Love Island Thread 11 - RIP Milliam!

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AngeloMysterioso Mon 02-Aug-21 21:02:42

Elsewhere, The Toby Saga continues.

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Toomuchtooyoung01 Mon 02-Aug-21 21:05:30

Thanks for starting the new thread!

Oysterbabe Mon 02-Aug-21 21:06:29

Can Toby hear himself 🤦‍♀️

66babe Mon 02-Aug-21 21:06:45

Thank you spending far too much time on here

WeKnowFrogsGoShaLaLaLaLa Mon 02-Aug-21 21:06:51


GreenTortoise Mon 02-Aug-21 21:07:15


TobysGreatAunt Mon 02-Aug-21 21:07:21

How many weeks left ?


hahahayoumustbejoking Mon 02-Aug-21 21:07:57

Are the boys all nuts?

Aquarius1234 Mon 02-Aug-21 21:08:01

What is this rubbish. Groundhog day.

DidgeDoolittle Mon 02-Aug-21 21:08:01

If I was toby's mum I would want to give him a good shake.

Mistressofnone Mon 02-Aug-21 21:08:18

I can see a spin-off 'Toby goes speed dating'

GreenTortoise Mon 02-Aug-21 21:08:32

The boys knows the next recoupling is girls choosing (well it bloody should be anyway) hence the whole I want to know you too from Tyler and Toby.

Toomuchtooyoung01 Mon 02-Aug-21 21:08:33

Ok I didn’t like Kaz that much but that response just then was brilliant

PumpkinKlNG Mon 02-Aug-21 21:09:01

What is Tyler going on about

SunSeaSurfGin Mon 02-Aug-21 21:09:06

Textbook example of how to dig yourself into a hole

Aquarius1234 Mon 02-Aug-21 21:09:20

I hate 90% of the people now

PumpkinKlNG Mon 02-Aug-21 21:09:48

Tobys mum was defending him on after sun 🤦‍♀️

hahahayoumustbejoking Mon 02-Aug-21 21:10:16

Can the women choose each other as friends and feck the men off?

DidgeDoolittle Mon 02-Aug-21 21:10:32


Tobys mum was defending him on after sun 🤦‍♀️


Tiddleztheelephant Mon 02-Aug-21 21:10:44

I have never loved Kaz more!! That chat was fab, she's not going to join in the "pick me!" Dance is she?

Aquarius1234 Mon 02-Aug-21 21:10:51

I dont understand how they are still able to speak right now.

ILoveYou3000 Mon 02-Aug-21 21:10:59


How many weeks left ?

3 apparently

Thanks for the new thread.

Is Chloe going to entertain Toby? We've not really seen her with Dale have we?

Isn't it funny how the boys don't like seeing 'their' girls with someone else but don't understand why the girls aren't falling into their arms. Is it the wanting what you can't have? Or their attraction being validated because another guy likes the girl they weren't sure about.

TobysGreatAunt Mon 02-Aug-21 21:11:37


3 weeks ! FFS

QueenBee52 Mon 02-Aug-21 21:12:27



3 weeks ! FFS

Ooft ... whens the next Eviction ...

chuckle chuckle 🤣

Aquarius1234 Mon 02-Aug-21 21:12:57


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