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Pornography And Autogynephilia In The Narratives Of Adult Transgender Males

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mirandayardley Fri 19-May-17 17:58:14

I've written a piece looking at the influence of pornography and autogynephilia in the narratives of transgender males, I wanted to do something that drew a link between the consumption of porn and autogynephilic fantasies, then demonstrate this played a significant role in the development of the subject's transgender identity.

Pornography And Autogynephilia In The Narratives Of Adult Transgender Males

HoldBackTheRain Fri 19-May-17 18:23:48

clicked on link but it warned me the site isn't secure, so haven't read.

anglybeans Fri 19-May-17 18:43:48

It's only warning that because the link has https in (presumably because MY is the owner and editor so sees the site over a secure connection). So it looks like it's claiming to be secure, but isn't for the ordinary viewer. The link with http in instead of https works fine.

anglybeans Fri 19-May-17 18:45:32

Good piece Miranda, good to see it all laid out and analysed like that.

Datun Sat 20-May-17 07:13:58

Thanks for writing this, Miranda.

The constant re-marketing of AGP is very impressive. So much so that it is often completely ignored.

Maria Miller's entire 98 pages on transgender equality didn't even mention it.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm under the impression that you have advocated for bringing it more out into the open.

I would like this done, because of the 'bathroom issue'. And because I completely agree that there is something of a recruitment process going on.

I also understand that there are many transwomen who want to make a distinction (India Willoughby for instance - altho I'm not entirely convinced of her motivation).

And yes, five minutes on Reddit shows that porn plays a massive part.

TRAs have been very effective in managing to erase this from the narrative/debate. And continue to do so with alarming potency.

So thank you very much for shining a light on it. I shouldn't imagine it wins you many friends.

Despite its prevalence and the fact that it questions the credibility of some of the motivations for transitioning, do you have any idea why so many people are content to look the other way and ignore it?

scaryclown Sat 20-May-17 07:25:07

There's no doubt porn is a major influence. Females in porn are the major focus of attention and observance, then there's identification, then there's anal obsession as penetrator, then as oenetrated then there's boredom and disengagement then the last arena is cross dressing and trans porn. Then more people wanting to transition. You can just see it in the porn popularity stats from 1995 or so onwards.

OlennasWimple Sat 20-May-17 19:01:44

Thanks for sharing this Miranda.

I agree that the link between AGP and transgender needs talking about openly, and further research.

I wonder, as well as porn, how much of an influence the internet has been. I imagine in the past that very few men would have said to their friends "I orgasm when I put on my sister's bra", but online people post this sort of stuff anonymously and find validation for their reactions, claiming that all women get turned on by wearing things like bras and skirts (er, no, we just wear them...)

TheSmallClangerWhistlesAgain Sat 20-May-17 22:18:23

Are there any spaces where AGPs get together and just own what they are?
It isn't something that I'd find desirable in a male partner, but I would have more respect and understanding for a man who admitted he was turned on by the idea of turning into a woman, rather than aggressively demanding to be considered one.

Datun Sun 21-May-17 02:37:39

There are loads of websites where they hang out. Lots on Reddit.

Laurapalmer90 Mon 22-May-17 20:38:51

Thank you for sharing this, as someone fairly new to the whole trans issue this was really interesting to read.

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