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Next Children's clothing - sizing help

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mummeeee Mon 17-Sep-12 16:58:51

I am about to order a shirt and tank top combo for my ds (aged 2.5) from the Next website. It is for him to wear to a wedding next month. I can't decide whether to buy size 2-3 or 3-4, or even to order one of each and see which fits best and return the other one (but that seems like a lot of faff).

Normally I would order the larger size, cos I'd be thinking he can always grow into it and buying something that's borderline too small seems like a waste of money....BUT I am buying it for this wedding and I don't want him to look swamped by it.

We don't have a Next nearby and so I have never really shopped there.

If you have bought somethign from Next before for your dc's, are the sizes normally larger or smaller than expected?


Sirzy Mon 17-Sep-12 17:02:32

I have always found them to be a bit on the big side but not majorly so

Imlostwithoutahope Mon 17-Sep-12 17:14:34

I buy quite a lot for mine from there. Your better off measuring him and then seeing which height he's closest to.
My ds is skinny and 118cm and aged 6 and now fits their 5-6 stuff. My dd on the other hand is a tall 8 yr old so wears their age 8 tops but age 9 bottoms. I do find their tops slightly big and age 5-6 for example fit a 6 yrold better.

LalaDipsey Mon 17-Sep-12 17:24:15

Order both. It's no hassle returning as you just text the number on the packaging and the courier comes and collects at a convenient time. Soooo easy! Fwiw I find them true to size. Am sure your little boy will look gorgeous.

RugBugs Mon 17-Sep-12 17:28:11

Sizing is quite generous imo.
DD is a tall 22 month old and still in 12-18months clothes from next. For comparison the 2-3 stuff she has from zara is on the short side and gap requires a 3T!

mummeeee Mon 17-Sep-12 19:56:05

Thanks all, that's really helpful. Sounds like the 2-3 won't be too small, but the 3-4 might be too big, so I should just get the 2-3.

LalaDipsey - do you have to pay to return things by courier though?

LalaDipsey Mon 17-Sep-12 22:09:50

Nope!! All free!! I have baby twins and a toddler so clothes shopping is impossible. I order lots of stuff and the lovely courier then collects what I don't want. Perfect grin

newtonupontheheath Mon 17-Sep-12 22:13:46

DS has just worn something similar to a wedding. He is 2 in 2 weeks and wore 18m -2. It fits him with a little bit of room. We buy a lot from next and I've just started buying him 2-3 t-shirts which are quite long.

In your situation I would buy the 2-3 smile
Buying 2 and returning 1 is v easy though ime

mamabirdie Thu 22-Nov-12 04:21:47

Hi, I always have trouble with my 2 dd's sizing as my little one is chubby and tall; but the 4 year old is tall and skinny. I buy size 2 - 3 for the little one although she only turned 1 this year, and size 4 - 5 is still a bit big on the 4 year old. I found something online that might help though.
it's an iphone app where you can enter your child's height and weight and it will recommend a size in any brand. i tried it for my dd baby and it worked quite well.

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