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I'm going to see the Red Hot Chilli Peppers on Sunday...

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SuperflyTNT Wed 14-Dec-16 06:33:27

and I dress like a mother in her 40's, (because I am one). My best friend very kindly invited me at the last minute as she couldn't get a babysitter for her and her DH, so we're going together.
Wtf do I get to wear? I've recently lost 4 stone, so I'm a size 16, but very very short, so I was just thinking jeans, boots and a top, but have no idea where to start looking. As I've been a size 22 for the last eight years, more or less, I'm used to shopping in evans, Sainsbo's, Asda and the dreaded M&S. Help!!! I do have money at the moment, but didn't want to go mad as it's only one night!

Veterinari Wed 14-Dec-16 06:39:46

They're awesome OP - have fun! Jeans, boots and a top will be perfect. Are you sitting or standing? Both can be quite warm especially standing so perhaps layers.

SuperflyTNT Wed 14-Dec-16 07:17:00

Sitting thank god - I would never be able to cope with standing as I have fatigue issues (related to an autoimmune condition). But worried about having to walk all the way around to get in as parking and arena entrance are opposite ends, but I'm just going to go for it! Where can I go for a suitable top?

buzzlightyearsdinosaur Wed 14-Dec-16 13:15:55

Not a very S&B answer but seriously just wear what you want, it will be just like a one will be looking at you they will be looking at the stage! I am very very very envy

Be comfortable and have a wonderful time smile

SuperflyTNT Wed 14-Dec-16 17:33:20

I had lunch with the friend I'm going with (seeing her twice in one week hasn't happened since our kids were at the same infants school, and they're 18 now!) and we decided that we're just going to wear any old thing up there, get there early, and buy ourselves a t-shirt and change in the loos!! It such a teenager thing to do, but it's going to be great!

slinkysaluki Wed 14-Dec-16 19:52:50

Am jealous have a fab time !

NicknameUsed Wed 14-Dec-16 19:55:05

Sounds like a perfect plan. I never dress up that much for events like this because it will be dark in the audience and no-one will be looking at you.

cheekymonk Wed 14-Dec-16 19:55:08

I saw them too, they were fab! I felt like a Mum knocking 40 but drank a few ciders and had a great time! X

Iamtheresurrection Wed 14-Dec-16 19:58:26

Wear trainers, that's my normal gig footwear. You'll see people in everything from sparkly dresses and heels to grunge wear so don't worry and have fun!

Hellmouth Wed 14-Dec-16 20:13:19

i usually just wear boots, jeans and a hoodie when going to a gig smile you will see people in all sorts at a concert, so don't worry about it! The last one I went to was on a Friday, doors opened at 6:30, and there were some people who had obviously come straight from work :D

Have a great time, I've heard they're awesome live!

hugoagogo Wed 14-Dec-16 20:21:40

Or you could just wear one sock!?

DancingHouse Wed 14-Dec-16 21:02:16

Even at 40 you're about 15 years younger than the chili peppers themselves. They wear anything a look cool as fuck.

Jeans n a T-shirt 'll do it.

Osquito Thu 15-Dec-16 09:54:28

I agree with other people - don't stress too much over it, especially as you will have the comfy option of seats. Wear something comfortable - if you feel like "dressing up" a sparkly jumper or sequinned trousers should do it... It's the RHCP so anything goes! So envious, have a great night!

SuperflyTNT Thu 15-Dec-16 23:47:46

Thanks guys - even when I was younger I didn't go to a gig by a 'cool' band, so I'm very excited. I think I might find some trainers or new flat boots to wear to make it easier on the feet!

MadamDrag0n Thu 15-Dec-16 23:53:52

If you're standing , don't wear new boots, one you'll be standing for ages and two they'll get stood on when everyone forgets they're old and unfit and starts pogoing like they did when they were twenty. Wear something you won't mind having beer thrown over and waterproof mascara if you can. I like an across the body bag with a zip. I saw them years ago and they were fab. Have fun op, have a mosh for me (I'm too old and fat)

IntelligentPutty Fri 16-Dec-16 00:03:28

Many years ago I went to a gig in jeans and a blue t shirt. (A pale blue tightish rubbed thing). Not very stylish. And got told by some grunge idiot that it was not a boyzone concert.
What a w*nker. Don't know if it was my age or my clothes.
Gave me a complex (a little) so last time I went to see them wore jeans and a black t shirt.

Blended in and felt perfect for it.

Hope u enjoy it. X

efc1878 Fri 16-Dec-16 06:46:18

I saw them last Saturday they are amazing.

I wore jeans, heeled boots and sparkly vest top. I felt a little overdressed. Real mixed crowd, all ages and very friendly. lots people in jeans and band t- shirts.

Have a great night.

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