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SockNRolla Thu 07-Dec-17 21:21:03

Hi all,

Long time lurker here.

I'm not sure if this has been linked in previous threads, so forgive me if I have missed it.

On browsing Reddit I came across a discussion on the LP Reddit page asking for opinions on three key questions with very little response:

1. Should we allow people to compete in sports according to the gender they identify as instead of their biological gender?
2. Should we allow people to be in women or mens prison according to the gender they identify as instead of their biological gender?
3. Should womens shelters welcome transwomen even if this will make the ciswomen feel uncomfortable (an actual case from Canada)?

Obviously these questions relate to topics raised here and some Redditors may wish to enter the discussion.

SweetGrapes Thu 07-Dec-17 21:50:36

Thanks for the link. I am not on Reddit. Is that really Labour party or just someone/anyone calling themselves labour party?

SockNRolla Thu 07-Dec-17 22:08:32

It is probably set up by members / party voters, but not sure if it officially endorsed by the party. It does link to the official party website.
Even so, the topic is well worth discussing but has very little interest at present, so I just wanted to bring some attention to it.

SweetGrapes Thu 07-Dec-17 22:48:37


So far the comments are calm and a discussion seems to be had. Let's hope it stays that way so a proper debate can be had.

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