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Aubiose for cat litter

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Dizzybacon Sat 24-Jun-17 19:18:58

I have two rescued house cats.

Like many I have tried numerous cat litters, my preference up till now has been catsan clumping.

Anyway I ran out of litter, they are fussy sods and won't pee on just anything. I'm mucking the horses out and they are on aubiose horse bedding, I got thinking if this is good enough for a half tonne piss machine it must be good enough the little terrors!

So I tried it and I think I've found the holy grail of cat litters. It's soft, very absorbent, holds the wet well and doesn't smell. That's what makes it an awesome horse bedding, and poop sits on top.

It's definitely worth a try

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 25-Jun-17 08:34:34

Where do we buy it from? Mine likes ultra clumping talcum powder scented & it's so expensive.

Dizzybacon Sun 25-Jun-17 09:23:37

You can buy it online or at an animal feed store. It's costs about £10 for 25kg bale. A lot but it will last ages for a cat.

Because it's designed for horses once the bedding gets wet, it's stays still and doesn't move. So wet doesn't get mixed up with dry. Is also dust free

Dizzybacon Sun 25-Jun-17 09:24:15

Dizzybacon Sun 25-Jun-17 09:25:20

And because it's biodegradable you can flush it straight down the loo smile

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 25-Jun-17 09:27:48

Sounds fab.

Dizzybacon Sun 25-Jun-17 09:28:47

Give it a little shake and the wet stays where it is

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