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GoT theories - Spoilers

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ZombieBelle Fri 31-Jan-14 09:35:04

Started this off the back of the chat thread, where we didn't want to disclose spoilers for those that have only watched the series.

What do you think happens?

Poor Jon Snow. Stabbed... to death? I think so, but Melisandra is at the wall. he'll be brought back. His vows to the watch ended since he died. I have a sneaky feeling he will be on the Iron throne due to his parentage.
(Rhaegar and Ned Starks sister (can't remember her name)

I really see Dany going the way of Mad King Aerys. I think someone will put an end to her the way Jaime did Aerys, possibly Tyrion. There is a lot of indication of the bond between the 2 brothers, i think both of them will be "kingslayers"

A big 'un - Eddard Stark, is he dead? I've heard theories that a faceless one took his place. Varys seems to be in control of a lot more than he appears (and he appears to be in control of a lot) I have a sneaking suspicion that these theories are right and he and Arya will meet up.

AryaOfHouseSnark Fri 31-Jan-14 09:48:42

Ned's sister is Lyanna.
Marking my place for a proper chat later, have annoyingly got lots of rl stuff to do this morning.

ZombieBelle Fri 31-Jan-14 09:52:48

so do i, but i am doing my best to avoid it!

Trills Fri 31-Jan-14 10:16:53

I don't think that parentage is going to be terribly relevant in who gets the Iron Throne - it'll be taken by strength or by cunning, not given by inheritance.

Trills Fri 31-Jan-14 10:17:58

Maybe the whole iron throne will get melted down.

AryaOfHouseSnark Fri 31-Jan-14 12:22:36

I love the Ned being replaced by a faceless assassin, brilliant theory.

Yes, I think Mel will bring Jon back, hopefully like you say he will be released from his vows, the nights watch could fall all together anyway when the others attack. I don't think I would like to see him in kingslanding. I would prefer to see him as king in the north at Winterfell.
Yeah I think the iron throne will go, possibly with kingslanding, either Dany or Cersei will burn the city to the ground I think.

Who do you think the Valonqar is ?
I know a lot of people think it is Jaime, but I think possibly the hound, who will fight Robert Strong / un Gregor as the Septons champion. I know he supposed to be dead, but I think he is the grave digger at the monestry type place.

Badvoc Fri 31-Jan-14 12:31:47

Really hope jon lives and rules winterfell.
Dany is just annoying now.
Would love tyrion to sit on the iron throne but doubt it will happen.

dreamingbohemian Fri 31-Jan-14 12:52:32

I think Ned is probably dead. The gravedigger is definitely the Hound but I don't know if he will come back. I think Jon will definitely be kept alive.

The things I'm wondering...

Is that really Prince Aegon?

Will Dorne ever get their revenge? (I loved the revelation of the long game Prince Martell was playing)

What on earth is going on with the Citadel people? I found that all really confusing, need to read again.

Is Victarion now undead, like Beric was? What's going to happen when the fleet gets into Dany's war?

What happened to Rickon?

Also, I'd love to see Zombie Cat, Newly Savvy Sansa, and Assassin Arya in the same room again. Just to see how much general freaking out there would be.

Badvoc Fri 31-Jan-14 12:54:30

What happened to benjen?

TheNightIsDark Fri 31-Jan-14 12:58:01

Marking place. On second rereading of the series and praying George R R Martin doesn't pop his clogs before finishing confused

I want Tyrion on the iron throne. I'm warming to Sansa a bit but she's still meh compared to Arya.

AryaOfHouseSnark Fri 31-Jan-14 12:59:21

I think Aegon is a fake, a Blackfyre so still blood of the dragon, just not a targ. I don't think he knows though, I think he believes he is Aegon.
I hope we find out what happened to Benjen in the next book, he has been mentioned too many times to just disappear altogether.
GRRM has said we will got far north, to the land of always winter in the next book, hopefully we will meet him there, even if it is just from Brans POV, via a tree.

Squirrelsmum Fri 31-Jan-14 13:04:19

It has been a while since I read the books so my memory is a little sketchy, but I think the wildlings play a big part in Jon Snow taking over the north. I see him becoming a formidable figure but George RR likes to kill his characters off so who knows. But he is definitely first in line for the throne so whether the giant pulls him out of the throng or he is brought back from the dead by the woman in red. So many people to potentially back him.
Dany is losing the plot and I can't see her making it back with dragons in tow, but then if Tyrion takes her side, he is often underestimated.
I remember reading that Cersie was being taken to be executed, did that actually happen?
Valonqar is high valerian for little brother, I can't remember the context but does the Bran Stark fit? Where does he come into it again?

