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Best scooter for a 7 year old boy

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moosemama Sat 08-Oct-11 23:23:33

Ds2 has never been keen on outdoors activities, he has hypermobile joints in his legs and poor coordination, which means he's never been keen on bikes and scooters etc. However, he now has a new best friend who is, so obviously things are now changing and he wants some more things to do outside.

When he went to this friend's house for tea, he spent the whole time playing on a scooter they had, which had three wheels rather than two. Problem is, I can't remember whether the double wheels were at the back or the front.

I recently received a mailshot through the post with lots of scooters in and think I spotted the one ds had been playing on, but its around £100 and I can't afford to pay that much.

Can anyone recommend a decent quality scooter, that won't be too 'young' for him to be seen on by his peers, and won't cost a fortune - or am I asking too much?

Fo0ffyShmooffer Sat 08-Oct-11 23:32:05

My DS has the ozbozz cosmic lights scooter. It has double wheels at the back and the bonus of flashing lights. He got it when he turned 6 and he's now 9 and has ridden to hell and back on it in the time. It's extremely hardy and has really lasted.

At the mo you can get them from Tesco on line in the pink but I'm sure loads of other stockists have the red and blue. They are about £ 25. I would highly recommend especially for balance and stability. I would link but can't do it on my phone.

moosemama Sun 09-Oct-11 21:54:15

Sorry, not had chance to get back online since I posted.

Thank you Fo0ffyShmooffer, that sounds perfect. I will get googling and see what colours I can get hold of.

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