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Talk to me about dermaplaning?

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cultkid Mon 07-Sep-20 15:18:52

Did you get acne after where the hairs tried to grow back?

Does it give you a more hairy appearance when they grow back?

I'm worried but I want it

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HowLongToXmas Mon 07-Sep-20 15:27:39

I have very dark hair and have been dermaplaning for a year or so. The hair doesn't grow any thicker or darker but make up goes on much better. I'd recommend it.

cultkid Mon 07-Sep-20 15:36:59

I have very dark hair too (black)

That's really reassuring

Do you find it makes you look fresher
How often do you have it?

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HowLongToXmas Mon 07-Sep-20 16:43:18

I don't understand what you mean by 'fresher.'

I do it every few weeks because I forget. Although sometimes I do it every fortnight. It really depends. But it's worth it because of all the dead skin that comes off and how well make up sits.

mrslebon Mon 07-Sep-20 16:48:24

I think it’s a myth that hair grows back thicker. It just grows back with a blunter end from where you shave it. I do it every 3 weeks or so with razors I got from Amazon. It gives a nice smooth appearance.

cultkid Mon 07-Sep-20 16:52:28

I mean does it make your skin look fresher...
Less dull?

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HowLongToXmas Mon 07-Sep-20 17:08:50

Not in my case. But then again, I don't find anything does. I use products by The Ordinary including the red exfoliating stuff and I don't think that does much either. Maybe my expectations are too high but so far I've not come across a single product that makes a significant difference. For context, I'm late forties and have olive skin.

cultkid Mon 07-Sep-20 17:51:28


I have olive skin too but I'm also 1/4 Pakistani but look more I guess south of Italy then Asian.

My skin just looks grey to be honest. I think I need filler under my eyes but I do think the fuzz on my cheeks doesn't really help. Also the bits around the edge of my hair line.
I'm 28 but look exhausted 😑

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dontgobaconmyheart Mon 07-Sep-20 18:08:57

It makes the skin look and feel amazing when it's done, makeup and skincare go on better and look better.

However. It was not for me, the peach fuzz grew back pretty quickly to be honest (days). It didn't grow back any thicker or darker at all but did return pretty quickly and there was some texture while it grew in. Mainly though, it caused me appalling 'breakouts' as it caused folliculitis (brand new sterile blades each time, and only did it twice total ). Had to go to the bloody GP and get antibiotics and genuinely still have scars from the blemishes.

I appreciate I may be in the minority but don't have particularly sensitive skin and non issues when I shave legs etc so was surprised.

cultkid Mon 07-Sep-20 18:15:26


That's what I thought might happen to me

I get pimples around my neck under my jaw if I spray perfume there
And I scar

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percheron67 Mon 07-Sep-20 18:23:40

I have found that it does help "brighten" my complexion. I do it late afternoon or very early evening so that i can moisturise before bed. I had it done, professionally once, and would never pay for it again!

HowLongToXmas Mon 07-Sep-20 18:32:38

If your peach fuzz is quite dark you may find that removing it will appear to brighten your skin.

Ffsseriously Mon 07-Sep-20 18:52:28

@cultkid do you exfoliate? skin looking grey can be a result of dead skin cells not being shed. Dermaplaning would help th s and remove hair, make sure you thoroughly cleanse before and after. You could also introduce an acid into your skincare routine like glycolic acide to exfoliate. Also look at hydration if skin is dehydrated it will look less 'alive', you can tell if skin is dehydrated by squeezing a small amount vertically (forehead good place) and if it looks like crepe paper its dehydrated.

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