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How do I get those perfect eyebrows!

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Freyfreysmum Tue 30-Jun-09 10:59:50

They sculpt the face, add expression, and accentuate the eyes, so why is it whilst paying (relatively) lots of attention to the rest of my makeup routine that I cannot get my brows right. I am quite fair, and have them tinted regularly, but would love some hints and tips on how to get them to look better. I saw Benefit's SpeedyBrow at the weekend and thought I would give that a go, but then someone else said to use their brow kit, and now I dont know.

pagwatch Tue 30-Jun-09 11:04:59

Well for my money I would go and see someone that will thread them for you.
Threading has ALWAYS given me great results when anything else leaves me looking like a slightly chewed Denis Healey

debilicious Tue 30-Jun-09 11:53:39

i second threading! mine are now stunning since ive had them done 5 times. so good

ninedragons Tue 30-Jun-09 12:08:23

Get someone to do them for you.

I don't have any other professional treatments (besides haircuts, and even then I've been known to snip away myself if I haven't had time to go to the salon) but eyebrows really do turn out better if someone else does them.

CMOTdibbler Tue 30-Jun-09 12:11:01

Threading is def the way to go. A brow tidy with someone who uses a magnifying lamp is pretty good, but still not like threading imo

saythatagain Tue 30-Jun-09 14:31:46

Could someone explain a little more about this please? It sounds just what I'm (or my eyebrows)looking for!

PortAndLemon Tue 30-Jun-09 14:42:56

Threading -- traditional Indian treatment where they remove the unwanted/straggly hairs using a twisted piece of thread. It sort of wraps round the hairs and pulls them out -- like plucking but several hairs at once, and because of the shape of the thread it's good for shaping.

It does hurt the first time, but not so much after that.

saythatagain Tue 30-Jun-09 14:50:59

Arh - thanks P&L. So, if for instance someone like me - fairly light coloured eye brow , seriously lacking in shape and hair really - would I be an ok candidate for this type of thing?

PortAndLemon Tue 30-Jun-09 14:56:02

I'm not really sure, being dark of brow and inclining towards the slightly chewed Denis Healey look like pagwatch myself grin but I'm sure someone better informed will be able to comment. I've certainly seen blonde women who didn't look much like Denis having it done, though.

CMOTdibbler Tue 30-Jun-09 14:58:32

I think that if you have a really good brow shape to start with, then it's much easier to make the most of them. The Shavata brow kits are very good for adding colour.

I'm not in the Dennis Healey camp, but not fair

saythatagain Tue 30-Jun-09 15:05:06

Thats where I will drop down to start with - lacking a good brow shape! I suppose a visit to a good beauty-person-therapist-salon-place-type-thing would be a good place to start!!!
It may be apparent that this is not familiar 'talk' to me!

CMOTdibbler Tue 30-Jun-09 15:10:20

I do find that the quality of brow shaping varies a lot in regular beauty salons. I'm currently liking 'brow bars' which just do eyebrows since they depend on doing a good job

IkeaSnake Tue 30-Jun-09 15:11:24

Go and get them done

saythatagain Tue 30-Jun-09 15:21:34

Can brows be made to look more than there is - in a natural kind of way i.e. not thick pencil/tatooing?

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