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I failed over the summer so I am now aiming for a slim Christmas! Who's with me ?

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Howlongtillbedtime Sun 03-Sep-17 09:17:20

My plan to lose weight over the summer failed spectacularly.

I actually managed to put on half a stone blush

So starting today I am getting back on track .

I will get to the gym/out for a jog at least 3 times a week.

I will stop eating so much .

I will have at least 2 dry days a week.

I am in the gym car park now and want to be accountable so here goes.

Wish me luck and please come and join me.

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FlightyMare Sun 03-Sep-17 12:51:09

Good luck! Well done for getting to the gym too.

I'm embarking on a healthy eating plan from tomorrow, as well as exercising (but I do the exercise bit anyway). I'm happy to join you for mutual motivation.

I think September is a good time to get started on improvements, although I'm back at work next week which might help me to stay in a routine, or could send me over the brink into the chocolate biscuits!!

KeiraTwiceKnightley Sun 03-Sep-17 13:01:13

Me too. Starting tomorrow as well as back to work. Need to lose at least 10lbs and tone up etc. Back on the healthy eating thing plus min 2 classes a week and lots of walking/daily Pilates etc.

SaDo12 Sun 03-Sep-17 13:03:27

Me to!! Back to work tomorrow and back on plan!!

PurpleDaisies Sun 03-Sep-17 13:05:05

And me! Wondering how many other teachers are doing the same? We're talking about a work slimming world weigh in...

glitterysand Sun 03-Sep-17 13:06:56

Good luck and well done for going to the gym! I had every intention of being really good and healthy over the summer but, no, been in holiday mode and piled on abut half a stone. Good luck all.

Howlongtillbedtime Sun 03-Sep-17 13:11:12

Yay I am not alone!

September has always been a time for new starts for me so I am hoping it is true this time.. New job this week as well which is in a different area for me so challenges all round.

I start on Tuesday so no excuse not to manage the gym again tomorrow.

Good luck all and thanks for the encouragement.

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happilyeverafta Sun 03-Sep-17 13:19:52

Me! Waves....

I joined slimming world Thursday and intend to be slim & happy by Christmas! I had a baby in March & through the unbelievable amazing-ness of miracles I weighed less the day I gave birth than I was on the day I found out I was pregnant!

But since then I've stayed the same and I want to lose about 3st 10.5lb to be precise grin

So yeah I'm in!

happilyeverafta Sun 03-Sep-17 13:20:41

Oh and Howlongtillbedtime....

I start back at work after maternity Tuesday too!

Howlongtillbedtime Sun 03-Sep-17 13:26:42

Good luck for Tuesday happily

And I have about 3 stone to lose too.

Its just so boring isn't it? But I really want to not be a fatty any more.

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HellToupee Sun 03-Sep-17 13:33:03

Me!! Been puttin off losing weight for the longest time and can't call it a baby tum anymore now youngest has just turned 14 blush

Am going to my first Slimming World meeting next Saturday - joined yesterday. Here's to shimmying my lean(er) booty around the Christmas tree this year!

Petalflowers Sun 03-Sep-17 13:35:31

Can I join you? Also have about three stone to loose, but would be happy with a stone by Christmas.

i think I eat fairly healthily already, so plan to cut out potatoes (apart from Sunday roasts) and try to up,the exercise. Bread is my weakness.

Petalflowers Sun 03-Sep-17 13:38:43

Also fed up of being a fatty. I've never been really slim, size 12-14, pear shape figure, but now 18-20. Medication made me put on the weight, and (peri-) menopause is making it difficult to loose!

Pinkvici22 Sun 03-Sep-17 13:40:11

Can I join too please?

I managed to put on a whole stone this year! I've lost 7lbs in the last couple of weeks, but need to get the other 7lbs off (ideally before the end of September), and I'd like to lose another 7lbs, so 14lbs in total.

I'm doing low carb and may do 5:2 which has worked for me in the past. Also Sober September as that odd glass of wine with dinner most nights in the summer has definitely had an impact!

I run 2-3 times pw (5-8km per run), and aim to do a kettlebell or HIIT class once a week. Also try to do 10,000 steps each day.

beela Sun 03-Sep-17 13:41:54

Hello! I've lost 2st since January but stalled spectacularly over the summer (not gained but not really lost) so I'm aiming for a new attack. I need to lose at least another half stone to get my bmi into to 'normal' category... and a few more lb to give me some leeway at Christmas time grin

I've been doing No-S, there's a thread running if anyone else fancies joining us.

Rufustherenegadereindeer1 Sun 03-Sep-17 13:42:57

Yep i will give it ago

So i will,

Cut down on alcohol
Cut down on sweet treat food
Cut down on carbs
Try and eat less using MFP
Walk/gym/excercise video at least 3x a week

I find it hard to lose as i have an underactive thyroid but im just getting bigger and bigger

At least if my diet was better i could come to terms with it

imjessie Sun 03-Sep-17 13:54:12

Me !!!

ClashCityRocker Sun 03-Sep-17 13:56:48

Love the idea of a new start in September!

I was doing really well and have lost 2.5 stone since January. And then, despite me thinking summer would be easy 'oh I'll just have salads'..... I've put half a stone of that back on.

I'm broadly following some slimming world techniques - a 1/3 of the plate at least of veg (not spuds) and am going to have to accept that if I want to lose weight I can't have a day off every single time there is a social occasion, work thing, visitors, bad day, good day etc...

At the minute I'm off more than I'm on!

Also once my pesky back has recovered going to increase my activity!

Howlongtillbedtime Sun 03-Sep-17 14:22:40

And I will drink at least 2 litres of water a day . That has always helped in the past.

Welcome to everyone grin and good luck to us all !

I had lost 1 1/2 stones but have put the half back on so need to kick my fat arse back into gear.

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EezerGoode Sun 03-Sep-17 14:24:25

Hello,i actually put on over the's being stuck in at home...I've cleared out the cupboard of crap...and I'm aiming for 2 stone off for xmas

EezerGoode Sun 03-Sep-17 14:27:16

How do I keep this thread to come back to? I've joined support threads before then I can never find them after a day or two

SharkSkinThing Sun 03-Sep-17 14:27:33

Me, me, me.

Starting SW properly tomorrow, aiming for two stone by Xmas, four by Easter.

Sick of yo yo dieting. 🌞

hoopdeloop Sun 03-Sep-17 14:28:13

I'll join you, I started last November, lost a good 2st and have pretty much maintained since Easter. Which is good but I still have at least a stone to go. I can't do lots of exercise because I have a wound in an awkward place blush which becomes really sore (getting it checked out next week). So I'm purely diet with as many steps as I can do.

I did calorie controlled but wondering about switching to something like Slimming World, what are the good/bad bits of the plan or am I best to stick to calorie controlled?

PurpleDaisies Sun 03-Sep-17 14:28:28

Are you on the app, mobile or desktop site eezer?

I just use "threads I'm on" to find threads I've posted on recently. They can drop off if you don't post for a while.

WafflyVersatile1 Sun 03-Sep-17 14:30:38

I'm going back to slimming world on thursday. Slimming world works for me but I'm thinking of trying the No S diet for a change. Will still go to weigh ins at SW as i know from experience i don't have the motivation without them. If No S doesn't work I'll do SW

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