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LangCleg Mon 11-Dec-17 09:42:07

The Wright Stuff is discussing this article in the Telegraph, in which primary school children have been given a questionnaire asking what is their gender identity:

Wayne Sleep and Christopher Biggins are both HIGHLY against it and think it's dreadful. The liberal woman - sorry, don't know her name - is trying to argue the general gender identity propaganda and is not winning. Phone calls coming up!

Amethyst975 Mon 11-Dec-17 09:50:42

Interesting! I’ll try to catch it later.

AssignedPuuurfectAtBirth Mon 11-Dec-17 09:53:06

Oh, good coverage for a change

derxa Mon 11-Dec-17 09:54:03

I'm watching agog. Wayne Sleep has cited examples of friends who transitioned and have regretted it. That Susie Amy woman always jumps on to the 'right on' bandwagon.

AssignedPuuurfectAtBirth Mon 11-Dec-17 09:55:19

Didn't watch it from the beginning Dexra. Will try to see if we can see it from the beginning

LassWiTheDelicateAir Mon 11-Dec-17 09:58:06

It is understandable -two men both of whom have been bisexual in the past but are now openly gay; both involved in the arts. I expect they realise they would have been identified as trans.

Biggins was 19 when homosexuality was legalised for over 21 year olds. He was briefly married to a woman in the early 70s.I expect Biggins would realise the implications if a teenage Biggins expresed his true self now.

LangCleg Mon 11-Dec-17 09:58:58

Done now.

Wayne Sleep definitely gets it! Brought up gay conversion and highlighted lesbian erasure! Biggins was clearly uncomfortable too. Susie Whatsit was so obviously just parroting.

Two calls - one transwoman who said it would have been good for them to have been found earlier with Wright challenging them that it could also be destabilising for the vast majority of kids; one mother of a gender questioning child who seemed pretty sensible and open to all points of view.

SweetGrapes Mon 11-Dec-17 10:05:45

Awesome! The more open debate the better.

I am so glad this discussion is moving mainstream. It's a knotty problem and I don't think there are easy solutions for people with gender dysphoria but medicalisation of kids whilst simultaneously demedicalisation for grownups makes my blood run cold.

MissBax Mon 11-Dec-17 10:20:18

Just waiting now on +1!

LangCleg Mon 11-Dec-17 10:28:09

medicalisation of kids whilst simultaneously demedicalisation for grownups

I think this is the creepiest thing of all.

Amethyst975 Mon 11-Dec-17 10:48:55

Funny, I was thinking that Wayne Sleep would probably have been one of the kids earmarked for transing, had it been around in his childhood, due to his interest in dance. Glad to hear he gets it - I’ve had a real soft spot for him since my mum took me to see him perform once when I was a kid. Amazing! smile

MakeMisogynyAHateCrime Mon 11-Dec-17 11:16:32

Does TWS end up on demand? I know some of the day time programmes don’t.

derxa Mon 11-Dec-17 12:47:44

Christopher Biggins said to the second caller that her daughter would have been called a tomboy in the past. Both Wayne and Biggins looked really concerned, sad almost. Wayne directed his comments to Suzie but she was having none of it.

HemlockSpartacus Mon 11-Dec-17 13:10:28

This is a relief to hear, but I bet they don't get half the abuse a woman saying the same would have got

WitchesHatRim Mon 11-Dec-17 13:15:45

Wayne sleep also had some very stereotyped views of lesbian couples tbh that no one pulled him up on.

Thehairthebod Mon 11-Dec-17 13:24:15

On the FB page the overwhelming consensus appeared to be that this was a terrible idea.

QueenLaBeefah Mon 11-Dec-17 13:29:53

This must be very saddening to the older gay community. They fought so hard for their rights but now they see that medically converting gay children is actively being encouraged. This will be treated as a huge scandal in 20yrs time.

FattyCat Mon 11-Dec-17 13:34:55


Dead right, particularly for gay women who are now being told we are transphobic for not dating penised people.

No one seems to be listening though, not the younger crowd or any age of gay men. sad

IndominusRex Mon 11-Dec-17 14:24:14

Glad to see these 2 taking the same line as Rupert everitt. We need more voices like this.

Thehairthebod Mon 11-Dec-17 14:26:32

Yes, it might take the voices of men to put a stop to this nonsense. Twas ever thus <sigh>

guardianfree Mon 11-Dec-17 17:08:24

Anyone on twitter? Is the same shit storm that kicked off with Jenni Murray etc happening? Are activists demanding that the BBC sanctions Wayne Sleep for his transphobic remarks?

Nuffaluff Mon 11-Dec-17 17:15:04

It's on C5 isn't it? Not BBC.

Thehairthebod Mon 11-Dec-17 17:36:21

Good point guardian, no it's not on the BBC but a quick search for 'Wayne Sleep' on Twitter brings up absolutely sweet fuck all in terms of anyone calling him transphobic (mostly people agreeing with him and a couple of homophobic tweets).

Funny isn't it, men aren't expected to be 'allies' in this, it's the 'cis' women who should get the fuck out of the way and make room.

MakeMisogynyAHateCrime Tue 12-Dec-17 10:44:39

Yes “cis” women not only have to be allies to this but also accept it blindly. Any questioning or critical thought brings rape and death threats. If you are a man talking about it you are let on your way.

guardianfree Tue 12-Dec-17 20:21:26

A bit late but just to clarify, Wayne Sleep has been on the BBC ' The Real Marigold on Tour' so I assumed that the BBC would have been inundated (like they were about Jenni Murray) with cries for his sacking - or at least 're-education'

Nope?? Funny that.......

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