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family friendly self catering within 2 hours or so of Leeds/Bradford

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Apparentlychilled Tue 19-Feb-13 10:00:26

Hi all
I'm looking for suggestions where to go in mid July with DH, DD (4) and DS (1.5). I don't really want to drive for hours and hours.

We'd like to rent a cottage or similar which is child friendly with either lots of activities (beach/park/swings/anything really) or lots of other children, and where we can chill out too. So I guess somewhere that offers babysitting and is nearish to maybe a nice pub that does food.

A friend told me of something similar in Sussex, but that seems like a long drive w DC.


nextphase Tue 19-Feb-13 19:48:56

these are amazing (or were 6 years ago!)

Apparentlychilled Sun 17-Mar-13 21:20:22

a belated thank you nextphase- I forgot to check back!

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