use unisex toilets or facilities unless these are the only facilities available (or are the facilities preferred by the trans person)
If any member of school staff does not wish to use the ‘ladies’ or ‘gents’ toilets or facilities with a trans person then it is they, not the trans person, who should be asked to use alternative facilities
• Consider making gender-neutral toilets and/or changing facilities available as an alternative to the ‘ladies’ or ‘gents’ facilities. These may be particularly important for individuals who do not identify as either (or exclusively) a man or woman.

Don't ask for GRCs and assume everyone has one:

"Not having a GRC must not be used to disadvantage a trans person. Asking to see a GRC is not allowed and may be regarded as harassment. It is best to treat all known trans and non-binary people as though they have the protection of a GRC."

But then follow the part of the GRA which says you shouldn't disclose knowledge of GRC application obtained in official capacity as a scare tactic:

"Under GRA s22(4), if a member of staff discovers in the course of doing their job that a colleague has a trans history and shares that information with another person without obtaining the trans person’s consent, this could be considered a criminal act"

Never mind that if you never find out/ask about GRCs when hiring etc, then you can't be in violation of s22!

Battleax Wed 13-Dec-17 02:18:51


I seriously think I'm going to have to Home Ed this last one. Anyone up for a collective?

Thedriftofstars Wed 13-Dec-17 02:31:52

Battleax I am.
I was talking to my mum about this bollocks tonight. she thought I was exaggerating, until I explained that my kids won't be able to say they're uncomfortable with a boy saying he's a girl, changing in the same space as them without being labelled bigots.

thebewilderness Wed 13-Dec-17 02:42:39

Redesigning the hierarchy with the trans class that must never be told no at the top. Going backwards.

Thermostatpolice Wed 13-Dec-17 06:35:26

So many safeguarding issues in one document! Particularly the guidance saying that schools should not distinguish between trans people with and without a GRC.

Not to mention promoting the offensive term 'cisgender' as acceptable.

DamnDeDoubtanceIsSpartacus Wed 13-Dec-17 07:29:06

I was reading on another thread how young women can end up in the same room as males if the males declare they are female on the form. So a young woman sharing a room with a male 'cos he ticked a box. This happens now. Women and girls have no boundaries, no areas left that they can call their own.

Has anyone ever met a woman or a girl who has wanted all areas to be mixed sex? Some women tolerate what is happening but this is not something which has ever been wanted by women, we are just conditioned to give our stuff up when men and boys ask for it.

morningrunner Wed 13-Dec-17 07:31:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrGHardy Wed 13-Dec-17 07:33:15

Why is no politician saying enough is enough?

MentholBreeze Wed 13-Dec-17 07:37:06

Battleax - that was just my thought (well, straight after 'Fuck Me!')

We're abroad right now, and I never thought I'd say it, but if the choice is a school teaching this or HomeEd, sign me up for the collective! I can do IT and Maths (if you'll let me join in on art for fun)

notafish Wed 13-Dec-17 08:03:46

"Equalities policies should specifically mention trans equality rather than just broad or general statements. It may be useful to develop a detailed contract of inclusivity that everybody signs, including new staff members, parents, governors and pupil"

Scary stuff. I'm not signing anything. Does that mean my child would be barred from that school?

thecompletenonsequitur Wed 13-Dec-17 08:35:53

Do all Head Teachers belong to the NAHT? Can they 'unjoin' and therefore not be held to these rules/guidelines?

WTAFisthisshit Wed 13-Dec-17 08:52:48

Mail has picked this one up too. Mainstream press and general public are not on board with this. Outside of the twitter bubble everyone can see the emperor running around with no clothes on.

notafish Wed 13-Dec-17 08:56:22

It's really interesting if you put the 'supporting LGB+ staff guidance and the Supporting Trans staff guidance both available here side by side and compare the language used.

The guidance for supporting LGB+ staff reads like helpful guidance and the guidance for supporting trans staff reads like an authoritarian dictatorship. It's subtle but there. It's interesting that those who finalised the trans document chose to use different language and introduce an authoritarian tone.

