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Girliefriendlikespuppies Mon 06-Jan-20 22:31:33

A thread for all new puppy owners for support and understanding!!

My puppy is now 7 months and has hit the teens 😒🤪😳😫 stay with me fellow puppy owners - I need you!!!

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BiteyShark Tue 07-Jan-20 06:02:34

Oooo new thread grin.

Sending you winecakefor the teenage months Girlie

Muddypup Tue 07-Jan-20 06:17:42

My pup is now 7 months too and has now decided she’s old enough to chase seagulls as far away as she likes...she always comes back eventually but it is a bit scary.
How long does this teenage thing go on for?

CockerShark Tue 07-Jan-20 06:42:26

Checking in! Cocker shark is getting better with the biting but still has her moments! Shes 4 months old now so hoping for a period of calm soon before adolescence kicks in!

BiteyShark Tue 07-Jan-20 07:17:49

My dog started around 6 months of age. The peak teenage shitty time was 8-9 months and then gradually got better by 11-12 months with just the odd blip afterwards.

I drank lots of winegrin

Lizziedu49 Tue 07-Jan-20 07:22:07

Got my puppy on Saturday at 8 weeks old. I have two weeks off work with him and my husband then has a week off with him. He then needs to come into work with me. So far he is a very good boy but I don't know if it's normal for him to squat about 10 times after a wee but nothing is coming out??? Going to call my vets in an hour when they open. He doesn't do the repetitive squatting thing all day, just for the 5/10 minutes following a big wee...

loveliesbleeding1 Tue 07-Jan-20 11:52:09

Puppy is almost 6 months now and she’s definitely getting defiant in her chasing and nipping, in other ways like recall she’s absolutely brilliant so it’s a bit swings and roundabouts at the moment, I absolutely love her to bits now and can’t imagine the house without her.


Snufflesdog Tue 07-Jan-20 12:30:09

We are at 14 weeks and I’m panicking about the 16 week socialisation window.
Puppy hasn’t spent any time ‘with’ other dogs.
She’s seen some on walks, she’s very unsure, so we’ve focused on building confidence/not growling and generally ignoring other dogs.

Plus we don’t know any well behaved dogs, so I didn’t want to potentially make the situation worse with a bad encounter if she spent a longer period of time with any of the dogs we know.

but now I’m panicking that if we haven’t got it sorted in 2 weeks we’re screwed forever. And she’ll never get Into a day care.

Surely the 16 weeks isn’t set in stone?

How much time were your puppies/do your puppies spend with other dogs if you only have one at home?

Girliefriendlikespuppies Tue 07-Jan-20 15:05:05

Snuffle I don't think it's completely set in stone, more like a guideline. Socialisation wise our puppy has met other dogs on walks, friends dogs and dogs at the dog walkers. I tried really hard to mix him with lots of different dogs but he has still ended up with an issue with certain breeds 🙄 very annoying!

I couldn't get him to sleep downstairs at all last night, he just cried and barked and got himself in a state. I caved and he slept on my bed all night without a peep.

I give up!!

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MaryLennoxsScowl Tue 07-Jan-20 16:53:30

Mine is being teenagery too at 6 and a half months - recall is going backwards. He’s also decided he doesn’t want his kibble and I don’t know if this is because he thinks it’s boring or we are giving him too many high value treats for training (I don’t think we are in terms of quantity and he’s pretty skinny) and he’s holding out for treats instead of kibble. It’s the one he’s always had (Royal Canin) and maybe he’s just bored. I’ve ordered a new one in hopes he’ll eat that.

MaryLennoxsScowl Tue 07-Jan-20 16:57:31

OTOH, he met two bitches in season this week (the owners told me), and he didn’t seem to notice, so he can’t be that teenage yet! grin

MaryLennoxsScowl Tue 07-Jan-20 16:59:21

BiteyShark, what else do I have to look forward to?

heatseeker14 Tue 07-Jan-20 17:14:54

Thanks for the new thread, @Girliefriendlikespuppies. Our pup has also decided that he doesn’t want to sleep in his crate at night anymore. Perhaps there is something in the air!! Thankfully he sleeps on the floor for most of the night because he disturbs my sleep when he is on my bed.
His recall is not great when he finds a good scent. Thankfully he hasn’t run off, but he has ignored me a couple of times when I have called him. He will come when I walk away. I’m struggling with his enthusiasm for other dogs. He doesn’t seem to be learning from them when they bark or growl at him. I’m very worried will get bitten soon.

Spotty528 Tue 07-Jan-20 17:24:23

Just wanted to share a recommendation off our trainer. It’s called kau wood, pup is loving it and it’s really helping his teething/chewing.

He’s 18 weeks and also doesn’t want to be in his pen at night anymore. We’ve done 2 nights without it (he’s shut in the spare room) and he’s been pretty good. A bit of scratching at the door and some whining but not for long. I’ve got a feeling he’s going to start ramping this up though!

