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Crepeys in the Long Grass of Life

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CointreauVersial Wed 02-Jul-14 13:11:28

Thanks Beachy for the frisky title suggestion.

Well, here we all are!

CointreauVersial Wed 02-Jul-14 13:15:11

Sorry the kitchen is causing you stress, BTM. Just eat takeaways. We very sensibly put in a utility room before attacking the disgusting kitchen so we had a sink and somewhere to perch the kettle and microwave.

Isn't the weather lovely? Shame it goes tits-up for the weekend. angry

herbaceous Wed 02-Jul-14 13:23:43

Thanks for new thread, CV.

The weather is so life-affirming. I want it to be summer ALWAYS.

Already stressing about what it will be like for DS's birthday party on 13th. If it's hot, I have all manner of fun, garden-based watery games in store. If it's not, I'm screwed.

Have left it to the last minute to invite a couple of his friends from school - as his favourites seem to change minute by minute - and now he wants four. Now I'm fretting about his requested food of hot dogs, as at least a couple of his schoolfriends are Muslim and thus not totally into pork sausage. Do you think veggie sausages would do as a substitute?

There was talk earlier about a possible late July meet up. I'd be game!

motherinferior Wed 02-Jul-14 13:26:09

Herbs (btw have emailed you re pics) I find those little frozen (kosher!) mini sausages, veggie ones you boil, vg for this purpose.

herbaceous Wed 02-Jul-14 13:26:15

And yes, BTM. During our kitchen hell it was all 'prick prick ping', and salads, and takeaways. I ended up yearning for something roasted or grilled.

MrsSchadenfreude Wed 02-Jul-14 13:33:13

Herbs - DD2's vegetarian school does excellent hot dogs. Sometimes they are quorn, I am informed, and sometimes they are "something else." The Something Else ones are apparently better. <unhelpful>

motherinferior Wed 02-Jul-14 13:44:09

BTW I am v impressed with ASOS customer care.

Apparently my pic for an Indian visa isn't good enough. Feel quite huffy.

motherinferior Wed 02-Jul-14 13:48:01

It's the Tivall cocktail ones, frozen, just boil. Lashings of ketchup, obviously, and a slightly flaccid white roll.

herbaceous Wed 02-Jul-14 13:48:18

V helpful info re sausages, thanks all.

On a 'good service' tip, my mum ordered DS a picture from Not On The High Street last night, and it arrived here this morning. She also ordered him a Union Jack coloured mini guitar at the same time, and it arrived just now. Amazon may be a bunch of tax-avoiding gits, but they really are very useful.

herbaceous Wed 02-Jul-14 13:49:07

Flaccid white roll a given, MI. I may jazz up with onions for grown-ups.

Blackduck Wed 02-Jul-14 13:51:58

don't mention the tits up weather at the weekend - I am camping Friday Night and in a field singing and pulling pints on Saturday.....

motherinferior Wed 02-Jul-14 13:52:35

I can recommend Heinz spicy ketchup too.

And plenty of oven chips.

<holds self back from turning up importunately waving bottle of cheap fizz>

herbaceous Wed 02-Jul-14 13:56:02

Cheap fizz to be laid on for adults. How anyone survives a five-year-old's party without booze amazes me.

Other food for kids = ice-cream sundae creation. Provide ice cream, wafers, sprinkles, sauces, etc, encourage creative collation, send home to be sick in the back of cars.

motherinferior Wed 02-Jul-14 14:02:53


Oh, and in case you weren't going to do this, make them all veggie. Thus avoiding any worry.

hattymattie Wed 02-Jul-14 14:15:41

Found you - very hot here - I've come in from the garden as it's too hot but feel guilty watching Wimbledon because the decorator is here.

Rosebag Wed 02-Jul-14 14:33:45

Tivall veggie products will turn your breath in to a nuclear zone for about 3 days afterwards due to the huge amount of garlic they put in. I don't use them for that very reason…just saying'….

Tilly sorry about the kitchen angst. Lots of nice meals out opportunity? The end product will be worth it, though. Suffering kitchen envy envy

I am displeased. The orthodontist has just fleeced me for £131 for a new brace for DD who lost it on the school trip. She was supposed to be ready for the train tracks but now they say she isn't.

bigTillyMint Wed 02-Jul-14 14:41:01

Thanks crepesters. We are eating micro meals and takeaways but even getting to plates and the micro is a mission, never mind the fridge!

Left work early as I feel so crappy - need a snooze before I take Ds for a hsir cut!

motherinferior Wed 02-Jul-14 15:15:14

I am going to avoid missing DD1 (in Pompeii) by cooking chorizo tonight (sorry, Rosebag!) in nonveggifest with DD2.

Rosebag Wed 02-Jul-14 15:50:05

I've never had it garlicky too? grin

Have you heard from DD1 MI?

beachyhead Wed 02-Jul-14 16:13:18

Checking in - poor Andy Murray.....

bigTillyMint Wed 02-Jul-14 16:16:54

MI, that sounds good. I'm afraid I don't really miss mine when they're on school journey. Sadly no school journeys here this year!

Feeling better after a little sleepsmile

wordassociationfootball Wed 02-Jul-14 16:22:23

Sympathies to BTM for tiredness (Am there. Doing that) and lack of kitchen.

I love garlic, me.

Party sounds perfect Herbs.

motherinferior Wed 02-Jul-14 16:31:35

The more garlic the better IMO.

I'm too knackered to miss DD1, I must say.

DP is doing t'ai chi AGAIN on Saturday. grin [rage] He will however pick up DD1 at 12.30 from school. And dropped her at 2.15 this morning.

motherinferior Wed 02-Jul-14 16:33:16

Oh god, actually have just realised DP is staring redundancy in face. shock He is on a secondment which should be made permanent...I damn well hope so.

bigTillyMint Wed 02-Jul-14 16:35:59

Fingers crossed MI. And he should earn some brownie points on that drop off!

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