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'Women of Nasa' Lego set sells out in 24 hours, men protest

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pisacake Tue 14-Nov-17 02:25:54

Apparently they're upset that there should be a 'men of NASA' set

Pawpainting Tue 14-Nov-17 02:39:45

Men of NASA? I assume that's every single other space set in the history of Lego.

pisacake Tue 14-Nov-17 02:55:51

the last somewhat similar set annoyed men too

it also sold out very quickly.

SweetGrapes Tue 14-Nov-17 07:46:10

It's still available on for 19.99 +pp. Amazon seems to have upped the price to 48 hmm

noeffingidea Tue 14-Nov-17 12:05:33

This is very cool, and indicates there is a market for celebrating succesful women. Probably why some men don't like it. Because only men can do important scientific things of course.

SerendipityFelix Tue 14-Nov-17 14:08:29

It’s a Lego Ideas set, a Lego fan conceived it and submitted it, it had to get 10,000 votes of support online from other Lego fans before being considered by a review committee for being made as a limited run. If someone wanted to submit an idea for a Men of NASA set they are equally welcome to!

I have both sets, just built the NASA one the other day and they’re now proudly displayed side by side in my living room. Yay celebrating women.

SerendipityFelix Tue 14-Nov-17 14:14:04

Crazy that Amazon are charging £48 for it though, it’s £19.99 direct from the Lego store, and then you get Lego points towards future purchases as well! not so closed Lego geek

MrsTerryPratchett Tue 14-Nov-17 14:34:23

I have the science one. I mean DD does <cough> I made a conscious effort to drop female scientists, world leaders and everyday women into conversation as much as possible. Now at 6, we were talking about something going to Court and about the judge and she said, "she probably..." She assumes a judge is female.

If they are using the Lego for imagination play and all the scientists are female, they imagine themselves as a female scientist. The people complaining are welcome to use all my male Lego figures if they are sad and need to play.

megletthesecond Tue 14-Nov-17 14:37:57

Hurray and bum (for me). DD was toying with putting it on her Xmas list and her warned her it would sell out.

It's a fantastic little set.

pisacake Tue 14-Nov-17 14:45:15

It's still available in the UK from, just sold out in the US and on Amazon UK.

They have a Twitter feed which is rather good

I wouldn't wait till Christmas though.

SerendipityFelix Tue 14-Nov-17 16:31:40

Good work on smashing the default male assumption trope for your dd, MrsTP!

I would urge anyone who thinks they might want the set to order it ASAP though, it’s quite likely it will sell out. If you end up not wanting it there’s a profitable secondary market in these sets so you wouldn’t lose your money (some people just buy them as investments).

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