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Cycling to work - make up and hair tips please!!

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Macdaddylonglegs Sun 15-Jan-17 17:52:21

So I'm just about to start cycling to and from work. I'm one of those people who never leaves the house without make up and even if I'm staying in will often wear it too! I like to look presentable at work and will usually wear foundation, concealer, mascara, eyeshadow, brow pencil and lipstick. I will have to shower and get ready at home and I'm planning to change my clothes, use wet wipes, deodorant etc once I get to work to freshen up. My fear is that I'm going to arrive looking like I've been dragged through a hedge with a helmet on resulting in helmet hair and make up everywhere. Are there any experienced cyclists out there that have beauty tips and /or can recommend good waterproof / last the day /make me look amazing make up?! Or have tips to avoid helmet hair?

Riversiderunner Sun 15-Jan-17 17:53:18

I bought some plastic clear cycling glasses and they keep my make up looking fine all the way! No tips re: helmet hair, but do get a cover for your helmet so the rain doesn't get thru.

bingohandjob Sun 15-Jan-17 18:31:49

Depends how long your journey is/how strenuous. Is there no way you can get changed in work? Makes it so much easier and I'd say leave a make up kit in work to slap it on when you get in. Helmet hair pretty much unavoidable but be happy you're protecting your head and getting your heart pumping. You could leave a pair of straighteners in work to give it a once over if that suits your style. Decent waterproof over trousers, over shoes and jacket a must in this weather - wiggle or Evans do good stuff - the Altura or DBH makes are reliable.

2cats2many Sun 15-Jan-17 18:32:31

How long is your cycle? Mine is about 20mins and my makeup just about survives the trip. I have a helmet with a sort of peak on it (like a horse riding helmet) and this keeps the majority of the elements off my face.

JudithTaverner Sun 15-Jan-17 20:28:45

I put my makeup on before I cycle and it's usually still intact when I get there. I might have to put on a bit more lipstick. On really cold days I might have a bit of a red/runny nose (god I sound attractive don't I!). My mascara (clinique lash power) seems to stay put.

Helmet hair on the other hand. That's a real issue! I haven't managed to sort that out. I brush it when I get changed but it never really recovers. (I always look at bit shit in the lift on the way up to the office and then get changed when I get up to my floor).

JudithTaverner Sun 15-Jan-17 20:30:24

I bought cycling overtrousers but don't really wear them (they're really unflattering!). Normal cycling tights seem to keep most of the water out.

Rathkelter Sun 15-Jan-17 20:43:40

Foundation & eyeshadow on at home.
Add the mascara in the loos at work as my eyes water in the wind!
Helmet hair isn't so bad- think about the benefits of exercising over having perfect hair!
I keep a blazer & shoes at work and cycle in trainers with panniers for my work trousers. Ironed shirts I find a bit of a problem so tend not to wear them.

Macdaddylonglegs Sun 15-Jan-17 22:56:15

Ooo so many good tips! Thank you!

So my cycle is currently about 30mins, Im hoping i might be able to get that down to 20/25 once im more experienced. bingo I'd never heard of, or thought about overshoes but they seem a good idea. Again putting most of the make up on at home and then mascara at work seems a good idea, thanks Rath. Do any of you use waterproof or special make up? I was thinking I'd need to invest in some as i also get very watery eyes in the cold but maybe just putting some on at work will do the trick.

I'd love to keep some straighteners at work but I use ghd's at home and I can't justify buying 2. Maybe I can find a cheaper alternative just to tame the wildness

Doowappydoo Sun 15-Jan-17 23:05:23

I do a shower and hair wash before I leave and then rough dry hair and stick it in a French plait - I just take it out and hairspray it a bit when I arrive. It looks better than usual actually!!

Baby wipes for the rest of me and I bring my make up and put it on when I arrive - my ride is about 40 mins - in summer especially I don't think it would survive the journey. And yes to keeping shoes and jacket at work and non crease dress or trousers and top in panniers.

JudithTaverner Mon 16-Jan-17 09:17:48

So after cycling in in pretty heavy rain today, I'd also say, make sure your bike has mudguards, or be prepared to have a pretty wet backside. I don't have mudguards and didn't cycle in in over-trousers (cycling tights were fine actually) but do have a wet bum as a result. I didn't bring in a change in underwear and had to decide whether to keep on wet knickers all day or go commando this morning wink

Emmageddon Mon 16-Jan-17 09:31:40

I cycle to work, it takes 20 minutes. I wear cycling goggles to keep my make-up intact. My hair is wavy so I spritz it with my sea salt spray and aim for the artfully tousled look grin which beats helmet hair any day. I've got a handlebar speaker for my iPod and I love my ride into work.

A good set of waterproofs is essential, mine is an all in one, which keeps me lovely and dry, I got it from Amazon.

Since I started cycling I feel healthier and fitter and smug as I whizz past stationary cars in a traffic jam

MsUnderstanding Mon 16-Jan-17 09:34:37

A plastic bag over your hair under a helmet on really wet days works a treat, or a silk scarf tied like a bandana if you've spent ages doing your hair and don't want it messed up.

I used to find I would get tiny black "bits" (crap from the road, exhausts?) stuck to my foundation when I had a long cycle in London so had to wash and do my make up when I got there.

Have spare everything (including pants) in cupboard at work, make up, a towel, hair products. This proved quite useful when I forgot stuff and when I decided to go on impromptu nights out after work and stay at a friends house

Macdaddylonglegs Tue 17-Jan-17 11:14:54

My hair won't do tousled - I'm very envious of those of you who can. So I decided to try these

Macdaddylonglegs Tue 17-Jan-17 11:19:42

I've also bought a waterproof helmet cover, waterproof overshoes and a travel towel based on your recommendations and the current weather!

I currently have to move room/hot desk so I'm not sure what I can safely leave at work. It's annoying as would make life a lot easier but maybe i'll be able to work something out. Good point judith I'd not thought about wet knickers. I'll pack a spare pair!

It's my first day tomorrow, thanks again for all the tips, wish me luck!

Emmageddon Tue 17-Jan-17 18:43:02

Good luck for tomorrow, great idea getting the travel straighteners - you can use them when you go on holiday as well. As you hot desk/room at work, do you have a locker where you can leave a few essentials - like knickers, socks etc?

Or get a pannier bag to clip onto your bike, that you can take into work with you, I got mine from BEG A bit pricey but I've had it years now and it shows no signs of falling apart.

Take a pump, a puncture repair kit, and some spare lights - I got a couple of emergency sets of clip on lights from Home Bargain for 99p.

Happy cycling!

JudithTaverner Tue 17-Jan-17 21:17:59

I don't think you can be sad while riding a bicycle!


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