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(14 Posts)
Givemeabreakt Tue 12-Jun-18 15:00:02

I have really short nails but don’t know how to file them. I have tried to look at you tube videos for short nails but haven’t been successful. Does anyone have any tips? I also see those four sided sponge thingeys but don’t know to use them either?
Thank you.

GreyHare Tue 12-Jun-18 19:08:03

The 4 sided sponge things just buff the top of your nails leaving them shiny and ridge free but if you use them too much they can make your nails thin and fragile.

I just file my nails into a squoval shape, I do saw at them even though you aren't meant to, but its just practise really.

thefirstmrsdewinter Tue 12-Jun-18 22:04:39

If you like them short anyway it's quite good to cut nails and then shape them with a good file. To shape them I like a chunky file with a medium-coarse side and a fine side. File with short strokes in one direction.

I use one of those spongy files to take the funny little catchy bits off the edges and to deal with any flakes or roughness, but largely on the free edge, not the flat surface of the nail.

If you cut them every fortnight or so it keeps them in really great shape.

Loonoon Wed 13-Jun-18 09:40:03

I like my nails quite short too, I have very small hands and longer nails look talon like on me. I also prefer very dark polishes and I think they look better on short nails.

I use a MUJI nail clipper to take a little bit off each corner at an angle, then clip straight across to the desired length. Then a glass nail file to soften the edges and make into a curve that matches the shape of my finger tips (probably like the squoval someone mentioned. )

Givemeabreakt Wed 13-Jun-18 19:41:39

Thank you so much for all the suggestions. So helpful. Stupid question but when you file do you start on one side and move across the nail. I feel like I should know this but don’t.

GreyHare Wed 13-Jun-18 19:58:54

I start out side edge/corner and file into the middle on each side and then a quick saw back and forth to straighten the free edge.

Piglet23 Wed 13-Jun-18 20:09:23

Don't saw back and forth unless you're using a glass file such as the Leighton Denny one. It'll weaken your nails.

Givemeabreakt Wed 13-Jun-18 20:17:32

Thank you so much GreyHare.

Tryingtogetitright Wed 13-Jun-18 23:43:49

I am 100% in the same boat - 38 and bitten my nails all my life... now managed to grow them but don't really know how to make them shorter! When I do file them they seem to snag and catch more and I end up biting them again. I try to make a rounded shape as can't manage with square corners (want to chew!) but seem to go too low on the sides? Should I file the sides? Attempted filing my index finger but it looks crap!!! Help me save the other 9!

thefirstmrsdewinter Thu 14-Jun-18 10:44:10

Tryingtogetitright congrats on tackling the nail biting! So many people find it impossible to stop.

I'd recommend you cut them short and file to an even length all the way across. You're not meant to file the corners really but I understand what you mean about them not working for you. I usually file them squareish and then run my thumb along the corners to see how it feels. If a corner is too square/long/pointy I round it with the file then check again until it feels right. The main thing is to avoid filing right down into the part where the corner of the nail meets the flesh.

If it will help you could ring a beauty salon and ask the manicurist if they'll talk you through a manicure so you can learn how it's done. I used to have a lot of clients who came in for regular manicures to encourage themselves to stop biting, but it would also work as a one-off just to get the gist of the process.

If you chew for many years the tip of the finger can eventually form a sort of pad over the free edge and I wonder if that's what you mean when you say it looks crap, because it's short again the fingertip is sitting a bit proud over the edge - ? I think it looks fine but you may just need to experiment a bit until you're happy.

Tryingtogetitright Thu 14-Jun-18 20:59:31

Thank you so much TheFirstMrs! I've always filed them not cut them (I manage to grow them every six months or so but them it all goes wrong at the filing stage) but tonight I've used clippers and juat smoothed them off with the file and it seemed much easier... we'll see how I get on over the next few days but at the moment there's no scratchy bits to chew... next thing to work on is my cuticles!

Thank you again!

thefirstmrsdewinter Thu 14-Jun-18 22:50:39

They look lovely! I wore acrylics for years (many years ago) but I love the look of short nails and can't bear the feeling of any length at all now. Short nails look very fresh and clean and you can wear all kinds of great colours which would be too much on long nails.

If you have any hard or scratchy bits of skin around the edges which you might be tempted to bite you can file them too.

Givemeabreakt Fri 15-Jun-18 11:20:09

Trying - your nails look lovely! Forgot to post that I am also a nail biter so you have given inspiration.

Tryingtogetitright Fri 15-Jun-18 20:44:41

Thank you! It's amazing how much better they look - I usually bite them down so much they bleed and have made my fingers so sore with the biting (would even hurt to pick things up and the pain goes all up my arms). I can stop for a while but think I'll always be a biter as as soon as there's a snag or a corner my teeth get into gear and I bite the lot!

Thanks for the help TheFirstMrs and good luck stopping Givemeabreakt! smile

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