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" Wear the old coat and buy the new book" said no Hushita ever: Hushita's book group

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Sooverthemill Wed 16-Oct-19 07:41:10

Opening the first thread! As requested ( I think)

For the Hushitas to chat about books.

I read quite a lot (40 so far this year). A mix of fast stuff I don't need to concentrate on much and other much more 'literary' fiction. Currently on a Nicci French which I picked up for free at the GP surgery (Blue Monday) which is so far an easy read and I've recently finished 'clock dance' by Anne Tyler who is a favourite author. I have read all but one of her books ( I haven't read the Shakespeare rewrite).

What do other Hushitas like?

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CheeseChipsMayo Wed 16-Oct-19 07:52:28

Dont know what a Hushista is but i love peace&quiet&reading.Currently on David Attenboroughs 'further adventures of a young naturalist..he was in PNG currently in Vanuatu in &heading for Fiji..(its early60's &theyre collecting for LondonZoo/filmingZooQuest..ive been to a fair few of the countries in this book&the visual descriptions/accounts of native interaction is truly remarkable.Deffo recommend👌.

grannycake Wed 16-Oct-19 08:16:47

I've just started China Court by Rumer Godden after seeing recommendations on a previous thread and am loving it so far. Hoping i continue to like it as there are many other books by Rumer Godden that I haven't read.

After reading two or three books a week for many years I seem to have lost my reading mojo a bit and haven't read anything I really loved for a couple of years

ilovecherries Wed 16-Oct-19 09:39:30

I’m just getting this thread on my list. I used to read constantly, but gave def let it slip. But I read a book a day on holiday recently - mainly just holiday trash! But I felt so relaxed doing it.

Laska2Meryls Wed 16-Oct-19 09:44:52

Just finished The Party by Elizabeth Day
. .. poor boy meets rich family, formula but a worthwhile read I thought..

Sooverthemill Wed 16-Oct-19 09:45:23

@CheeseChipsMayo Hushitas are on the style and beauty board. We started with a shared love of Hush clothes ( a bit controversial) but we do other things too! You are welcome to join our book group.

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Sooverthemill Wed 16-Oct-19 09:48:59

@Laska2Meryls I didn't enjoy the Party at all! It was a big disappointment as it had really been hyped up. Once I had read more than half way although it was a drudge. I did finish it but really just couldn't wait to finish it. I should have given up.

Just felt it was dull with badly drawn characters ( stereotypes really) and just a not very interesting story. The 'big reveal' wasn't especially shocking. I guessed what happened at the party and the huge secret throughout wasn't much of a surprise either. Brideshead Revisited does a much better stab at poor boy meets rich fascinating family than this, I thought. I know how popular this novel was, but I couldn't understand why.

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Laska2Meryls Wed 16-Oct-19 10:27:42

So over, I hadn't seen the hype about it at allso I had no expectations It just turned up as a 99p amazon book .But Yes definitely not in Brideshead league..
I an kind of intrigued in the ending though

Roussillon849 Wed 16-Oct-19 10:52:36

Thank you for setting this up, Sooverthemill!

Sooverthemill Wed 16-Oct-19 11:44:33

@Laska2Meryls ah maybe if I hadn't paid full price I would have felt less cheated. I have a great many 99p kindle books on my iPad. Some of which were really excellent and others less so. I've only recently started reading ebooks and so far quite liking it as it's very handy isn't it being able to read on phone or iPad ( im thinking about getting a kobo so I can get library ebooks) but I do ultimately prefer my real paper books.

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Sooverthemill Wed 16-Oct-19 11:45:22

@Roussillon849 🙂

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SoyYo Wed 16-Oct-19 12:58:52

Marking space and getting my reading specs 🤓 thank you for the thread Soover

GinandGingerBeer Wed 16-Oct-19 19:24:00

Marking place....
I'm an audio book convert these days. Never ever thought I'd like them but when you get a good narrator it adds another dimension. I don't actually read anymore, prefer to listen.
It also stops me from ruminating and making mountains out of molehills in bed at night. Set it to listen for 20 or 30 min, stick wireless earphones in and I drift off.
So I mostly like psychological thrillers & family dramas. I've just finished A Nearly Normal a Family by T Edvardson.
3 different narrators, mother father & daughter who told the story from their side, really enjoyed it.
Just downloaded one I'm not getting on with so will return it and not waste my credit.
Any recommendations of this genre appreciated!

Roussillon849 Wed 16-Oct-19 21:04:12

I used to read voraciously, then a few years ago through, I think, a combination of social media, devices, busyness, motherhood, and streaming services I lost my reading mojo. I was distraught but I couldn't get through books apart from during my self holiday. This year I seem to have managed to make my temporary holiday reading mojo last so far, and I'm very keen to keep cultivating it so it will stay. So I'm going to pay close attention to your recommendations!

