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slinky cami to wear under sheer T's

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everythingsgoingsouth Sat 16-Jul-16 22:13:15

all i can see is the jersey camis, and they stick to the t-shirts and tops I want to wear them under.I want the tops to glide over the camis... Any slinky/silky but very plain ones anywhere please?

HarimadSol Sat 16-Jul-16 22:26:31

I like Uniqlo's AIRism camisoles for this.

MyOtherNameIsBetter Sun 17-Jul-16 01:09:10

Primark do a nice one for £3 (in the shapewear section but it's not shapewear). I got flesh and black a few months or so ago but recently I've only seen ivory.

bingohandjob Sun 17-Jul-16 06:30:19

Uniqlo AIRism - an absolute revelation. The ones with the built in bra even fit and support my generous DDs. I've just reordered a load of them as they are brilliant under t shirts and dresses with no visible lines and super comfortable AND give a great shape. I've also found the built in bra ones great to sleep in.

everythingsgoingsouth Sun 17-Jul-16 11:28:04

thanks for the recs, sounds great!

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