What is the actual law around single-sex facilities in schools? Can the exemptions in the Equality Act 2010 be applied to staff in schools or not? If yes, we ought to point this out to the NAHT. I always assume it must be the law that pupils can retain sex segregated facilities, but is that true? This guidance flits between talking about staff and pupils. A deliberate attempt to conflate the two and have school leaders assume any GNC pupil can demand to use the toilet/changing room of their choice.

Lancelottie Wed 13-Dec-17 08:59:04


That would be be first thought on hearing each of these guidelines.

Why assume that only one set of people should be heard?

Why break current laws?

Why set yourself up for later safeguarding problems?

And really, why, for goodness sake, give any time of day to the 'not exclusively identifying' bunch, if that means they can be female for just long enough to do anything with impunity?

thecompletenonsequitur Wed 13-Dec-17 09:01:19

I see that Transwall Stonewall (acceptance without exception) helped them put the document together.

EtInTerraPax Wed 13-Dec-17 09:02:39

I hate this- trans isn't a sexuality in the way LGB are, why are they consistently lumped together?
Why should we have to teach children in sex ed about trans when it isn't a sexuality?
We don't have to use sex ed time to cover other mental health conditions such as BPD, EDs, psychosis etc.

PineappleScrunchie Wed 13-Dec-17 09:05:33

What are gendered facilities?

guardianfree Wed 13-Dec-17 09:05:55

And where are the definitions of transphobic language/ transphobic bullying? There aren't any! Why not?

Any pastoral / safeguarding teacher will not be allowed to raise concerns about vulnerable children where there are any links with transgender issues as they could be charged with transphobia.

This ensures that any female PE teacher who objects to sharing her changing room / showers with her Male into Trans colleague is silenced.

Any woman teacher with reservations (from a religious or personal background) about sharing toilets with MiT is silenced

When you write anti bullying guidance you clarify language and explain - but not with this - because if they did, people would suddenly go wait...? what...? what if...?

And this is in the name of Headteachers!

MerryMarigold Wed 13-Dec-17 09:10:55

When you write anti bullying guidance you clarify language and explain - but not with this - because if they did, people would suddenly go wait...? what...? what if...?

Good point.

No examples, because the examples highlight the problem. Waffly rubbish hides the issues.

Am particularly shock at few complaints meaning the school hides issues. Makes me wonder how clever these HTs really are.

morningrunner Wed 13-Dec-17 09:13:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ereshkigal Wed 13-Dec-17 09:14:50

And really, why, for goodness sake, give any time of day to the 'not exclusively identifying' bunch, if that means they can be female for just long enough to do anything with impunity?

It's ridiculous to assume and proceed as if anyone "non binary" might have a GRC. A GRC is a legal change so that you can be accepted as the opposite sex. You have to say you will be so for the rest of your life to get one.

guardianfree Wed 13-Dec-17 09:17:19

It really shows the power and influence of TG pressure groups that they are able to write stuff like this and senior intelligent people in organisations don't read it and say, 'just a minute, guidance should explain or what about when...?'

So all those poor teachers who don't believe in pink and blue brains or a woman is anyone who feels like one, are now guilty of transphobia!

DuncanDonut Wed 13-Dec-17 09:25:04

What happens with single-sex secondary schools?

nauticant Wed 13-Dec-17 09:28:35

They can become multi-gender schools and join the fun.

I imagine the day will come when "no trans pupils" will get a school a bad rating.

MillicentFawcett Wed 13-Dec-17 09:37:14

The trans-inclusion policy at DC's primary school promises regular meetings with the family and the child, and endless checking they're okay and not being misgendered.

This is a level of care and attention not afforded to any other group of children - not the bereaved, the abused, the ones with significant SEN or ones who think they may be lesbian or gay. For narcissistic parents like the mother of that child who was removed by the judge last year, this kind of policy is the gift that keeps giving.

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