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If I loved and now miss Jo Malone Blue Agave perfume, what may I like now?

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Chicinwellies Wed 29-Mar-17 21:01:23

I also love Chanel chance fraiche, Alien, and miss Dior.

Gillybobs Wed 29-Mar-17 21:36:00

This is a really useful website with reviews and suggestions that might help.

jelliedeel Wed 29-Mar-17 21:59:02

I couldn't see any similar fragrances using that website only what notes it containsconfused
If you can find some Zara girl chocolate perfume it's so similar i used to accuse DD of using my perfume all the time.Now it's mysteriously disappeared.
I found Korres Black Pine similar and will have to buy that when my JM runs out.

jelliedeel Wed 29-Mar-17 22:01:22

Gillybobs - now I understand your intentions with the link - apologies.

Gillybobs Wed 29-Mar-17 22:26:03

No worries. The site advises what those who like this also liked, confirms the main top notes etc and several of the reviews suggest similar fragrances. Hope it helps OP.

Hobbes8 Wed 29-Mar-17 22:31:15

There's a dupe on perfume parlour, although it's out of stock at the moment.

Chicinwellies Wed 29-Mar-17 23:16:23

Thank you, I'll take a look. Much appreciated.

Chicinwellies Wed 29-Mar-17 23:18:31

Seriously 5.99?! Will be ordering . Is this it? Zara:

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