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The Big Sniff Mk II

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UnnecessaryFennel Sat 05-May-18 22:38:38

After the success of the first Big Sniff earlier in the year, let's have another one!

This time around, we're going to try the Bloom Perfumery Greens in Perfume sample pack. Bloom is an independent perfumery in Covent Garden which is a treasure trove of unusual and 'niche' perfumes, so there's bound to be some interesting stuff to try.

This is what Bloom have to say about their Green edit:

'This edit and sample pack explore green nuances in perfume and materials that perfumers use to create it.

A perfume belongs to a green family if aromas such as green leaves, cut grass, cucumber, runner beans, green tea and so on dominate in the character. Green perfumes are much brighter, sharper and juicier than anything in the related aromatic (herbaceous) family and are not as woody as coniferous perfumes. However, some notes/materials such as basil, or pine span families revealing greener or woodier nuances depending on what else the perfumer chooses to put in the formula

The most straightforward green materials are: lentisque (mastic) and galbanum resins, green tea (real essence or an imaginary accord), green grass/ leaves accords (made with hexenal and other molecules which really relate to what grass/leaves emit when damaged or molecules that just smell similar), freesias, neroli, violet leaves and pine.'

The sample list is as follows:

1. The Soft Lawn (Imaginary Authors)

2. Aube Pashmina (Huitième Art)

3. Elephant (Zoologist)

4. Gardens of Temptation | Tenderness (Brocard)

5. Eau Simple de Concombre (Phaedon)

6. Panorama (Olfactive Studio)

7. PG24 Papyrus de Ciane (Parfumerie Générale)

8. Pure Azure (Phaedon)

9. Lentisque (Phaedon)

The cost is £15 plus £2.70 p&p in the UK (and they deliver within the rest of the EU as well). No discount on the pack this time around but if you're a new customer you'll get 5% off your next order.

Since it's a bank holiday week, it will probably be best to give people a bit more time to order and for packs to arrive, so let's start on Sunday 20th May.

So, order your pack, sign in here every Sunday and let's get sniffing!

Coffeecoffeebuzzbuzzbuzz Sun 06-May-18 08:58:24

Thanks for the thread unnecessaryfennel. I’ve just ordered my set and am very much looking forward to it.

CountFosco Sun 06-May-18 08:59:54

I'm up for it. I love green fragrances so will enjoy this one (I have already tested some of these!).

positivepineapple Sun 06-May-18 09:41:57

Thanks Fennell!

Green pack ordered and looking forward to starting Big Sniff IIsmile

positivepineapple Sun 06-May-18 09:45:07

I should just say, I have three other Bloom Sample packs and have pretty much added every scent to my FB (wish) list.

They definitely put the best of the bunch in their packs.

UnnecessaryFennel Sun 06-May-18 21:15:40

Excellent! Anyone else?

For any lurkers, I would say don't be put off by the apparent nicheness (is that a word?) of the scents - it's all about discovery and trying new things. We're all total amateurs and most all of the time I don't have a clue what I'm talking about, scent wise, so do join in and give us your thoughts! grin

ItWillAllBeOkayInTheEnd Sun 06-May-18 21:27:57

Mmmm, tempting! Trying to cut back on unnecessary spending, but it's so much fun!

Btw, I just finished off the Andiroba sample, it was lovely in this spring weather.

LibertyBlue Mon 07-May-18 09:48:50

I can’t join in this time due to funds, but will be following along with interest.

Motoko Mon 07-May-18 10:51:05

I was planning on joining in, in a couple of weeks when I had the money to order the set, but one of our cats tripped my DH up on the stairs, and she got caught with him falling down them. She's currently at the vets with a fractured pelvis and broken ankle, poor thing, and the bill is not going to be cheap. So, I won't be buying any more perfume for a while.

I'll still follow this thread though, as it will be interesting to read the reviews.

positivepineapple Mon 07-May-18 17:16:35

Motoko oh no, that's terrible news! Poor kitty. Is your DH ok?

Motoko Mon 07-May-18 20:35:25

He's fine, apart from some grazing and bruising. He went down feet first on his back luckily. Unfortunately, Mittens was caught under/next to him, and suffered a broken rear left ankle, and she has a nasty fracture in her pelvis on the right. Vet's said she needs specialist surgery, or maybe amputation on that side.
Couldn't have happened at a worse time, we're supposed to be going on holiday on Saturday.

mrsreynolds Mon 07-May-18 21:12:37

Green scents not my thing but if you ever do a chypre sniff let me know! 😁
Happy sniffing
And 💐 for you motoko

ThisYear Mon 07-May-18 21:21:06

Thank you fennel, I really enjoyed the last sniff. Will get ordering ready to start again.

ThenCameTheFools Tue 08-May-18 05:55:20

I'm in if Bloom ship to me!

8thplace Wed 09-May-18 15:44:28

Ive ordered! Really enjoyed Big Sniff 1 and learnt alot.

UnnecessaryFennel Wed 09-May-18 19:55:44

Oh dear motoko, poor cat! And poor dh too, obviously wink

Glad to see a good few of us on board - anyone else fancy joining in?

Coffeecoffeebuzzbuzzbuzz Fri 11-May-18 15:57:39

My samples have arrived! Now to try and be patient....

CheapTarnishedGlitter Sat 12-May-18 15:42:25

I'm in. Had a bit of a pants week at work so celebrated Friday by ordering the green pack, the zest and fizz pack and a few Brocard samples blush

Calmwhoknows Mon 14-May-18 13:54:02

I’m in, but have only just been able to order samples, having returned from holiday, so may be a bit late joining. Looking forward to it!

8thplace Mon 14-May-18 15:56:29

My pack arrived today! Hurrah. Exciting

whingeyarse Tue 15-May-18 09:20:24

Oh fab! Thanks for the thread thanks

I'm going to order it now.

UnnecessaryFennel Wed 16-May-18 12:09:05

My pack has arrived, woohoo!

I'm going to suggest we test in the following, completely random, order:

1. Gardens of Temptation: Tenderness - Brocard
2. Elephant - Zoologist
3. Panorama - Olfactive Studio
4. Eau Simple de Concombre - Phaedon
5. Pure Azure - Phaedon
6. PG24 Papyrus de Ciane - Parfumerie Generale
7. The Soft Lawn - Imaginary Authors
8. Lentisque - Phaedon
9. Aube Pashmina - Huitieme Art

Didn't realise there were three Phaedons in there! I've never sniffed anything from that house, to my knowledge, so could be interesting to try three.

We'll start this Sunday (20th May) - I'll try and remember to post up the scent and the notes the night before grin

Happy Sniffing!

UnnecessaryFennel Wed 16-May-18 12:12:09

Ha, forgot that I'd already c&p'd the list from the website, apologies. Let's stick with the random one anyway; I'll post a reminder each week to save people scrolling back every time.

CountFosco Sun 20-May-18 09:05:57

I've just squirted Gardens of Temptation. I get an initial strong blast of floral - the sweet pea and lily of the valley. Then some blackcurrent. So far so good for me!

CountFosco Sun 20-May-18 09:10:11

Just seen the price - £15 for 55ml!

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