Mad Meena murders more- emmerdale thread ***NO SPOILERS***

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MrsRobbieHart Thu 21-Oct-21 19:36:41

New thread.

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TellingBone Thu 21-Oct-21 19:39:16

That'll do


JaneJeffer Thu 21-Oct-21 19:42:43

Thanks @MrsRobbieHart

PrincessScarlett Thu 21-Oct-21 19:46:19

Meena has entered legend status having her name mentioned in a thread title 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣

PrincessScarlett Thu 21-Oct-21 19:47:29

But yes thank you @MrsRobbieHart as we needed a new thread quickly and the rest of us were laughing too much to think clearly!

Mollypolly2610 Thu 21-Oct-21 19:48:21

Looking forward to all this being over

Charity was a cow I thought she liked him!

MrsRobbieHart Thu 21-Oct-21 19:48:25

All very welcome!

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JaneJeffer Thu 21-Oct-21 19:49:58

Charity is Charity @Mollypolly2610 but I did feel sorry for Mackenzie. Maybe he'll run into Aaron's arms now.

Crazycakelady17 Thu 21-Oct-21 19:58:33

Charity and McKenzie will just get serious and then who will come back Vanessa …

JaneJeffer Thu 21-Oct-21 20:01:51

Come on Andrea, I'm rooting for you!

JaneJeffer Thu 21-Oct-21 20:02:41

Ben is fecking useless.

PrincessScarlett Thu 21-Oct-21 20:03:38

Me too @JaneJeffer. Andrea could become a fan favourite if she takes down Meena.

MrsRobbieHart Thu 21-Oct-21 20:03:55


Come on Andrea, I'm rooting for you!

Don’t think she makes it. Meena said “maybe I could’ve saved her”

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JaneJeffer Thu 21-Oct-21 20:04:24

I hope she escapes and disappears so Meena thinks she is dead.

JaneJeffer Thu 21-Oct-21 20:05:15

Ah feck it Charles is ok.

strugglingwithlife Thu 21-Oct-21 20:05:35

Why do I get the feeling Charles is still gonna die.
Hope Andrea survives but I doubt it

JaneJeffer Thu 21-Oct-21 20:08:04

Burn baby burn

BrilloPaddy Thu 21-Oct-21 20:10:24

Oh jesus, now the scarecrows are joining in..................

FitYeDaeinYeMadRadge Thu 21-Oct-21 20:11:16

Oh jeezaloo I can’t cope with this. Scarecrows scare the shit out of me. Burning ones lowping on you is just far too much.

MrsRobbieHart Thu 21-Oct-21 20:11:21

I don’t think this survival camp has been very successful. But tbf- they’ve all survived so far…. grin

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ilovebrie8 Thu 21-Oct-21 20:12:50

How many people can they have in the maze?!? 😬

MrsRobbieHart Thu 21-Oct-21 20:13:31

And Andrea should get the champagne. She won the challenge grin

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MrsWhites Thu 21-Oct-21 20:13:45

Is Andrea going to use the radio to tell everyone about Meena? I think it’s Meena who will die.

PrincessScarlett Thu 21-Oct-21 20:13:52

That was f*cking unnecessary with Priya!

FitYeDaeinYeMadRadge Thu 21-Oct-21 20:14:35

Works wants to do axe throwing shit for Christmas team building. Fuck that. I’d rather take my chances on a rope bridge. Not the burny scarecrow maze though.

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