BiteyShark Tue 07-Jan-20 17:26:55

MaryLennox recall was the worst thing for us with the teenage phase intermixed with periods of general regression of everything. The only good thing is that you are closer to that faithful old dog you dreamed of grin

Spotty528 Tue 07-Jan-20 17:30:06

Snuffle-I had the exact same panic 2 weeks ago, i felt like I hadn’t done enough especially as he went through a phase of barking at anything else with fur! I think we’re doing ok, everytime they set foot out of the door they’re being socialised in some way. Keep rewarding calm behaviour around other dogs.

StillMedusa Tue 07-Jan-20 18:01:27

Mine's nearly 8 months, teenage and in season for the first time.
It's not a happy combo!!!
She's restless, can't settle, can't go on nice off lead walks (we live rurally and she is off lead more than on) and as of this week..wekk 2 of her season, she won't eat either . She is hormonal and a bit depressed...not her usual self at all.

She is also uber clingy. She's always tended to follow me around but not I can't even have a wee in peace let alone a bath!

Oh and she's barking at strangers!

I feel so sorry for her and it does remind me of my own daughters when they hit the teenage hormones grin the only difference is that at least she is still happy to see me!!! I'm hoping that post season my jolly big hairball will be back!

Girliefriendlikespuppies Tue 07-Jan-20 20:20:53

Heat it reassures me that several pups seem to have done the crate rejection thing! I bit the bullet and packed the crate away this evening, it felt a bit like when my dd moved from her cot to a big girl bed 🤣 It is nice having a bit more space in the hallway again. He's still got his bed there and I will keep trying him there over night am not holding my breath though

Medusa I'm glad I haven't got a season to contend with! Will you get her spayed?

I'm actually finding the teenage phase trickier than the toddler phase!! I've found the same to be true of dd 😉

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PestyMachtubernahme Tue 07-Jan-20 21:20:16

DPesty pup is eight months and a delinquent. Everything is too exciting.

She is tall enough to counter surf and selectively deaf to the down command.

In the last month she has split her lip and sprained her paw.

My lovely DC (now adult) have pointed out that she is rather like DS1 in temperament.

Outnumb3red Tue 07-Jan-20 22:48:59

Is there anyone who doesn't have their pup in a crate overnight? I have mine sleep in his bed in my bedroom. He has a box, like a cat carrier, that stays in the kitchen and what I use if he's in the car, and he'll take himself in there if he wants to nap during the day. At night time when he's tired he generally heads upstairs to his bed.

He has been left home by himself twice, for about 2 hours. He is left in the kitchen with his food and his puzzle game. Each time we've came home and he's been in sleeping in his box.

Am I creating issues for myself? What are the benefits of them sleeping in a crate at night? He's 15 weeks now x

StillMedusa Tue 07-Jan-20 22:52:39

Girliefriendlikespuppies Yes ..oh yes! I wish I could have her spayed asap but the recommendation for her breed is not until she's 18m (she is a Eurasier..medium-large breed and they aren't fully mature til then) so we have a couple more to survive.

She's being a right moody cow right now grin won't eat (unless it's cheese...I think it's the dog equivalent of PMT and needing chocolate..and she just barked her head of at DS1's lovely harmless friend.

But I walked in from work today (first day back after the hols..she's with my youngest who works late shifts in the day) and she wrapped all 21kg of herself round my neck in delight at seeing me.... so I forgive her!

Snufflesdog Tue 07-Jan-20 23:48:38

@Outnumb3red ours can’t be trusted not to chew wires, chew walls, dig through carpet etc Even when supervised

The benefit of the crate is just that I know she’s safe when I’m asleep

If your pup is less of a delinquent than mine then I don’t think you need to worry about no crate.

heatseeker14 Wed 08-Jan-20 21:07:18

Does anyone else enjoy teaching their pup tricks?
Today I taught our pup to close the door with his paw.
I have bought the book ‘Brain Games for Dogs’ to get more ideas.
I find it a welcome break from recall training etc because it doesn’t really matter if he gets it or not.

Girliefriendlikespuppies Wed 08-Jan-20 22:35:23

Heat we do, my dd taught our pup to play dead, she points her finger at him, says 'bang' and he falls down on his side!! It's a good party trick 😁

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SpringerMonster Wed 08-Jan-20 22:35:50

Springer monster is still...a monster! Well she is hugely better than when she was a tiny pup but she has only just turned 5 months and I fear we have hit the teenage phase already! She is pushing the distance when off lead more and more and whilst she does recall, it's only to about a foot away. Never close enough to actually grab her!
She has also started pulling really bad on the lead/harness so walks in general are becoming a bit stressful.
The biting has stopped now tho (and the needle puppy teeth are gone!) and she is a pretty content pup, happily snoozing when I'm working from home. We have only just started to leave her home alone and it's not going well. She howled for 40 mins straight the other day, I'm worried we have left it too late and she is too used to having someone around. She stays with my mum regularly and does doggie day care once a week so it's not like she particularly needs to be with one of us...

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