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Dry, cracked heels

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BunnytheHoneyBee Wed 15-Apr-20 16:43:36

I have quite dry cracked heels.

I have one of those school foot files that spins and that helps take away a lot of the hard skin (you know where it gets hard and scratchy?) but it doesn’t quite get rid of it. I’m sure I need to keep doing it but it just seem like a never ending task. I’m trying to moisturise every night.

Would be grateful for help / advice / tips

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HappyLemonSadLemon Wed 15-Apr-20 16:46:25

Watching with interest. I don't want to do the footner thing because I think it can't be good for you to put those kind of strong chemicals on your feet.

HeartZone Wed 15-Apr-20 16:46:44

Try CCS FOOTCARE cream Amazon for a few nights overnight I find it helps.
Would love to know how to keep it at bay.

chickedeee Wed 15-Apr-20 16:48:13

I love flexitol

I use it very regularly as a general maintenance wink

HappyLemonSadLemon Wed 15-Apr-20 16:48:53

Also I never used to have this problem. Is it an age thing?

toomuchlikemyusername Wed 15-Apr-20 16:55:19

Try some cracked heel cream. I use the Wilko one which has 25% urea in it. I believe the urea kind of 'eats' away at the dead skin (probably not technically correct but I think it actively targets the dead cells).
I was very sceptical but initially used twice a day, and then just once per day, and got very impressive results. Much better than the scrappers. Simple and quick to use - roughly rub in a quick blob and leave it to do its stuff. The Wilko stuff is only about £3 a tube.

BunnytheHoneyBee Wed 15-Apr-20 17:03:13

I’ve had this problem for a few years. I’m mid-30s. Is it age? And why does it only happen to women?!

Ok will look at cracked heel cream. I assume it was a gimmick and moisturiser would do the same thing...

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longhaulstress Wed 15-Apr-20 17:05:14

I am the queen of good heels after trialling lots of products over time. This is my routine now. Most evenings I use a foot file then use the hemp foot cream from the body shop. I keep a pot of this next to my bed so it's the last thing I put on at night (it also has the added benefit of it being great for your hands and nails).

Finally once a week I have a 'grooming' bath and part of that is using the Newton's chiropody sponge. These are really cheap you can buy them from amazon. You rub it on a bar of soap and then use it on any hard skin on your feet (rubbing in a circular motion).

All the above products are pretty cheap and you'll have fab feet again.
The first time I used the Newton's chiropody sponge I used a foot bath and spent nearly a whole film soaking and filing my feet to get rid of all the hard skin but if you can't be bothered then just doing it regularly will eventually get rid of it all.

I also hardly ever go barefoot as that makes your heels much drier and cracked. I wear slippers at home all day and that makes such a difference too.

Hope the above helps.

toomuchlikemyusername Wed 15-Apr-20 17:13:04

Like you Bunny I thought it was a gimmick, but once I'd read up about urea, that convinced me to give it a go. Just make sure the urea content is around the 25% level.

I think it is partly an age thing and not helped by wearing open backed footwear a lot.

BunnytheHoneyBee Wed 15-Apr-20 17:16:00

I hardly ever go barefoot at home but often wear flip flops 😬

Filing every night sounds like a lot. I’ve generally found anything I use in the bath doesn’t work as well as filing on dry skin but will look up all of these products.

Is it wearing open shoes that dries them out?

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dudsville Wed 15-Apr-20 17:20:39

Ugh, i second your choice not to do footner. I'm 5 days in to my first use, hating the dry feet and can't see how its going to improve. In 5 days i still give my poor trotters a scrub and drench in foot cream for years!

PancakePattie Wed 15-Apr-20 17:24:44

Newton's chiropody sponge once or twice a week, with Flexitol Heel Balm applied every day. I was recommended both on here when I was in agony with deep cracks that were painful to walk on. Within a week I had things under control and now I just use the sponge when I remember and apply the cream a couple of times a week. That was couple of years ago.

BunnytheHoneyBee Wed 15-Apr-20 17:45:33

I’ve never heard of Footner or Flexitol

Maybe I should have done more research before starting this thread!

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longhaulstress Wed 15-Apr-20 18:52:24

I just stick my feet over the bath and give my heels a quick file once I've done my teeth/skin care. You don't have to do it long and to be fair I do miss nights and heels are still good. But the newton Chiropody sponge is brilliant. Its a weird texture a bit like pumice but when you add the soap to it, it becomes a magical combination for making your feet better.
Flip flops definitely make my feet drier too.

MaryBoBary Wed 15-Apr-20 18:58:28

I bought one of those long handles files with a metal file on it. Then I bought o'keefes foot cream and it worked amazingly. Now I just have to keep on top of it once per week but my feet look great.

Noeuf Wed 15-Apr-20 19:05:47

I've just read your thread and then gone and bought a 40% urea cream from amazon...

Beachcomber Wed 15-Apr-20 19:06:28

Try a vinegar foot bath. Soak your feet in warm water in a basin with a glass of white vinegar in it for about 15 minutes. It makes you feet all soft and lovely and is zero effort. Do it a couple of times a week until you get the results you want. Then do once in a while as required.

earsup Thu 16-Apr-20 00:49:19

I use the Newton sponge, the Wilko cream but have found the o keeffes foot cream better..give it a few weeks and apply at night and wear does work but not instantly !!

BunnytheHoneyBee Thu 16-Apr-20 08:54:05

I’m intrigued by this newton sponge! Just had a look on amazon and it’s about £17 but looks good!

I have a soap and glory foot cream somewhere but not sure whether that has any decent ingredients in it

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user1494055864 Thu 16-Apr-20 09:20:43

I'm doing a footner today, which I got on Amazon. I did one last year, and it works wonders, but it takes around a week for the skin to start peeling off, but when it does you have baby soft feet.
My problem is not keeping up with nightly maintenance, you do have to apply foot cream every night once they are clear, but I can't be bothered and then they get in a state again. I also have the scholl roller thing, but you need to do something like footner first.

whataballbag Thu 16-Apr-20 09:25:52

I did a footner a few days ago. V excited waiting for the big peel

Nanasueathome Thu 16-Apr-20 09:31:16

I like Margaret Dabbs and they’ve just brought out a new cracked heel cream
I’m waiting for it to arrive.
I bought it from QVC as it works out cheaper with p&p added

PegasusReturns Thu 16-Apr-20 09:34:37

Footner or seeing a chiropodist to get the bulk of the dry skin gone and then it really is down to regular upkeep - file every evening and then put cream with urea on.

limebedding Thu 16-Apr-20 10:08:34

I'll give the wilko cream a try. I don't treat my feet regularly and my heels aren't terrible for cracking. When hey do I usually rub a dab of 8 hour cream into each when I get into bed and pop my socks on to sleep in and they're fine in the morning. £3 wilko cream much more cost effective though!

Dontforgetyourbrolly Thu 16-Apr-20 10:12:42

I second a white vinegar foot bath or lemon juice . File with a foot file , then moisturizer and cotton socks . Once a week should be ok to start off with - and rub heel balm in every night before bed.
Sadly , it is a lot of work , but it works

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