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Best dinosaur (anything) for 3 year old obsessed!

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eggontoast Thu 04-Feb-10 10:24:57

He has a few figures, 4 great books, quilt, jigsaw, quilt cover and some really brilliant dinosoles flashing T-rex shoes.

Anyone know of anything out there that is really good on the dinosaur theme?

DeirdreB Thu 04-Feb-10 20:01:03

I think these are really cute!!

personalised dinosaur t-shirt

eggontoast Fri 05-Feb-10 08:47:17

They are, thanks for that!

Lastyearsmodel Fri 05-Feb-10 20:39:34

My 3yo DD is obsessed with dinosaurs and adores her big, slightly squashy dinosaur figure from Toy R Us. She's got the triceratops and think they do T-rex too.

Also noticed today that Playmobil do a dinosaur Jurassic Park-type set - people say about 3-4yo is right for getting into Playmobil.

RubysReturn Fri 05-Feb-10 20:45:20

Dino sandwich cutter from Lakeland is fab

dinkystinky Fri 05-Feb-10 20:45:41

Hmm, we're off to Dinosaurs Unleashed at Parklife on Oxford Street on Sunday, purely for my dino-obsessed 3 year old.

Harry and the Dinosaurs books are great (as are the cartoons).

SIL got him some dino bookends - and MIL got him a dino pencil holder - which he loves too.

Not on the highstreet has some nice dino -clocks as well as those lovely dino named t-shirts...

maclover135 Fri 05-Feb-10 21:02:09

Hi - we have a dinosaur mad DS who was 3 at the weekend and was given this by a friend. He loves it. Also received the Playmobil dinosaur/diplodocus, which he loves. Schleich dinosaurs seem to go down a treat too.

Lakeland sandwich cutter went down a storm, as did a playdough set and cutters from Tesco! We used the cutters to make biscuits.

Harry and the dinosaur books are fab, as is 'Dinosaur Galore' - you can get a pop-up version as well as the normal picture book style.

The beaker in this range is also lovely.

MarineIguana Fri 05-Feb-10 21:06:26

Playmobil dinosaur stuff is cool. DS has the (somewhat chronologically inaccurate I fear) dinosaur catching dude with a little amphibious truck, dino cage and dino inside, complete with chicken leg to feed it with! He loves it.

MarineIguana Fri 05-Feb-10 21:08:26

Also the TV series Walking with Dinosaurs is a top hit in our house - it's not actually for kids and is gory in parts, but DS adores it (he's 4). We also saw the WWD live show which was mindblowing, but don't know if it's still on.

YourCallIsImportant Fri 05-Feb-10 21:08:33

What about the Natural History Museum walking/roaring dinosaur? We love it in our house. Also, there's a dino toy in Build A Bear Workshop which roars.

silverfrog Fri 05-Feb-10 21:15:32

the natural history museum has a fab range of soft toy dinosaurs. they are brilliant, and my 2 dino obsessives have too many of the fecking things a few knocking around

jammietart Fri 05-Feb-10 21:16:39

Natural History Museum online store has some good stuff. DS's first dinosaur toys were big models my DB bought him from Habitat. He also loves his dinosaur references books and fiction like Harry and the Dinosaurs and Dinosaurs love Underpants .

I also look out for articles in the newspaper or on the tv news about developments in dinosaur research! I think its all quite fascinating though.

jammietart Fri 05-Feb-10 21:17:43

Sorry it took me ages to write that and completely cross posted!

mamazon Fri 05-Feb-10 21:20:21

A trip Here??

happyharry Fri 05-Feb-10 22:06:27

Our dc have a lego dinosaur set.

dinkystinky Sat 06-Feb-10 08:47:31

Forgot to say - another dino book DS1 loves is Tyrannosaurus Drip.

eggontoast Sat 06-Feb-10 08:54:53

Thanks everyone, all the ideas are very interesting. At one treat a month, will keep me going for ages!

I would love to take him to London to Natural History M. and the Parklife link is especially exciting. However, I live in Lancashire. The train fair is very expensive and we looked up hotels - for 2 kids(one is a baby) and 2 adults - £600 for one night!!!!!

Anyone know of how to stay in / around London on the cheap?

eggontoast Sat 06-Feb-10 08:56:38

MarineIguana : I am terribly sad to admit that I too am extremely unnerved by the thought of toys/books that mess up the time line.


eggontoast Sat 06-Feb-10 09:01:34

I should share this with everyone - My son loves them and is very proud.

eggontoast Sat 06-Feb-10 09:02:37

I am starting a fresh thread about the London trip idea.

happyharry Sat 06-Feb-10 11:20:50

Another great book in Dinosaur Roar

LowLevelWhingeing Sat 06-Feb-10 11:27:26

Dinosaur stamp set

eggontoast Sat 06-Feb-10 13:34:00

I want to buy the stamp set NOW! I will certainly put that on my list!

dinkystinky Sun 07-Feb-10 14:30:13

Showed the dino-soles to my dino-obsessive and its all he can talk about now!

Went to Dinosaurs Unleashed at Parklife today and it is great, but being at the weekend it was heaving (and we were there for the first slot on a Sunday) and pretty noisy so if you can travel midweek it may be cheaper and abit of a better experience. Natural History Museum is pretty tame by comparison (but free).

silverfrog Sun 07-Feb-10 19:45:33

ooh, dinky, we went today too! But in the afternoon. it was busy, but bearable I thought - we were able to get up close to everything easily enough. the girls loved it, although dd2 declined to stroke the T-Rex - "he's a bit loud mummy" grin (she's only 2, so I wa impressed that she was only bothered by that one, tbh, they are pretty imposing!)

well worth a visit if possible - for some reason they let us in for the price of 2 adults only (dd1 is 5, and we told them that, so no idea why!) so good value for us too (all 4 of us in for £30 odd)

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