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Weight loss surgery.

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Sammi38 Thu 05-Sep-19 14:01:56

Hi all,

Has anyone had or soon to have weight loss surgery?

I’m having a gastric sleeve procedure this month, so wondering if there’s anyone in the same boat?

I’ve got 5-6 stone to lose. Getting nervous as op day is fast approaching.

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HavingABypass Sat 14-Sep-19 12:58:52

Hi @Sammi38

I have just seen your post and thought I'd comment as I'm due to have a bypass at the end of October. When is your surgery due?

Carblover Sat 21-Sep-19 20:19:34

Hiya I'm having a sleeve gastrectomy 10/10
I had a balloon removed in September which was a complete fail
Very excited just seen the dietician lots of info to digest
Happy to share my journey

Sammi38 Sun 22-Sep-19 10:49:30

I had my sleeve 4 days ago, I had the procedure done abroad, so am in a hotel for tonight until my flight home tomorrow. The first 2 days after surgery were rough, but feeling better now.

Good luck guys.

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donebeingfat Mon 23-Sep-19 11:52:10

I am looking into having weight loss surgery prob gastric sleeve ? after years of being overweight and unable to keep the weight loss off when I do manage to actually take the bull by the horns and lose a bit. I can't get it done on nhs as not got diabetes or sleep apnoea so was thinking of going abroad too so just wondered where you went and how you found the whole process ? I will also love it hear how you progress and whether it has been the right thing for you ?

Carblover Mon 23-Sep-19 18:03:04

Well done @Sammi38
Glad it went ok, i am too nervous to go abroad so UK was my only choice but quite expensive and on top of cost of theballoon fail , but if it works and gives me my life back it will be worth it

Sammi38 Wed 25-Sep-19 10:13:53

6 days out now, not going to weigh for another week or two though as I know my body is still a bit battered and swollen from the surgery and gas etc... feeling good. No pain, just a little bit uncomfortable around my incision areas when I get up or sit down.

Managing to have my shakes, as I’m on a liquid diet for the first 2 weeks, looking forward to something more puréed though!

Good luck. I definitely haven’t regretted my decision, although when I came round from the op I did think fleetingly ‘what the f**k have I done!’.

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Carblover Wed 25-Sep-19 20:08:17

Thanks, im glad your flight home went ok, and your not too uncomfortable moving around
Nothing like being in your own space as well
I start my liver shrinking diet tomorrow nervous but excited and feeling slightly odd to think no online food order required for quite a few weeksgrin

FairiesontheSwing Thu 26-Sep-19 13:09:30

I had a sleeve done last Jan and went from 19 and a half stone to 9 and a half in a year. Back up to 10 stone 6lbs after a summer of terrible eating but its falling off again now I've had a word with myself. See before and after.

donebeingfat Thu 26-Sep-19 14:45:49

Hi @Sammi38
Can I just ask where you had your surgery ? Been looking into going abroad but not sure how to go about it ? Glad to hear that you are doing ok and it is only 6 days after all !please keep posting updates on how your doing as it good to hear

donebeingfat Thu 26-Sep-19 14:50:19

Wow @FairiesontheSwing
Looking amazing and I take it you would recommend it ? Just trying to get as much info as possible on how to get it done and recovery and what it means eating wise in the future ? Can you only eat really small portions and can you eat a normal diet ?

FairiesontheSwing Thu 26-Sep-19 15:16:38

I can eat whatever I want but not loads. I can have two slices of toast for example but only one slice if I had a scrambled egg as well.

lardass88 Thu 26-Sep-19 15:38:54

@FairiesontheSwing can I ask where you got the procedure done and how much it cost?

FairiesontheSwing Thu 26-Sep-19 16:11:31

Claremont Hospital in Sheffield. £8k.

Carblover Sat 05-Oct-19 11:18:00

Hi Sammi
I hope things are going ok and your recovery is going wellflowers

Sammi38 Tue 08-Oct-19 10:03:28

I had my surgery at the Ekol hospital in Turkey, I had a really positive experience. I’m feeling ok, the first week or so was quite rough, but doing better now. Including my week before surgery when I dieted and the 2 1/2 weeks post op I’ve lost 1st 10lbs, that’s in nearly 4 weeks. Started purée last night.

Had fish and broccoli mashed with milk, was divine. Good luck everyone else. X

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Sammi38 Tue 08-Oct-19 10:04:22

@FairiesontheSwing well done, you look fantastic!

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donebeingfat Tue 08-Oct-19 19:04:22

Good to hear you are getting there Sammismile---- it's not an easy decision to have surgery and I'm sure it's not easy getting used to a whole new way of eating x I feel this is my only way to loose weight but it definitely terrifies me and I'm just trying to get as much information and peoples experiences so I can finally pluck up the courage to get it done x I would prefer to get it done in uk but so expensive so having to look at other countries, I looked at Poland and Czechoslovak clinics

donebeingfat Tue 08-Oct-19 19:06:44

Not long for you now @carblover and wishing you well for your surgery on the 10th x please let us know how it goes ?

Carblover Fri 11-Oct-19 15:57:17

Thank you Done** all good here feel geat 24 hrs post op up and about, drinking
Obvs a little sore but am taking the medssmile and no regrets so far... fingers crossed

donebeingfat Fri 11-Oct-19 18:15:57

Great @carblover glad you doing well and you'll be relieved that bits over ! Keep us updated with how you are doing please ? Can I ask how much it cost in uk ? I contacted one hospital and they quoted £10000 and I've had a quote for £5500 in Poland !

Hecateh Fri 11-Oct-19 20:49:04

I had Roux en Y gastric bypass in 2000 so 19 years out now.

It hasn't always been easy but I've never really regretted it. (pangs when faced with a tasty buffet, great menu or Christmas dinner but nothing lasting)

I was 22 stone. The least I've been is 10st 7lb which felt great but wasn't sustainable. Currently I'm about 13st which is too much but I am still more fit and active now at that weight and 64 years than I was at 45.

It was suggested that I take a multivitamin but that didn't really help and I now take iron (plus vit C), B complex, D3, zinc and magnesium. I also have B12 injections (which the NHS recommend after bariatric surgery). All the supplements are as a result of blood tests BUT I take far higher doses that the NHS recommend and regular blood tests say I am no longer deficient but not too high - it is an individual and considered decision to take this level of supplements and it has taken years to get right.
As I am so much further down the line than most of you, I am very happy to answer any questions

GoingGrey50 Fri 11-Oct-19 20:57:33

Sleeve done 18m ago. 8.7 at lost. No regrets whatsoever....100% happy.
However it's not easy and not a's hard work. Happy to share x

LittleScottish Wed 16-Oct-19 07:29:17

Hi all,

I'm just starting to look into WLS as I'm currently the heaviest I've ever been (BMI 40)

Have yo-yoed for all of my adult life and my relationship with food is awful. I'm willing to make a huge, permanent change in order to get my shit together, feel healthy and 'normal'.

Will be looking at going private, but where do I start my research? Lots of suggestions online, but i cant find anything Yorkshire-based or up to date.

Thank you x

donebeingfat Wed 16-Oct-19 09:01:25

I looked at What Clinic and also tried to look at chat forums and then when someone recommended a surgeon I would look into them but does take awhile but better not to rush and be 100 % happy.

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