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Invisalign braces: anyone got any stories to swap?

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BogeyNights Sun 10-Jun-12 17:15:14

I've been bothered by my teeth for years now but am finally quite close to booking a consultation for invisible braces.

It's primarily my lower teeth that are wonky, although my top set could do with a tweak to straighten them up.

Anyone care to share any experiences with me?

Mombojombo Sun 10-Jun-12 17:20:48

Not personally, but my aunt-in-law (if such a thing there be) and a good friend have both had them and raved about the results. They definitely both said it was worth the expense, and their teeth look good to an outsider - though I thought they were fine before!

pinkteddy Sun 10-Jun-12 17:21:51

I shall lurk quietly as I'm interested in this too!

TheGruffalosbitch Sun 10-Jun-12 17:22:16

I went to getting bottom teeth done. They said they couldnt unless I had my almost straight teeth at the top done too. So I couldn't afford it sad

nobodysfool Sun 10-Jun-12 17:32:05

<<pulls up a seat and waits>>

DilysPrice Sun 10-Jun-12 17:33:25

I wanted to but my dentist said I couldn't get a decent result with invisalign and would need actual full braces, at which point I lost interest.

BrikSchittHaus Sun 10-Jun-12 17:36:23

ooh I've just completed my treatment, will be having my retainers fitted over the next few weeks. It has made such a difference to me confidence wise, as a smile is one of the first things you notice about a person.

The only advice I would have is shop around for a good deal, and ensure that whoever you go to is reputable and has the requisite training. Invisalign is quite different to normal orthodontal treatment. (I've now had both).

nobodysfool Sun 10-Jun-12 18:13:34

BrikSchittHaus - can I ask something?How long do you need to wear a retainer for?

atworknotworking Sun 10-Jun-12 18:20:12

LOL @ BSH name grin

Can children get fitted with this type? think DD might need braces

LAlady Sun 10-Jun-12 19:00:46

I had them 4 years ago - 18 months worth of them - bottom and top. Best thing I ever did. Was expensive but payable in monthly instalments. I have wires behind both sets of teeth.

Advantages - amazing results, invisible braces, had to go back every six weeks for 3 new sets of braces so treatment seemed fast

Disadvantages - uncomfortable initially but soon adjusted to them. Expensive - remembering to take them out when eating and drinking.

But much better than "normal" braces - I was 36 at the time and the other option was train tracks and although considerably cheaper, it wasn't something I would be prepared to have (vanity).

Feel free to ask anything else. I can say it made such a difference to me. Looking back on old photos I can't believe how bad my teeth were.

Aliceinthelookingglass Sun 10-Jun-12 19:16:19

Can I join in please?
i went as far as having impressions taken and discussing this but the dentist siad he could not tell if I would need an extraction until the moulds were sent off the the US. other option was filing edges of teeth down. Not keen on either!

How could he not tell if I'd need an extraction? It's an overcrowding issue- have 1 "fang" in particular and crossed middle teeth upper jaw.

he said my case was moderate tp severe- lovely- and it would take 18-24 months with appts every 2 weeks.

I didn't take to him much- not my usual dentist but she referred me to him.

MrsSee Sun 10-Jun-12 19:36:42

My friend's aunt got these when she was 60. Didn't take too long and has made a huge difference to her confidence.
I was always self conscious about my smile because my teeth were so crooked, so I bit the bullet and got a consultation last October. I needed the train track type braces, so it was a huge disappointment to find that out! But I was determined to go ahead. After all, it was only going to be for 15 months. Well a month after having them fitted, there was a massive difference to my teeth and my smile. I wouldn't have believed it was possible to have such a huge change happen so quickly. I have been told that I will only need them on for another 4 months so 12 months in total as opposed to the original 15 month estimate. My top teeth are now completely straight and even, I just need to keep the braces on to improve the bottom set of teeth. Yes they are not pretty, yes they make me self conscious - but they work very quickly and the effects will last forever (I will have to wear a retainer once the braces come off). Best thing I ever did.
Good luck with whatever you decide smile

peachypips Sun 10-Jun-12 19:59:48

mrssee - do you mind me asking how much your train tracks cost? I don't care about having silver things on my teeth for eighteen months! Really want them, just need to decide if ii can afford them!

