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5 Vital Questions to Ask Before Enrolling Your Child at a Reputable Preschool

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MosesVandenberg Wed 27-Feb-19 11:04:12

"Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world". This maxim still holds a lot of significance even today. For kids, learning begins at an early age to set a solid foundation for the future. It begins with parents enrolling them at a preschool, where study and fun blend perfectly. With good education, who knows kids can use it as powerful weapon for not only building a bright future but also to change the world one day.

While enrolling a child in a preschool, parents need to be confident about the institution. So, how to enrol your kid into the best preschool? Here are 5 vital questions that parents must ask before enrolling their child for their overall development.

What is the philosophy of the preschool regarding education?

Parents should take a keen interest in the preschool curriculum and how it prepares the kids? The curriculum should be a blend of theory, practical, mnemonic, phonetics. It should be discovery-based agenda that paves the way for a bright future for the students.

The education centre should also keep the parents updated with their child's development and everyday schedule through parent teacher meeting. It is essential for feedbacks and assessment about the toddlers' academic performance.

How experienced the teachers are?

A good preschool teacher must be familiar with the best child growth and development methods. This only comes with proper prior experience. She should understand child psychology and pedagogy perfectly so that a toddler learns quickly.

A good preschool teacher should be dedicated, caring, enthusiastic and enable the toddlers to learn at their own pace.

Parents should find out what is the mode of teaching in the centre? Do the teachers teach the kids with the aid of diagrams and pictures to make study interesting and fun? Do they take that extra effort to make the toddlers understand the difficult lessons?

What are the scope of games and co-curricular activities?

Active sports and curricular activities like dance, karate, music, recreation aids in overall development of the kids and also encourages fitness and well-being. Regular exposure to fine motor activities, such as stringing beads, snipping paper strips, and pre-writing activities helps in developing hand skills which will be beneficial for a kindergarten child.

Parents should also look for whether the preschool provides elementary classes and training on visual discrimination, identifying letters and figures, differentiating the same and different, colour and shapes , names of animals, birds, fruits and vegetables, animal sound and more.

Does the preschool offer meals and snack facilities?

Preschool kids need nutritious meals with a balanced diet. Does the preschool offer it? If yes, then are they fresh and healthy? Are there any table manners to follow? Are the kids allowed to socialize? All these questions are required to be asked by a parent before taking admission.

What are the disciplinary rules and regulations?

Discovering the disciplinary rules and regulations of the institute will make the toddlers understand what to do and what to avoid. At preschools, emphasis is on behavioural guidance. Parents should look for positive values for the children to imbibe as it will help them to understand what the right things are and what are wrong things?

Parents must also ask about the disciplinary actions that are taken by the teachers when toddlers violate a rule or confrontations/ problems arise. Are the teachers too strict? Do they follow the code spare the rod and spoil the child?

While children should hold the teachers in high esteem, the teachers should also develop a caring attitude and make them realize what is right or wrong without using stern disciplinary measures until things go out of control.

Ask these above questions taken from and enrol your kids at the best preschool. Give them the most excellent education which they deserve and create leaders for tomorrow.

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