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Eye make up remover for dermatitis sufferer?

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Dalesgirl16 Mon 02-Oct-17 20:36:05

Please can someone recommend an eye makeup remover for people with very sensitive skin ? I have dermatitis on my eyes brought on by my eye makeup remover. Thank you

hollyisalovelyname Mon 02-Oct-17 20:54:15


Bioderma Micellar
Body Shop camomile
La Roche Posay
All bring me out in a rash sad

Sarahlouiseis33 Mon 02-Oct-17 20:58:03

I use Clinique rinse off eye make up remover solvent in the blue bottle. It is quite expensive at around £17 a bottle but is the only one I've found that doesn't irritate my very sensitive rosacea prone skin!

ThomasRichard Mon 02-Oct-17 21:02:00

I use the Garnier micellar water with the pink top. It’s very gentle.

3wayburger Mon 02-Oct-17 21:14:28

I take everything off with Take the day off balm

titsbumfannythelot Mon 02-Oct-17 21:51:45

I used the body shop camomile cleansing butter. It's not specifically for eyes but works and is both gentle and nourishing.

DandelionAndBedrock Mon 02-Oct-17 21:57:30

Baby shampoo.

Tiny dab on a warm, damp cotton pad. Recommended to me by an optician.

PollyPerky Mon 02-Oct-17 22:14:28

another vote for Clinique take the day off balm. rub on eyelids, remove with warm water and cotton wool or a cotton cloth.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Mon 02-Oct-17 22:15:52

Body Shop cammomile oil.

PurplePillowCase Mon 02-Oct-17 22:16:57

your usual moisturiser on a bit of loo paper cotton pad. then flannel& warm water

MollyHuaCha Mon 02-Oct-17 22:18:25

When my dermatitis is flaring I find it best to not wear make up.

<Sorry! Not what you wanted to hear...>

Believeitornot Mon 02-Oct-17 22:19:20

Coconut oil - smear around the eyes and wipe off.

Although you shouldn't wear make up around the eyes surely? Let it calm down first.

Dalesgirl16 Mon 02-Oct-17 22:26:02

Thank you. It's the actual eye make up removers I have tried recently that brought on the reaction rather than the other way around. I will try some of these but quite nervous about the baby shampoo, at least Johnsons which I read bad things about.

threads123 Mon 02-Oct-17 22:27:17

Eucerin ultra calming cleanser which you can wipe off with cotton wool or wash off with water. That and the matching moisturiser (dry or combination available) are the only products I can use as I am intolerant of everything on your list and all the suggestions made above! They have the fewest ingredients and specifically no alcohol as that's the ingredient which is the worst for me. Boots sell them in larger shops but I get them online as not available locally. Good luck, I know how miserable it is.

CatsOclock Mon 02-Oct-17 22:28:15

Coconut oil

Fibbertigibbet Mon 02-Oct-17 22:35:29

Another vote for The Body Shop's camomile cleansing butter. Also if you like Korean brands, Banila Co's Clean It Zero is excellent at removing even incredibly stubborn waterproof eye makeup (probably sliiiightly better than TBS, but a little more expensive and feels less nice)

Dalesgirl16 Tue 03-Oct-17 04:44:29

Do any of you have dermatitis and are recommending these lotions for your condition?

mintmagnummm Tue 03-Oct-17 06:48:28

The only thing I use for my extremely sensitive eyes is bioderma micellar water (pink lid one) I only use it in my eyes though, not my face.

RavingRoo Tue 03-Oct-17 06:50:32

Simple foaming cleanser.

chloesmumtoo Tue 03-Oct-17 07:07:29

My dd suffers many allergies but gets on well with make up remover wipes and pads made by Simple. She has suffered reactions and eczema on her eyes due to certain make ups but finds those brilliant.

titsbumfannythelot Tue 03-Oct-17 07:18:42

I got severe dermatitis after using micellar water and have had to be really careful with my eyes ever since. TBS camomile butter is the only thing I can use now.

thegirlupnorth Tue 03-Oct-17 07:39:34

I am prone to eczema and clarins in the blue bottle is the only one that doesn't set mine off, it's lovely and gentle and doesn't sting at all.

Dalesgirl16 Wed 04-Oct-17 20:23:53

Thank you. I will look them up

Desperad0 Wed 04-Oct-17 20:34:14

I have quite a lot of allergies/eczema and am fine with the boots no.7 eye make up remover

Desperad0 Wed 04-Oct-17 22:13:14

Ok if you don't mind me asking, are you sure it's brought on by make up remover?

I knew I was allergic to something for a long time (primarily affecting the skin round my eyes) and it turned out to be nail varnish

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