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Shoes for sailing?

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AnaViaSalamanca Tue 28-Jul-20 15:19:15

I very occasionally go sailing so don't want to invest in deck/boat shoes. Looking for something in the middle ground that has some grip so that I don't slip. Essentially trainers or something that can be used in other parts of life too.

Any ideas?

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SingCat Tue 28-Jul-20 15:26:39

I've found converse work well - they dry quickly if they get wet, grip well, and have white soles so as not to mark the deck.

MrsAvocet Tue 28-Jul-20 15:30:06

Assuming reasonable weather, trainers with a non marking sole should be ok. Just don't wear anything that is going to leave black marks on the decks if you ever want the boat owner to speak to you again!
We sail regularly and I do have deck shoes but I wear trainers quite often too and they are fine. For foul weather you do need a proper pair of sailing wellies or boots as ordinary wellies are too slippy, but if you only sail very occasionally I'm guessing you would probably tend to avoid that kind of weather if possible. (I do to be honest!)

Ballygowenwater Tue 28-Jul-20 15:32:51

Same as above, I have deck shoes and wear them sometimes but more often I just wear plimsoles or trainers with a white sole. Sometimes flip flops or bare feet but it’s not recommended, high chance of injury.

AnaViaSalamanca Tue 28-Jul-20 15:48:52

Thanks all, @MrsAvocet @Ballygowenwater which trainers do you recommend though? I wear asics for running, but have slipped badly on the wet surfaces with them, do converse or anything else have better chance on wet stones and deck?

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MrsAvocet Tue 28-Jul-20 15:57:06

Something suited for indoor courts etc will be better than running shoes. (I don't really take much notice of brands so can't recommend anything specific sorry.) But you dont want the deep ridges like you get on running shoes or ordinary wellies as they are, I guess, designed to give grip on soft surfaces like mud. Deck shoes tend to be fairly smooth soled but a bit kind of sticky, if that makes sense? A bit like old fashioned kids PE plimsolls?

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