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I need this dress!!

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bubblesarebest Mon 22-Jan-18 21:47:55

Hello everyone, I need some help please!!

I am watching Silent Witness and Nikki Garcia has just been wearing the most fabulous dress - I am going to a wedding later in the year and would love to wear it! Can anyone help?!

Here is a picture:

Thank you!

MrsH2010 Mon 22-Jan-18 21:48:36

Me too!!! I literally came to start this exact thread 😂 #help!

bubblesarebest Mon 22-Jan-18 21:49:45

Fingers crossed someone can help smile

PorklessPie Mon 22-Jan-18 21:50:22

Ooh that's lovely smile

halfwitpicker Mon 22-Jan-18 21:52:30

Very cute.


jemmstar1980 Mon 22-Jan-18 21:53:22

Could try tweeting her to ask?

Mbear Mon 22-Jan-18 21:54:31

It looks very similar to one that Emily blunt wore to the girl on a train premiere. Just looking to see if I can find the designer.

goose1964 Mon 22-Jan-18 21:54:41

It looks incredibly expensive

Janus Mon 22-Jan-18 21:55:07

Saw it too, it was beautiful, much better than the pink and red outfit she was trying on!!

APlaceAtTheBSDTable Mon 22-Jan-18 21:55:16

It might be worth tweeting them (the show ans/or the actress) to ask?

Mbear Mon 22-Jan-18 21:58:18

Think it’s alexander McQueen

KungFuEric Mon 22-Jan-18 21:59:23

Looks very much like Alice timperley embroidered dresses but I can't seem to find it.

Scarftown Mon 22-Jan-18 21:59:59

Alexander McQueen from the Sarah Burton 2017 resort collection

drspouse Mon 22-Jan-18 22:00:14

Not really the same, but Desigual have a lot of embroidered dresses that are slightly similar.

drspouse Mon 22-Jan-18 22:01:17$ja=tsid:96381%7Ccid:954947657%7Cagid:47780673032%7Ctid:pla-306459585104%7Ccrid:226791028202%7Cnw:g%7Crnd:5520526048289246001%7Cdvc:t%7Cadp:1o4%7Cmt:

beautifulpheasant Mon 22-Jan-18 22:01:54

That is lovely.

beautifulpheasant Mon 22-Jan-18 22:02:28


drspouse Mon 22-Jan-18 22:03:35

salsamad Mon 22-Jan-18 22:09:26

Alexander McQueen has done very similar dresses in 2016. Rachel Weisz wore one to the James Bond Spectre premiere and like Mbear posted Emily Blunt wore one very similar (though with higher neckline) more recently at a premiere.

Bluntness100 Mon 22-Jan-18 22:09:33

Some really weird dresses being posted on here which are nothing like thr gorgeous one the op asked about, confused

beautifulpheasant Mon 22-Jan-18 22:11:24

grin Bluntness!

Caprinihahahaha Mon 22-Jan-18 22:12:06

I’d guess Alice Temperley

JesusTapdancingChrist Mon 22-Jan-18 22:13:30

It looks lovely.

Needle & Thread do similar stuff which would be more affordable?

Those Desigual dresses are heinous.

bubblesarebest Mon 22-Jan-18 22:14:13

Gah, I was really hoping it wasn't a dress that cost £100s...! :S

FartsMeanHearts Mon 22-Jan-18 22:14:15

Those Desigual dresses are morning like the one OP is on about! 😂🙈

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