The books that I've enjoyed since summer are: Normal People and Conversations With Friends, both by Sally Rooney (recommended), The Silence Of The Girls by Pat Barker (really recommended), and the Elena Ferrante novels, also recommended. I tried to read Love Is A Mixtape by Rob Sheffield but it wasn't happening, so I don't recommend that one.

Huffthepuff Wed 16-Oct-19 22:56:41

Thanks for the thread @Sooverthemill 😬

Currently reading Midnights Children by Salman Rushdie (as part of the BBCs Big Read top 200 books which I'm working through. Got about 75 left)
and for something lighter I'm very much enjoying Diary of a bookseller.

I have a long commute so read about 6 books a month which are planned ahead of time with a strict algorithm 🤓. 2 books from the Big Read, 1 Zeitgeist (popular/everyone's talking about it), 1 non fiction and 2 fun books (usually crime novels). We are considering bringing in one 'classic' per month also but this usually gets covered in the Big Read choices.

I read Daphne Du Maurier's My Cousin Rachel last month which was fabulous

totallyradllama Wed 16-Oct-19 23:17:49

I love your algorithm huff

I keep starting books and then not finishing them. I get interrupted and then when I get round to picking them up again I've forgotten loads and I can't bear to restart. I must make a pile and finish them one by one.

I did recently finish All the light we cannot see. It was quite slow at first but the second half was really absorbing

Roussillon849 Thu 17-Oct-19 07:25:30

I'm also in awe of your algorithm, Huffthepuff! My Cousin Rachel sounds fun.

Huffthepuff Thu 17-Oct-19 10:17:09

@totallyradllama ah All the Light - that gets incredible reviews! I downloaded a sample and found it very slow. I should give it another go and commit

emcla Thu 17-Oct-19 10:25:14

Huff that is a very organized approach. I might just have to steal that idea. I might make it my monthly plan starting January 2020. I have lots on my kindle and a rather haphazard list requested from the library.

Sooverthemill Thu 17-Oct-19 10:49:07

@Huffthepuff gosh I am in awe! I read so much when I commuted into London, it was the saving grace of the job really. Now I struggle to read very many and set myself a goal of 40 for the good reads reading challenge whic I have reached. But some of the books were such light tosh that I feel I have cheated! I did a degree in English literature so read a large number of the classics then and Havent much returned to them but I've reread Howard's End this year ( which I was totally absorbed by despite that fact there are many ideological issues for me!) the writing was just perfect. I'm going to reread a room with a view and have it in my Christ list so I get a nice copy of it ( I buy a lot second hand). Have you read any Joseph Conrad? I read everything for MH degree ( had to do an extended essay on him) and I do like his language and structure and he wrote in his second language!

I recently listened to 'Rebecca' by Daphne Du Maurier and surprisingly enjoyed it very much. Again, it's the language and structure that appeals.

My kind of plan is I alternative between literary ( ie worthy) fiction and easy stuff. So I read 'Ice' by Ella-Ulla Lundberg which was massive and achingly beautiful followed by Cutis Sittenfield's 'Eligible' which was a rewriting of Austen's Pride and Prejudice, a fun read. I've read a large number of the Big Reads and most that I haven't simply don't appeal. I should revisit perhaps. I keep an eye on the stuff everyone talks about but often find it very disappointing ( hot milk, lullaby etc). Recently started getting stuff in my kindle app on iPad which means I can read anywhere and I often sit in DDs room in the dark with her but reading on iPad. But I don't buy any 'keepers' on kindle. For some reason. I buy secondhand most things but favourite authors get brand new often preordered copies. My TBR bookcase is groaning!

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Huffthepuff Thu 17-Oct-19 11:10:55

@emcla yes it would be a perfect way to start the New Year!

I find it really satisfying planning the reads for the following month. Also trying to shoehorn in recommendations or exciting new releases (Book of Dust 2 for example) and making space for them in the schedule. Or the joy of getting through the scheduled books before the end of the month and getting to pick a bonus choice 🤣

@Sooverthemill I'll try and find you on Good reads! Not read Joseph Conrad, will investigate. Absolutely need to read Howard's End and Room with a view! Can't believe I haven't yet

If anyone isn't on Goodreads yet I'd recommend it wholeheartedly

Huffthepuff Thu 17-Oct-19 11:17:16

Also @Sooverthemill it's not cheating at all! I think it's all about light and shade. I enjoy the nonsense books so much more after reading the heavy stuff.
Big Read is incredibly outdated now. Some terrible stuff on there (and some wonderful)
Really wish they'd do another one

Sooverthemill Thu 17-Oct-19 14:41:46

Yes, goodreads is a great way to keep a check on everything you read or want to read and see what others think. I haven't found a better way yet

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Roussillon849 Sat 19-Oct-19 14:55:58

A friend has given me Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine. I've seen it lots and it has won awards etc. Have any of you read it?

Huffthepuff Sat 19-Oct-19 15:31:27

@Roussillon849 yes it's a great book. Funny and moving. Enjoyed

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