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His Dark Materials

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AllGoodDogs Fri 19-Jul-19 22:50:13

New BBC adaptation, looks so good, can't wait grin trailer here -

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Cooroo Sat 20-Jul-19 07:25:52

I'm so excited about this - I have loved Ruth Wilson since Luther and she is perfect casting for Mrs Coulter. I read all the books to my DD many years ago, I'm so glad they are doing it properly now.

IceRebel Sat 20-Jul-19 07:33:27

I'm also very excited about this. The film adaptation was a huge disappointment, and very poorly executed. Hopefully this will explore the series in more detail, and do the books the justice they deserve.

veryboredtoday Sat 20-Jul-19 09:23:04

I'm very excited about this and hope its an improvement on the film. Ruth Wilson is perfect casting as she can do the charming and sinister so well.

TapasForTwo Sat 20-Jul-19 09:25:00

Thank you for the heads up. I loved the books.

swissmilk Sat 20-Jul-19 09:31:06

Anyone able to find when it's being aired?
Can't wait, loved the books quite liked the film too

Simonfromharlow Sat 20-Jul-19 09:33:36

I didn't know about this!!! Omg I can't wait!

SayNoToCarrots Sat 20-Jul-19 09:37:51

😀 😀 😀 looks so good

Simonfromharlow Sat 20-Jul-19 13:38:22

Just watched the trailer. Looks so good! It gave me goosebumps!

Ruth Wilson is absolutely perfect as Mrs Coulter! Just as I imagined her when reading the books!

StroppyWoman Sat 20-Jul-19 13:40:26

I’m so looking forward to it! Love James MacAvoy, Clarke Peters and Lin-Manuel Miranda. (Haven’t seen Ruth Jones but happy to love her too)

Jeffter Sat 20-Jul-19 13:46:19

StroppyWoman happy to stick my neck out and assure you that you'll love Ruth Jones

Anyone know when it's on?

StroppyWoman Sat 20-Jul-19 14:14:20

Think I read something saying late September

Knittedjimmychoos Sat 20-Jul-19 14:26:54

Brilliant agree Ruth wilson perfect.

Film wasn't great perfect watching with 🎭 children as autumn comes

AllGoodDogs Sat 20-Jul-19 16:19:31

Agree Ruth Wilson looks fantastic. Iorek looks phenomenal too! I'm curious to see how far they go with it in terms of the 3 books... HDM was the name of the trilogy but I only see bits from Northern Lights. I'd love too see the other 2 books done if this is as good as it looks!

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f83mx Sat 20-Jul-19 22:48:52

Wow didn’t know this was on the cards , thank you! Was so disappointed in the film.... the characters (from trailer) now look much more like how I “saw” them when reading if you know what I mean.

Knitwit99 Sat 20-Jul-19 22:52:01

Wow. Hope it's something I can watch with the kids, there's not been much in the way of good family drama for a while. I'm watching Stranger Things with my teenager but it's not exactly family viewing.

Loopytiles Sun 21-Jul-19 22:32:38

Excited about this. Casting looks good! Not at all sure about James McAvoy for Asriel though.

Pantalaimon88 Sun 03-Nov-19 16:39:26

Was about to start a thread, but just found this one.

Who is excited for 8pm?!

Peccary Sun 03-Nov-19 16:48:36

Excited and nervous, I want it to be good so badly

lakequeen Sun 03-Nov-19 16:49:53

Really looking forward to it!

BertieBotts Sun 03-Nov-19 16:50:31

I'm sooo excited :D Can't watch tonight as it will be too late. Do you think I could watch it with DS (11)? He's not especially sensitive.

Happyelfjokeday Sun 03-Nov-19 16:53:45

I’m excited! Never watched the film as was told it was rubbish and so couldn’t risk ruining the book.
Have just started reading his latest book with 20 year old Lyra. Love this story & universe so much, I hope I like tv Lyra...!

DontLettuceBrexitLettuceRomain Sun 03-Nov-19 16:57:10

Anyone know why they never made the other films? Was it budget / reception or did they never intend to

Burru Sun 03-Nov-19 16:59:04

Another trying to find out what the recommended age for this is!
I think the books are too old for my 9 year old so thinking sadly not family viewing for us tonight.

LittleAndOften Sun 03-Nov-19 17:08:11

I just love these books, I think they are phenomenal. Rich in ideas, ambitious in scope and so much depth. Pullman is a genius to be able to weave such complex ideas with action-packed adventure. I want to be him when I grow up 😁

That awful film they made with Nicole Kidman was a travesty so I have high hopes for this adaptation (it can hardly be worse). It's always going to be difficult to adapt books so packed full of detail - I mean, what do you leave out?! - but they stand a fighting chance by doing it as a series.

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