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the luminaries

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Lotsofplanetshaveanorth Sat 09-Jan-16 02:01:29

This is my third attempt and am about 100 pages in. I have no frigging idea what is going on and /or who is who. Quite like the character sketches though. So two it worth going on? And if so can someone give me a precis so i have more context to hang off. I feel like if I am going to keep going I should actually understand who is who but not sure I can be arsed to try a fourth time with pen and paper. It is supposed to be fun!

CoteDAzur Sat 09-Jan-16 07:24:14

It is a great book but maybe not for you, if on third reading you still don't understand who is who and what is going on. Sorry I don't know what to say about that.

Wikipedia would surely have a synopsis and list of characters, which should help.

Musicianofbremen Sat 09-Jan-16 07:30:55

I loved it! Read it over a year ago now so can't quite remember exactly what happened at the beginning. If you really want to read it just power through a bit and it might all start to come together. That's my plan at least for Wolf Hall whih is slowly killing me.

Quogwinkle Sat 09-Jan-16 07:39:49

I found listening to it on audio book helped me get through it and I ended up really enjoying it.

I think Eleanor Catton did an interview on Radio 4 Book club a while ago which might help explain the plot to you? If I can find it and link it I will do that.

Quogwinkle Sat 09-Jan-16 07:57:36

Eleanor Catton podcast interview about The Luminaries here. I thought it was Radio 4, it isn't - it is The Guardian podcast. Iirc she does explain the plot, and the astrology connection.

Lotsofplanetshaveanorth Sat 09-Jan-16 10:03:51

Thanks folks, hadn't thought of Wikipedia (slaps head)

Lotsofplanetshaveanorth Sat 09-Jan-16 10:04:44

And absolutely adored wolf hall so yeah different stokes and all that

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