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Engagement Ring / Jewellery advice please

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SimonDay Fri 27-Mar-15 11:41:51


I am new to the site (have lurked around since having our two year old) but really need mumsnetters advice.

My partner and I married some time ago and at the time didn't have the cash to buy her an engagement ring. Which I am looking to rectify in time for her birthday in a couple of months.

Can anyone recommend where to purchase from? I like the idea of buying the stone and designing the ring separately but not sure if the traditional jewellers allow this (Tiffany etc).

Work near to Hatton Garden so that could be an option, has anyone else purchased from there? Could you advise please?

Would like to also maybe buy matching earrings / necklace - again advice please!! Do women prefer earrings or would you wear a necklace more?!!


Apatite1 Fri 27-Mar-15 11:44:31

If you buy from Tiffany, you'll have to get the stone from there too afaik.

Go to Hatton garden, what's your budget? I can help you maximise size/quality of stone depending on what you're spending.

SimonDay Fri 27-Mar-15 11:49:25

no more than 5k... for both. Is that realistic? Bearing in mind this has been a long time coming. could maybe wait until later on in the year for second piece of jewellery. Just thought it would be good to get them together and maybe get a discount?!

momb Fri 27-Mar-15 11:49:45

Many of the Hatton Garden workshops will let you do this. TBH I would ask her what she wants though.
You've been married a while so perhaps make the appointment and surprise her with that so that she has some input? Make a day out for you both...lunch, Hatton Garden, theatre etc.

TobikkoRoll Fri 27-Mar-15 11:53:49

My DH and I bought my engagement ring from a Bond Street jewellers (great service and lovely ring) but several years down the line we chose to get an eternity ring from a Hatton Gdn jeweller. In fact I've just been back to them (Eternity jewellers) for an adjustment and they have been excellent in their aftercare service too.

We looked at many jewellers in Hatton Gdn and they seemed to be very similar in price and will happily show you lots of products according to your budget.

Personally I wear and love my diamond studs every day, not sure I would wear a necklace all the time though.

Apatite1 Fri 27-Mar-15 11:56:30

I'd spend the 5k on the ring. Quality over quantity. Have you thought about getting an eternity band instead of a solitaire? 5k is a good budget for it, it's less likely to scratch your toddler and it's the classic first baby gift.

georgeousgeorge Fri 27-Mar-15 11:58:52

i'd go here

Have friends who have bought from here and the ring was beautiful (and reasonably priced!) - The diamond looked stunning!!

slug Fri 27-Mar-15 12:03:16

Wow! for that amount of cash you could get something stunning.

I recommend you go to an independent jeweler and have something made specially. We used these guys It was, if not cheaper, then at least comparable with Hatton Garden rings and I've got something unique and extremely wearable.

DH went in with a vague idea of what we wanted, they had a conversation about lifestyle, likes/dislikes etc. In the end we went with a square, flush set solitaire in a deep rose gold band. Because it does not protrude I don't get it caught or knock it on anything.

specialsubject Fri 27-Mar-15 12:58:35

women are not one homogenous group. Why don't you ask her what she wants before shelling out?

MoustacheofRonSwanson Fri 27-Mar-15 13:31:21

DH and I met with this lady to discuss a wedding ring. She showed us some different designs for ideas/to start the conversation, which we were able to modify (e.g. say this bit from that one, this bit from the other one, a setting like that but a round stone etc). DH was then able to discuss stones with her separately and able to pick the ones he wanted. So a very personalised, bespoke service, and all stones/metals are conflict free. very, very happy both with the result and the experience.

MoustacheofRonSwanson Fri 27-Mar-15 13:34:26

Sorry I meant engagement ring!

Kangaroo1 Fri 27-Mar-15 13:36:21

My Mr Kangaroo bought mine from John M Reynolds in Hatton Garden, when I went in recently to pick it up after resizing, I found them to be utterly lovely (and very down to earth, which I appreciated!)

FreiasBathtub Fri 27-Mar-15 14:49:18

We had my eternity ring made by an independent jeweller and it was wonderful. I'd totally recommend it. Half the fun is the design process, so I'd definitely do as pp suggested and let your wife be involved. If you wanted a surprise, perhaps get her to help design the ring and then talk to the jeweller about marching earrings without her knowledge? (I think that's a lovely idea by the way.)

Our jeweller was Jessica Poole in Cockpit studios which is pretty near Hatton Gardens, but we found her through a website called The Cut London - this is a fantastic service which 'matchmakes' clients and jewellers. Am on the app so can't link but you can Google!

SimonDay Wed 01-Apr-15 12:40:38

Thanks all for your feedback.

I think it is worth mentioning that I did in fact end up going to Hatton Garden, and investigated some of the options mentioned above.

I eventually ended up making my purchase with Daniel Christopher Jewellery ( who were totally fantastic, I can especially recommend seeing either Zara or Daniel who were so helpful, I just can't wait to surprise my wife now!

ODBA Mon 03-Aug-15 14:15:49

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