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Any trainer fiends out there?

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Getout21 Wed 20-Sep-17 15:44:35

So as this is MN probably the wrong place but fingers x.

As a teen in the 90s I loved trainers, I still love them & am glad they are popular again.

I fancy a pair of Adidas gazelles, I've never had these before & am torn on the colour.

Anyone got gazelles? Fave colour?

imjessie Wed 20-Sep-17 15:57:05

I've got the light blue ones and my dd has the grey ones . I do love them !

buttwingsham Wed 20-Sep-17 15:58:41

I love the green. I have the red which I also love. If you decided to go for the green the are on sale on offcuts (office sale site) I was debating whether to get them the other night!

Getout21 Wed 20-Sep-17 16:06:51

i found my people!

Is a mans size 6 equivalent to a ladies 6?

drats butt no green size 6s but tempted by the royal blue now.

CountFosco Wed 20-Sep-17 16:11:08

Love the green, I had a pair of generic green trainers that colour and wore them into the ground. Red is this accent colour this year, I've got a pair of red suede pumas and always get compliments from young ones at work when I wear them. Navyis the colour DH always gets (he's been wearing Sambas or Gazelles since the 90s) but despite that I still quite fancy a pair since I wear a lot of navy.

Sore bum from sitting on the fence there. How many and what colour trainers do you already have and does that help to eliminate any choices? Navy might be the most versatile but since I've already got my red Pumas I'd go for the green.

Also if you have small feet get the juniors and save some cash or buy more than one pair.

Cocolepew Wed 20-Sep-17 16:18:01

I've got red, blue and black from years ago grin

Getout21 Wed 20-Sep-17 16:24:59

Count looking at current collection (excl gym ones) I feel both red & green are lacking. And clearly biased to Nike!

Getout21 Wed 20-Sep-17 16:26:44


Ineedmorelemonpledge Wed 20-Sep-17 16:40:23

Puma Suedes are also a nice alternative. And stay close to the 80's design.

Pippin8 Wed 20-Sep-17 17:11:29

I've got the lilac & was tempted by the mint green. I love them & they clean well with a damp cloth.

squiz81 Wed 20-Sep-17 17:20:48

Ive got gazelles in red. They were cheap on the schuh imperfects site. One is a bit faded but it hardly shows. Annoyingly one of them also squeaks!

Littlelondoner Wed 20-Sep-17 18:00:12

I have gazelles in mustard yellow. I love them. And thr colour goes with anything!

Tantpoke Wed 20-Sep-17 21:19:30

I love my prime knit Adidas gazelles, mine are a kind of very light warm fawn colour.

Getout21 Wed 20-Sep-17 22:08:49

are the sizes unisex?

BeastofCraggyIsland Wed 20-Sep-17 23:09:20

I have them in light grey, I love them, they go with everything.

Newoneforthis Wed 20-Sep-17 23:12:03

Any advice on sizing? Is it true it's best to go up a size?

ilovecherries Wed 20-Sep-17 23:43:54

I love trainers. I've adapted my entire lifestyle so I can live in them everyday. I have the gazelles in grey, love them. New, mine are a 7, my normal size.

squiz81 Thu 21-Sep-17 08:28:34

Mine are my normal size. I have wide feet but they fit fine.

RusholmeRuffian Thu 21-Sep-17 08:33:20

I have over 150 pairs of trainers including several pairs of Gazelles. They are true to size usually although adidas sizes are mystifyingly varied. Gazelles are pretty standard though. adidas SPZL release is tonight. I'll be staying up late to nab a pair of Spiritus!

mowglik Thu 21-Sep-17 08:58:14

I have gazelles in white leather and navy blue suede

They're pretty true to size, I love the look of my white ones. My navy blue ones I bought half a size up when I was pregnant so I've put some sheepskin insoles in them, will wear them when it gets a bit colder!

buttwingsham Thu 21-Sep-17 09:30:13

Getout mine are officially men's and they are a male 7 this is the label.
I'm sat on a kids cafe and the woman on the next table is looking at me like I'm s total weirdo for taking pictures of my feetgrin

buttwingsham Thu 21-Sep-17 09:33:57

Sorry meant to add they are a little bit bigger than a normal 7

dinosaursandtea Thu 21-Sep-17 09:51:00

I've got them in bright blue, although I really want them in grey.

zippyswife Thu 21-Sep-17 11:41:28

I so wanted a pair of green gazelles in the 90s. Lush! I mainly wear converse and superga these days but I'm off to search for a pair of gazelles now!

Looneytune253 Thu 21-Sep-17 11:46:39

I love trainers too! I'm obsessed lol.

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