MrsSee Sun 10-Jun-12 20:06:45

Of course not smile it was £3500 if one payment upfront, £3700 if in instalments or paying later on. That was with fixed braces upper and lower, no extractions. Expensive. I wish I had done it years ago. I'm 39 btw

peachypips Sun 10-Jun-12 20:55:01

Thank you! I am thirty four. Don't need bottom ones done but top ones are getting worse and worse. How do you stop them moving back?

ujjayi Sun 10-Jun-12 22:03:07

I have just finished 15 months of train tracks treatment and it was worth every second of the embarrassment I felt when I first got them fitted.

I am 41 and my top teeth were appallingly spaced out - I looked like I had a missing tooth on one side. I could have had invisalign but my orthodontist told me the train tracks do a more efficient job. I met him half way with taking the option of ceramic braces which are tooth coloured. TBH, I wish in retrospect I had just had the metal ones. The tooth coloured ones are still visible because you have uneven and wonky teeth! I switched to a metal wire half way through and they felt and looked much cleaner too.

I wore a retainer for 2 weeks solid after treatment to refine the final outcome. I then had a wire fitted behind my teeth and wear my retainer at night only (only need to wear 2-3 times a week but I wear every night because i'm paranoid about losing the great shape!)

I paid £2,500 including retainers and follow ups.

MissFoodie Sun 10-Jun-12 22:27:02

did any of you have yours in London or South London? any reccs appreciated

BogeyNights Mon 11-Jun-12 15:27:21

LAlady how much did it cost over the 18 months. Having read what it cost for 'train tracks' I'm now very worried that they may be beyond my budget!

BogeyNights Mon 11-Jun-12 15:28:46

Oh, and is the retainer worn to maintain the position of the teeth once complete (and at night time I am assuming)

MissFoodie Mon 11-Jun-12 15:54:33

anyone tried Inman Aligners instead of/as well as Invisalign/Brackets?

MrsSee Mon 11-Jun-12 17:15:18

I'm in Scotland.
I will need to wear a permanent retainer once the braces come off so the cost includes this plus any follow ups, no matter how far in the future.
Do it, do it, do it! You can pay in instalments? It is so worth the money.

BogeyNights Mon 11-Jun-12 19:54:22

Ohhh Inman Aligners sound good too. Quick. That's now on my list of enquiries for the dentist...

rubyloulou Mon 11-Jun-12 20:02:11

I really want Invisaligns. Trying to save up now! My dentist said between £2500 and £3500 depending on how many 'trays' you need.

My smile is my main confidence issue I think, so I think it's well worth the money!

LolaAnn Mon 11-Jun-12 21:06:22

I was browsing a deals website last night and there's a current voucher for Invisalign at a good London clinic, basically gives you about half off.

BrikSchittHaus Mon 11-Jun-12 21:58:16

if you look on the Q Clinic (Harley Street) website you'll find that their own monthly offer comes in cheaper than that.

As someone says further up, you'll need to also factor costs for retainers after you complete your trays, and their is a risk that they may need to shave small amounts away from some teeth to create the space to move your teeth. The amount shaved is less than a milimetre, causes no structural damage to the tooth, and all gaps are closed by the end of treatment.

In answer to the question higher up about children having this fitted, I don't know, I guess that is one for a qualified professional. I would say that general train track type braces are much more precise now than they were when I was growing up and so are probably a better bet.

Another thing to consider is you will need to wear your trays for at least 22 hours a day, if you don't take care of them they becoime visible. So you need to be sure that you'll be disciplined. My dentist says that the main reason for failure is that people don't wear them enough.

Re retainers, the answer is it depends on your bite shape, what type of retainer you go for and whether there are any other issues like say grinding your teeth at night.

The retainers recommended for me are a combination of trays and fixed wire behind my teeth. Obviously the fixed is fixed and you would hope it stays there long term. Re trays, I guess the answer is the longer you wear them (at night only) the longer your teeth have to settle and stop moving. Depending on your bite this may be a year, or if you have teeth like mine that like to move, I guess that I'll be wearing them for at least a couple of years, decreasing the frequency as I go.

I hope that answers the questions directed at me, feel free to PM if there's anything I've missed. Apologies for any nonsensical bits.


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