Trills Fri 31-Jan-14 13:14:08

I would like it if it turned out that the Targaryens have no magical connection with dragons, it's just that they used to know the secrets of how to train them (and nobody had ever put those dragon eggs in a big fire before).

mimbleandlittlemy Fri 31-Jan-14 13:29:36

I've sort of gone along thinking Benjen is Cold Hands (or whatever he is called), or am I delusional?

BeyondTheLimitsOfAcceptability Fri 31-Jan-14 13:59:51

I need a reread, but I remember thinking benjen was coldhands, so youre not completely loopy grin or I am too?

Apart from that, I like all of the OP theories and hope they could be right. But then we all know what grrm is like...

ZombieBelle Fri 31-Jan-14 14:29:39

I too, think Benjen is coldhands, there's too much humanity in him for him to be a non-character IYKWIM.

Aegon, hmm, i was quite annoyed that they sprung him on us. I think he will be a bit of a non issue tbh. He will get killed (bets money on it)

Dorne has a lot to play for. They will definitely have a part to play in the end.

I am starting to think that Westeros might be divided again. It seems like it worked better that way, then having 1 king in KL

AryaOfHouseSnark Fri 31-Jan-14 14:57:01

I don't know about Benjen being cold hands, I did think so but then Leaf said that Coldhands had been dead for a very long time, or he was very old ( will have to reread )which by their standards should be older then Benjen is iykwim.

AryaOfHouseSnark Fri 31-Jan-14 14:58:29

But yes, he is a big contender, either him or The nights king.

BigW Fri 31-Jan-14 15:07:03

my memory is a touch sketchy too, but I love hearing these theories. Tyrion is my favourite character and I would like to see him on the iron throne. I wondered whether he would team up with Dany along with Arya or Jon and retake Westeros.

ZombieBelle Fri 31-Jan-14 19:00:13

arya Benjen is dead, he's technically a white walker, but a helpful one (if he is indeed coldhands)

AryaOfHouseSnark Fri 31-Jan-14 19:33:33

Oh yes I know, I didn't explain myself very well.
I did a quick wiki search, and leaf the child of the forrest said "they killed him long ago" in regards to Coldhands (I knew it was something along those lines)
Obviously the children of the Forrest live for hundreds of years and time is different to them, so a long time ago to them would mean a long long time ago. Which means Benjen wouldn't be a likely candidate as he would only be dead a few years if that. Unless of course they mean a long time ago in human years in which case it is most likely him grin

Sheldonswhiteboard Fri 31-Jan-14 21:28:20

Ooh a sullied thread, dons boiled leather and wades in....

Valonquar - I think that translates as little brother, obvious candidates are Jaime as the younger twin or Tyrion but could just be a younger brother in another house, maybe Rickon who is AWOL in Skagos, I think at the moment? I think Cersei said of Jaime, " we came into this world together we will leave it together", maybe they will kill each other.

There is also a theory that the twins are secret Targs due to incest and Cersei's seeming fascination with fire but I'm not convinced of it.

Leaningtoweroflisa Fri 31-Jan-14 21:40:06

Re-reading for the umpteenth time at the mo. even so, scuse spelling.

Read a lot about various theories about Jon being the prince that is promised, azor azai (or something!). Likewise Jon and dany are going to meet and fall in love (the blue flower blooming in the wall of ice in Danny's house of the undying visions). According to the Internet anyhow...

There is too much emphasis on how lightbringer is made in the legend - pushing it through his wife's heart to temper it - and how stannis'sword is a fake. I wonder if g r r Martin will be mean enough to give the fans what they want (Jon alive and getting it on with his twue wuv dany) and then make him have to make the same choice of killing dany to forge the new lightbringer?

I needs the winds of winter. Although recent South Park and Ben and holly parodies have sullied the tv series a little, I am v glad I will get my fan girl fix soon...

(Wanders off singing wiener, wiener wiener to the theme tune)

Fuck me I have become such a nerd in middle age.

MothershipG Fri 31-Jan-14 21:46:45

It's a while since I read them but I was thinking that Dany and Jon would get together?

Also a friend in my book group works for Harper Collins and has met GRRM several times and reassured me that he is in good health!

ZombieBelle Fri 31-Jan-14 22:13:06

I think it would make sense for Jon and Dany to get together, the targaryans are known for their incest, whilst the Lannisters are condemned for it... weird.

Jon is not one of my favourite characters (though loved Ygritte sob) but he is like a mini Eddard in some ways, and think he would make a good king.

Does anyone else hate Cat with a passion, well stoneheart now?

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