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IHaveBrilloHair Tue 27-Mar-18 16:34:17

It's heeere.
New thread to discuss the American Moms so we don't get confused/derail the UK one.

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Afreshcuppateaplease Tue 27-Mar-18 16:37:13

Ty brillo

sparklepops123 Tue 27-Mar-18 16:40:17

Well for a start farrah is one of the most vile human beings I’ve ever witnessed

Afreshcuppateaplease Tue 27-Mar-18 16:42:24

Urgh i have no time for Farrah. I just zoned out during her bits. Simon was weird. Debs is like on glue or something.

RowenaDedalus Tue 27-Mar-18 16:43:00

Debs in her dumb pink hat when they went to Italy!!! The hat annoyed me more than anything.

sparklepops123 Tue 27-Mar-18 16:45:46

Least she’s gone off to be a porn star now blush

CakeOfThePan Tue 27-Mar-18 17:21:20

I really hoped Sophia would go the other way but she’s just a mini mum. Poor girl the way she’s horrid to debs just to please her mum.
The whole widow thing gets on my tits they were split up, she wasn’t interested in him yet now he was the love of her life

IHaveBrilloHair Tue 27-Mar-18 17:23:00

Deb is just weird and her husband really gives me the creeps.
Farrah is truly vile, and though it's not her fault, you can see Sophia going in the same direction.

My current favourite is Kristina, how sweet and lovely is she?
I actually had a wee sob when they said that Lead had wanted a baby brother, but fro her and Gary.

Did anyone watch Being Gary, his Mum, Noooooooooooooo. I had to hide behind a cushion during the engagement scene.

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CakeOfThePan Tue 27-Mar-18 17:23:17

Thank god barb kept jace, it’s the only home he’d remember. THe shit that boys heard and all that shouting I hope to god he’s got a good therapist. David’s going to kill them all and bury them on the land

CakeOfThePan Tue 27-Mar-18 17:26:28

YEah what was that engagement about? I thought his mum was ok, she stitched amber up with childcare when Leah was tiny (yeah I’ll look after your child whilst your in school, oh no I’m going to work as of Next week) but I thought she was ok.
I really felt for Gary when that dna test came back negative. Kristina is lovely and just what Leah needs. Poor girl ‘mums too heart broken to see me but she’s got knocked up by a new man’

IHaveBrilloHair Tue 27-Mar-18 17:26:40

And then David will rake over them.
He's fuckin rakin.

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CakeOfThePan Tue 27-Mar-18 17:28:00

Or laying sod?!?!
How did he get custody of marissa

IHaveBrilloHair Tue 27-Mar-18 17:28:13

His Mum told her sons and the whole world she wanted sex, nooooooooooioo

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BarryChuckle Tue 27-Mar-18 17:28:26

Did you see that bit about Deborah inviting Jenelles junkie exH to her wedding?

It’s no wonder Farrah is on another planet with a Mum like that.

IHaveBrilloHair Tue 27-Mar-18 17:30:53

David has Kaiden for weekends now, he said on Twitter he was his only son.
Ouch for Jace and Kaiser.
you just know Jenelle would get a back hander if she dared say Ensley was her only daughter.

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sparklepops123 Tue 27-Mar-18 17:33:21

Can't stand Gary he's such chump

Dancingmonkey87 Tue 27-Mar-18 17:43:11

Farrah and all whole family have been ruined by fame. It’s the one of the main families from the whole franchise that should never came onto our screens. I can imagine farrah to be the “popular” bitchy cheerleader that everyone hates, she hits the typical America teen movies bitch added to fact mtv were covering her “story” and they created a monster. Even looking at deb how humble she first appeared the way she looked and dressed, now she’s had a ton of plastic surgery and dresses like a 20 something girl her rap was a mess she is completely different person to what she originally was. Michael walks on eggs shells around farrah so the gravy train doesn’t stop.

Dancingmonkey87 Tue 27-Mar-18 17:50:34

Gary has stepped up in terms of Leah and I feel kristina is a good influence. Amber seems to have a broken life,her childhood was an unhappy one and I think she is following a pattern of learnt behaviour, it will be interesting if she puts her baby before herself although I don’t think she will.

Catelynn and Tyler I think the adoption has completely taken over their lives and haunts them daily. I think they massively regret their decision and if get knew they would be ok financially they would have 💯 kept carley, that being said they might not have been chosen.

Maci is my favourite she is the most level headed out of them all, she has a loving manner with her dc as does her husband. I can relate to her story as I have a ds the same age and with my ex.

Ryan did Mackenzie god they are so stupid to get pregnant. Having had a DB who was a heroin addict Ryan is not out of the woods he’s not even a year sober.As a parent I cannot imagine how she could marry someone who had substance issues especially when she has a child. I hope zach her baby’s dad seeks custody. I 💯 agree with Maci given the driving scene from last season that Ryan should have supervised access.

CakeOfThePan Tue 27-Mar-18 18:38:36

Yes Catelynn and Tyler are absolutely destroyed by their decision, they could never admit it though.
Their 16 and pregnant was the most heartbreaking thing ever, it was the best decision given the shit situation they were in.
I cannot imagine how Teresa and Brandon are going to cope with Carly wanting to know her glamorous tv parents when she’s older.

Afreshcuppateaplease Tue 27-Mar-18 18:42:14

Tbh i think Kristina is a mug. The way he spoke when she told him she was pregnant! The way he then spoke to Amber about it. Disgusting and all on film for the little girl to see when older

Afreshcuppateaplease Tue 27-Mar-18 18:48:21

Atleast Carly will be able to see how young they were, how they didnt just give her up easily. And also the mess the family was at the time. Butch and April are awful

TheFairyCaravan Tue 27-Mar-18 19:03:51

I find it so much easier to watch now Farrah has gone.

I absolutely cannot stand MacKenzie. She knew full well that Ryan was on drugs but she was in denial and wanted to blame Maci for keeping it to herself. When she said Ryan won’t be an absent father or a deadbeat dad I almost choked on my tea.

My absolute favourite is Chelsea. I love her and Cole. I’m so chuffed they’re having another baby.

Ginger1982 Tue 27-Mar-18 19:10:42

I just think it's gone so far from what it originally was. Nobody works because MTV have clearly paid them loads of money, it's just ridiculous. Watching the UK one reminds me of what it used to depict.

confuddledconfudle Tue 27-Mar-18 19:13:31

I'm not up to date yet - have them all taped and going to binge.

I can't believe mckenzie is pregnant. It is never going to end well. I really feel for Ryan's Mum.

I love Maci, I think she is the o my one who has her head screwed on and I love her little family.

I can see Amber is possibly just going to spiral again when Baby is here. Her mood is just not stable unfortunately. I can't believe Andrew has such a shady past! I thought he was more normal than Matt but yet again who loves states and jobs etc after meeting someone on a tv show after a few weeks. That tells you there is something not normal going on.

I am so glad Farrah is of the show! She was ruining it for me.

I wonder what happened with javi and Brianna - anyone know? I think he seems ok but is he actually crazy?

I know he was controlling with Kailyn but she was cheating and his head was probably messed up and telling him something was going on but not having any proof. My dh doesn't ask to see my phone but if he did I would have no problem - so that made me suspicious when she would hand it over. I feel for her though she had such a shit upbringing. Jo has really grown up from the wee jerk he was in the first season. He seems to put Isaac first - but he is a lazy git. Has he ever worked a day?

Afreshcuppateaplease Tue 27-Mar-18 19:15:41

I think i prefer Maci to Chelsea just because i hate the baby voice

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