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It's 5 weeks to Christmas... Is it possible...

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Karbea Sun 18-Nov-12 17:51:55

To lose weight, look better, feel better, be fitter?

Anyone fancy joining me in a 5 week super drive to amazingness????

Spoiltexpatbrat Tue 27-Nov-12 18:26:53

Thanks karbea

I know it's just the lack of sleep talking and my hate of France blush I get days like this.

It's hard having no friends, well I have friends of course but not really here due to it being a very short stay. We move again in march.
Sometimes I just want somebody to rant too, or to moan too...

Anyways, kids are in bed. Fingers crossed we get a few hours. I'm going to do the things I mentioned earlier. Clean jewellery etc. I might get to paint my nails too smile

Spoiltexpatbrat Tue 27-Nov-12 18:58:56

I am a twat excuse the language

I didn't zero the scales before I stood on them blush

So I'm back to 62!!! grin

The scales are spot on, it measure fat, BMi and all the other stuff.

Happy now smile

Karbea Tue 27-Nov-12 19:40:42

Haha! Glad they are ok.
I don't have any friends near me either, I know it's not the same as a whole other country but I get how you feel. At least you have babies which makes it easy to make new friends in a new place.

Spoiltexpatbrat Tue 27-Nov-12 19:45:02

I'm 61.9kg grin grin grin

This is the lightest I've been since before kids. I was about 60kg before first was born. 58kg in my hay day wink

Spoilt is back on track!!!

Having no friends sucks sad but you are right, the kids seem to be friend magnets grin I think I'll feel more settled after the next move as I know it's at least three years

Karbea Tue 27-Nov-12 19:53:54

How did you loose 0.1kg in 45mins???? Haha!

Spoiltexpatbrat Tue 27-Nov-12 20:04:06

Took my belt off wink

Karbea Tue 27-Nov-12 22:02:24

Right evening round up!

Week 1 : no alcohol, no choc/crisps, no caffeine, ran, portion of fruit with breakfast, body brushing, flossing and mouthwash

Sunday : my fitness pal
Monday : night eye cream
Tuesday : weekly pilates/yoga class (would like this to be 3 times a week ideally)

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 28-Nov-12 13:58:23

Hi. just checking in.

I weighed myself about 3-4 weeks ago and I was just shy of 11 stone (5'5", size 14 top, size 12 bum.I'm 46)

A bit confused and Need To Sort Things Out.

Been off the chocolate for over 2 weeks now sad but I'm now 10.7 (so lost half a stone grin )

And had my dental crown done (will need further treatment in New Year, but fine for now -phew)

Onwards and upwards.
Need to get the hair sorted out now.

Spoiltexpatbrat Wed 28-Nov-12 14:13:58

Half a stone??? envy

Well done! What an amazing start!

Karbea Wed 28-Nov-12 14:16:22

Well done 70isa I've been amazed how quickly the little things start to pay off and once you start doing one healthy thing you actually dont fancy the unhealthy stuff so much.

Big test for me tonight though, out for dinner... will probably have a drink (first since 11th November), going to really try to have no more than two.

I've got
Calories 813
Carbs 137
Fat 18
Protein 25

left of my allowance left today...

We are eating here anyone want to pick out what i should eat? I'm not very fussy but cant eat prawns!

plaingirly Wed 28-Nov-12 18:38:08

Just signed up for mfp - I am plaingirly on there too!

Waaaaaay over on my fat and I never realised how bad Graze snacks are!! Thought they were healthy but loads of calories and fat.

Spoiltexpatbrat Wed 28-Nov-12 21:03:51

plaingirly added you smile
Is that you in the profile pic? If so you are anything but plain! You are gorgeous! And please don't listen to the bloody nurse regarding your weight. Silly woman she is. I'm 5'3 so only a little taller than you and there is no way on earthy body would look good at 8.2 stone. I look best about 8.13 -9.2 stone. Any lower and my mum lectures me on how ill I look! grin

Just had training, we did loads of boxing. It was fab! She said I have the strongest punch she has ever seen on a female!

Nails painted red tonight.

I'm going to learn how to use my heated rollers this week. They have been in the box since buying them in 2008 blush

Spoiltexpatbrat Wed 28-Nov-12 21:05:14

Karbea, hope you are enjoying your meal, the restaurant looks lovely

plaingirly Wed 28-Nov-12 22:13:49

That is me in my picture - generally very camera shy! Your profile pic is fab!!

I can't do heated rollers - I curl my hair with this method -

Can't really imagine what I would look like at that weight! Will be interesting to see the changes though!

Spoiltexpatbrat Thu 29-Nov-12 18:29:09

Have we all gone AWOL? hmm

Today I walked to the post office pushing the double pram and carrying a massive bag of gifts. The pavements here are terrible so added to the work.

We then came home and dd covered my face in sudecreme, she must of read this thread grin anyway I looked like an extra in the twilight movies...but I discovered it makes an excellent base for foundation. It really is amazing. Try it!

Eliza22 Thu 29-Nov-12 19:01:56

Nope.... I did my Couch to 5K. Did the water/vitamins. Fell apart with a piece of friend's birthday cake! Oh we'll. that's Real Life, isn't it?

plaingirly Thu 29-Nov-12 19:33:07

I am about! Love MFP - can see it being really helpful!

Walked to and from work today - fast, had a bit of a dance about and did some exercises with weights. Not really got room to do a DVD but have some dumbells.

Waaaaaay under on my calories today. Not on purpose but the salads I buy for lunch only have 20 cals before I add in meat / toppings.

VividVanilla Thu 29-Nov-12 21:41:12

I've just had three slices of pizza and two Topics blush

Food diary? What food diary? grin

Rockchick1984 Fri 30-Nov-12 00:11:31

Oooh Plain what are the 20cal salads??? I'm doing rubbish sad

Eliza22 Fri 30-Nov-12 08:26:16

VividVanilla... Thanks, I feel better now, giving in to a piece of birthday cake!

AsparagusFern Fri 30-Nov-12 08:44:02

Morning all!

I've not gone AWOL....was on the specifically weight loss thread too but v keen on general fabulousness too!

Eliza, is it your birthday? Happy bday if so!

Seems I've lost 1.5 since the start of the week, which makes me happy...! (It's the small successes.... smile )

AsparagusFern Fri 30-Nov-12 08:45:03

...1.5 pounds, that is, not stone! wink

plaingirly Fri 30-Nov-12 13:00:29

I eat the Tesco Bright Side Salad - only £1! Then I add to it.

75g = 20 cals!

I think there are 3 types to chose from - in plastic bowls.

Spoiltexpatbrat Fri 30-Nov-12 21:23:46

Another double exercise day!

Zumba and then training. More boxing! I'm aching...

Plaingirly I hope you enjoyed your shopping spree. I miss my sister, I love doing her nails, makeup and stuff. Have fun experimenting

Spoiltexpatbrat Fri 30-Nov-12 21:33:12

loving this trend

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