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Can anyone here tell me if my Juicy tracksuit is a fake?

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Ifancyanewname Wed 14-Nov-12 16:50:02

Hi all, I'm hoping someone here might be able to help me, I've bought a juicy couture tracksuit and I want to sell it on but I don't know if its real or not. I dont want to send someone a fake so I obviously want to be sure. I can post a photo if anyone knows what they are looking at.

AitchDee Wed 14-Nov-12 16:50:51

They are hideous. Just throw it in the bin and save someone else the embarrassment of wearing it, fake or not.

valiumredhead Wed 14-Nov-12 16:54:44

CajaDeLaMemoria Wed 14-Nov-12 16:55:45

Yeah, they tend to be quite identifiable as fakes.

Where did you get it from, and did it cost the expected price?

Where it's from can make working out if it's fake or not very easy!

Ifancyanewname Wed 14-Nov-12 17:03:40

Well this is the thing...I actually bought it from a jumble sale BUT its was from a very moneyed area. I've also had what I know to be genuine JC items given to me which I have sold and the labels look the same.
I've looked at the link and I think its the pink and brown label type I have got, its a small but the label isnt orange. Its only stitched on 2 sections of the label, it has the material information on with the style and cut. Let me try and take a photo

Ifancyanewname Wed 14-Nov-12 17:30:22

right, ive put some pics on, if someone knows what they are looking at would mind having a look i'd really appreciate it!

Ifancyanewname Wed 14-Nov-12 20:25:57

what do you think? anyone?

valiumredhead Wed 14-Nov-12 21:26:15

I can't really see anything from the photos.

valiumredhead Wed 14-Nov-12 21:26:57

What makes you think it is a fake and where did you get it from. If it was £3.99 on ebay it's probably a fake grin

Ifancyanewname Wed 14-Nov-12 22:07:56

I got it from a jumble sale but it was from quite a wealthy area and the labels look exactly like the ones that were in some genuine Juicy Couture clothes I had.....I just want to be sure that its genuine before I go selling it on ebay, I can just imagine the hassle if I end up flogging a fake!!!

BeauNeidel Wed 14-Nov-12 22:45:17

Can you take it to <place where they definitely sell real ones> and ask them?

Ifancyanewname Thu 15-Nov-12 06:52:26

I don't think there is anyone around by me but I wonder if I can find a boutique that stock them if they'd mind me sending my photos to verify. Good thinking Beau!!

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