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War in the Blood - bbc documentary about immunotherapy

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purplefondant Sun 07-Jul-19 22:57:56

Anyone else see this? It was so fascinating and heartbreaking at the same time.

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Soontobe60 Sun 07-Jul-19 23:01:25

Me. I agree, so amazing for those two to let us into their most private of times in their lives.

purplefondant Sun 07-Jul-19 23:07:12

Definitely, I so hoped it would work out in the end but I think they made the right choice in showing their stories. It was so sad when Mahmoud's mum asked that they delay telling him that the leukaemia was back, but he knew already because of the pain he was feeling again.

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PrincessScarlett Sun 07-Jul-19 23:26:43

Agree that it was fascinating viewing. Heartbreaking but incredible to see the advances in cancer treatment.

31133004Taff Sun 07-Jul-19 23:36:32

Amazing. I take my hat off to everyone involved. Clever piece of narrative that the innovative scientist is seen in the background crunching the data.

Reasontobelieve Mon 08-Jul-19 06:57:55

Agree, it was a heartbreaking programme. My heart went out to those families and also the medical staff treating them. It is this pioneering work that enables progress to be made in this field and saves future lives.

megletthesecond Mon 08-Jul-19 07:40:10

It was tougher than I expected. Thank you to Mahmoud, Graham and their families for allowing their treatment to be filmed.

I'm glad the bbc didn't try and fit it into a 60 min slot. The longer length gave everyone involved a voice.

Bruno1959 Mon 08-Jul-19 12:56:31

Unbelievable documentary and unbelievable bravery shown by Graham and Mahmoud. I was in tears watching this programme and was devastated that they didn't survive.

The work being done to eradicate cancer however was mind-blowing and hopefully one day they will find a cure that works.

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