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Pokemon Go Thread #30: where's my shiny dratini?

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bigchris Sat 01-Aug-20 13:56:56

Sorry for rubbish title smile

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bigchris Sat 01-Aug-20 13:57:38

Oops and forgot number 30 !! grin

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Hlh2020 Sat 01-Aug-20 13:58:17

Thanks for the invite, caught it on my last ball left!

bigchris Sat 01-Aug-20 13:59:06

Me too ! Need an ice pack for my hand grin have asked mumsnet to edit title grin

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TheMShip Sat 01-Aug-20 13:59:20

Caught Ray again! Sure easy with 10 players. Could I get an invite for TeamTplusG too? DD 4yo upset that she didn't get to play grin

bigchris Sat 01-Aug-20 13:59:49

Thank God for remote raiding though

I could never be out in town doing that !!

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bigchris Sat 01-Aug-20 14:01:00

Definitely next time, stupid fat sweaty fingers grin

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TheMShip Sat 01-Aug-20 14:05:55

I have two 4* hatching in 10 and 30 minutes, will post up for invites if they're good.

bigchris Sat 01-Aug-20 14:12:05

Thanks mumsnet Dawn smile

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jillandhersprite Sat 01-Aug-20 14:13:57

Thanks @bigchris for jumping in on the seadra raid! My phone glitched but I think the other red account sorted it. I shut down and was able to get into the encounter when I logged back in and caught it! Its filled a space in my Pokédex even if it's a 2* that I'll ditch when I get a better one.

@tumpymummy - I lost track as this thread is moving superfast but I would be happy to put an egg on at 6 tonight for our level up...

Oh and quick work on the new thread!!! Thanks

bigchris Sat 01-Aug-20 14:17:14

No problem and hope you didn't mind smile

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SuperLoudPoppingAction Sat 01-Aug-20 14:24:20

@tumpymummy I'm free at 6

SuperLoudPoppingAction Sat 01-Aug-20 14:25:13

I caught a shiny bagon for dp earlier. Exciting stuff

Fiddlersgreen Sat 01-Aug-20 14:28:54

Have missed two invites from poketwoboys so sorry!!
Have turned my phone off silent now and finished lunch so I’m all ready for any invites!

Umberling Sat 01-Aug-20 14:39:38

Thanks for the invites, sorry I couldn't rejoin. I was reviving all my Pokémon and it glitched!

I didn't manage to catch the one we beat in the raid but still had lots of fun 😀

bigchris Sat 01-Aug-20 14:40:23

Aww glad it was fun grin

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TheMShip Sat 01-Aug-20 14:42:44

Ah just Charizards both of them, we're all Char'd out after the Fest.

jillandhersprite Sat 01-Aug-20 14:55:48

Can I ask about gifts and friend interaction? Is it just the opening of a gift that triggers or does sending a gift do it as well?
For example I have one day to go with Lulujosegeds and am holding a gift from her so when I open it will I trigger the new friendship level?
Similarly I have one day to go with Raykn1946 and LauraJaydm but no gift to open but I could send them a gift. Will I trigger them if I send or is it only when they open that gift?
Thanks if anyone can help?
Plus it's a heads up if those players are on here that I'll be doing gift opening and sending after 6 when I put an egg on... X

dillite Sat 01-Aug-20 15:18:10

Plop mark

Hlh2020 Sat 01-Aug-20 15:23:30

Hi, is anyone about for a raid? We have one going on here I can send invites for, DD is desperate to catch rayquaza

netflixismysidehustle Sat 01-Aug-20 15:26:38

I am but are we friends?

netflixismysidehustle Sat 01-Aug-20 15:27:48

0514 1827 9891

Hlh2020 Sat 01-Aug-20 15:28:56

Not sure, my number is 4067 3791 2758. Thanks!

Hlh2020 Sat 01-Aug-20 15:30:44

Anyone else able to join?

netflixismysidehustle Sat 01-Aug-20 15:31:00

If you can get the numbers I am happy to help

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