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Dog poo composters..

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OutingMyDog Sun 08-Apr-18 19:49:11

Are they any good? Do they work? Which ones if so?

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Gremlinsateit Mon 09-Apr-18 02:05:59

Yes! We have the Ensopet bokashi one that you bury in the garden. I was a bit worried about it for the first couple of weeks but after 3 weeks it is now going along well.

We also put in paper towel/newspaper in smaller amounts, which makes it slower to work and means it needs to have water added quite often, but it does work and is not offensive.

The weather is still warm here (Southern Hemisphere) but it doesn’t seem to be attracting flies so far - just a couple of vinegar flies - I still wouldn’t put it too close to the house though.

FittyPheasant Mon 09-Apr-18 08:05:27

UK based here and. Have a dog poo toilet buried in the garden, I got it from pets at home.
It works ok for one dog but it’s been such a wet winter the water table has risen and so the loo isn’t draining, more overflowing 🤢 . This may be a problem with PAH brand but ts poor quality plastic so the lid has already broken.
You do have to add an accelerator substance and often stir the slurry too in order to encourage it to decompose.
I’d love to find a better option/ version.

Lucisky Mon 09-Apr-18 08:24:01

I have a home made 'earth closet'. It's an old plastic bucket with holes at the bottom hidden behind/under a bush away from the house, and thus protected from the rain. I start it with a bit of soil (or more usually, spent compost), put the poo in and cover with a little more soil each time. It never smells. When it's full I just bury the contents at the back of a flowerbed. The contents look just like earth when I tip them out.
However, I do have one small dog that does small poos, so I don't know how well it would cope with/digest ones from a large dog.

OutingMyDog Fri 13-Apr-18 10:55:59

Thanks for the responses, sorry I forgot to come back.

I've seen such mixed reviews on pretty much every brand.

There's also the wormery ones to consider.

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